Don't strike yourself out

The symbolism of the three wise monkeys conjures up the strategy that each monkey had one defect but the two other senses worked. The deaf monkey used his sight to observe all around him thus judge evil actions and using the medium of his voice report them to the second monkey who was blind. All the second monkey had to do without needing to see was repeat what he heard to the third monkey who was mute and as he couldn't talk the message was lost at the end of the line, all he could do was observe what fate would befall the unfortunate one and sit and watch it happen. What a way of genius the gods had in shutting them up, each one assigned the job of not interrupting the bad dream where everyone lies in tombs. In Japan the monkey has become a negative symbol, if you give someone there a monkey as a gift it means you wish them dead. The proverbial principle of the three monkeys that see, hear and speak no evil seems to point to someone who doesn't want to be involved in a situation. No rest for the life-shy. Turning a blind eye to what 'is' - because it's perceived to be that way, it's 'just the way life is, it's just the way things are' - is to LIVE evil (or rather not live and just be struck out). How bleak. A Fourth WISE monkey should come in here and say Live No Evil. Reverse the word 'evil' and you get 'live'. Live and let live. You are All That Is and Ever Will Be and Everything and Everywhere and then some. Open your eyes and listen and say something, for Heaven's sake. It's not - and damn it never should be - 'just the way life is, just the way things are'. Harsh words. Thinking this is damning yourself off from the Universe.

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Getting over criticism

There are so many videos, cartoons and computer games that show humans as bad, where they show humans as robotic mega worms that kill women and children as though it were a good thing. They are trying to breed a group of psychopathic children that think that killing fellow humans is an attribute (one little boy spoke about the killing on his computer games as a fun thing to do.) How are you to express who you are if you think you are a useless piece of dirt, a virus? It is giving us a perception of ourselves of self-hatred. People not just disliking themselves, but hating everyone else. They don’t want us to know how special we are. Edward Burnaise advised the Department of Defence eighty years ago. They wrote up the feminist movement to break up the family, to get women working so that they could double tax even if women wanted to stay home and bring up the children. They boasted about it. They said the Number One goal is to make you feel inadequate.  To make you feel worthless so they can sell you their new ideas. You know, you have to have a music room; you have to have a piano in the house to be classy.   An example is the climate cult indoctrinating our kids with this depraved death wish. They are taught that they are worthless and bad and humans are evil. Prince Philip actually used such words: he referred to humanity as a virus. A guy that sat next to me on a bus, in a conversation about the gathering police state, said that ‘we don’t deserve freedom’. Really! He said we should not be allowed to have freedom and that we need the control system there is or we would run amock and rob and kill one another. He had such contempt for himself and everyone else.  We are desensitized by violence and death on television and simulated murders.  People don’t care if they see an old lady hit by a car and she dies bleeding for hours. It is destroying our connectivity to each other. It is so wicked. The first memory I had of being upset by this was very, very early on in life, as a little girl seeing an innocent movie but a creature in it was accidently slugged to death by something, and I felt that this was the most terrible thing, and the first real tragic thing I’d seen at the beginning of my life, and came home distressed and remember being given hot milk before going to bed and after then I was desensitized (more) to everything else after the first unbroken skin of tenderness was broken in. New TV ads, cartoons, and video games, show the environmentalist murdering people if they don’t accept the carbon tax dictatorship.  In the population reduction cult a film depicts children being assassinated for not reducing their carbon footprint. It begins with a teacher in a British school; the teacher asks them what they will do to reduce their carbon, and she presses a button and murders them. Blood and guts splatter over the children’s white-pressed shirts. What message is this giving to children? The message: “You’re going to be killed”. You’re trash, you’re scum, without even a right to have children. This is sick to the extreme and so central, in all its forms. Yes, forms. Your curriculum vita has to be the best, it has to be outstanding and shine above the rest to get that job. We have been told in many ways we must have contempt for ourselves. This fascism is everywhere, including what they say when they say that by the very fact that you were born, you are a sinner, and this has been so for thousands of years. The same techniques have been used in different ways in different eras and epochs and in different areas of the world – for example, in China it was unfeminine to have big feet and girls' feet were bound.  But it’s the same basic template: to make people feel small, insignificant, powerless; useless, unintelligent, worthless, not good enough. When you believe you don’t have any power, it blocks you from expressing the power you have, which is boundless. If you perceive yourself in that way, you are going to manifest your life in that way and everything you draw to you will be the failure you will expect it to be, as you’re going to get that reality. You won’t perceive any other reality. You won’t ever know what you are capable of. You won’t ever try. The ‘conspiracy’ they will say disregard it. They impose on us a predetermination that we’re going to fail, and we do, as people think it’s an inevitable fait accompli, and go along with everything that’s happening, submitting to the evil. They’ve been programmed that way. It’s psychological, pharmacological, pathological manipulation. We are in constant self deception and disconnection to who we are, leaving us in a box of ‘little me, I have no power’.  People who think they have no power look up and out to people who have power. Because we perceive these people to have power over us, they do. They say ‘there’s nothing you can do about it’, or ‘that’s the way life is’. Really we are all powerful and can do anything we want. We have created music and mathematics and accomplished the most staggering feats. What would life be like on this planet with the billions of people on it in total awareness of the full magnitude of who they are?  Of everything they can do and be? A few people from a central point would not be able to control them, would they? They’ve controlled us in large numbers through the mind, and we control our perceptions actions and behaviour through the mind. We think about what we want to achieve in our lives. Emotions come forth. We can summon them forth using Emotional Freedom Technique, a process of saying powerful affirmations whilst tapping on acupuncture points on the body. You can say them or feel them in your head and heart without uttering them out loud. You must add emotion to them for changes, miracles and inspirations to flow to you: You would say: 'I deeply and completely love and accept myself, and I accept where I am right now'; 'I am fully conscious and open to my higher self'; 'I am enough, just the way I am, and I feel deserving'; 'I am equal, and I feel respected'; 'I am clarity, and I feel clear'; and 'I am freedom and fun, and I feel joyful'.~

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