Don't strike yourself out

The symbolism of the three wise monkeys tells of the strategy that each monkey had one defect but the two other senses worked. The deaf monkey used his sight to observe all around him and judge evil actions and used his voice report them to the second monkey who was blind. All the second monkey had to do without needing to see was repeat what he heard to the third monkey who was mute, and as this one couldn't talk, the message was lost at the end of the line. All he could do was observe the fate that would befall the unfortunate one and sit and watch it happen. What a way of genius the gods had for shutting them up, each one assigned the job of not interrupting the bad dream where everyone lies in tombs. In Japan the monkey became a negative symbol, if you give someone there a monkey as a gift it means you wish them dead. The proverb of the three monkeys that see, hear and speak no evil seems to point to someone who doesn't want to be involved in a situation. Turning a blind eye to what 'is' because it's perceived to be 'just the way life is, it's just the way things are', is to LIVE evil - or rather not live, and just be struck out. How bleak. A fourth monkey should come in and say Live No Evil. Reverse the word "evil" and you get "live". Live and let live! Allow life! You are All That Is and Ever Will Be Everywhere and Life Eternal. Open your eyes, listen and say something, for Heaven's sake. It's not, and never should be, 'just the way life is, just the way things are'. Harsh words. Thinking this is damning yourself off from Life.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Console that inner child

Almost everybody's unhealed childhood trauma is UP.  As we move into the higher vibrations, everything that isn't in their higher vibration will come up and hit you between the eyes.  This is happening to every single one of us, nobody is immune.  It is our time to take 100% responsibility for our actions.  On Alex Collier's New Year's Eve talk someone asked him: "What about the people who are afraid, people who  have lost their jobs and their homes and are living in fear?"  Alex's response was: "We create our own reality.  We need to do everything we can to stay out of fear".  Like David Icke, Alex has had over thirty years of knowing things that were going on that others dismissed as conspiracy theories.  The work of doctors who have been saying for years and years that emotions affect the physical body has been dismissed for years and years, long before Candace Pert discovered the molecules of emotion and endorphins.  We create our own reality, although it is not our intellect or the little kid inside who needs to be validated that is creating our reality, that train of thought is the "I'm a total victim" mentality.   Psychiatrist Dr Mark McDonald wrote a book "The United States of Fear", which talks about how being in the state of fear is an addiction.   Instead of focusing on the overly negative (not that it isn't going on) you have to focus on the new world that we're building.  It serves you very well to be discerning and choose love over fear.  Love can be the truth about something, truth has a very high loving vibration!  It doesn't help anybody to constantly not tell the truth of what's going on.  


Dr McDonald, who lives in Los Angeles, said in an interview that at the beginning of this 'COVID' situation almost everyone in Los Angeles were in the narrative and now they are not, about 50% are now open and curious to asking a few questions,  not the ones that need a guru like Fauci or Biden as they'll never listen to what you have to say, they're in a cult and not about to be de-programmed. But of those where there is some curiosity and openness, you can have a conversation, and the best thing you can do is to get together with like-minded humans which many of us have been doing.  There is something liberating about What Is... and What Is right now is that the deep state dark cult is disintegrating.  The COVID narrative is disintegrating.  It has nowhere to go.  The CDC is now admitting the PCR test is positive if you have a cold.  It doesn't mean people aren't sick, the Indiana Insurance Bureau points out that the death rate of 18-60 year olds is up 40% higher than it's ever been in recorded history and that is due to the experimental biologics and their well-known effects on the immune system.  So the narrative is dying. People are dying, not from 'COVID' (whatever that is) but from the shots.  Dr Jessica Rose is amazingly skilled at interpreting data from the VAERS database and she did an interview with Dr Mercola and wrote an article on myocarditis.  Dr Rose and Dr Mercola published the fact that myocarditis in males aged 12-15 who got the COVID shot is seventeen times higher than it should be.  It should be very very rare.  As above so below.  People's childhood wounds are coming up.  This is showing up as infighting in the health freedom movement, families, and everywhere else.  The dark force has served to keep the family of man split off from one another.   Let's get on the same page, whenever possible, and stick together.  You won't be able to do that with the one in five people who have a personality disorder.  (As to how they got that personality disorder, see Dr Christiane Northup's book "Dodging Energy Vampires".)  Those people who are running for the victim position do not change, they do not take responsibility for their part, whereas you empaths take too much responsibility for your part.  Take some time, be with that hurt little child in you, be the adult in the room to the wounded child within your own heart.   The dark is doing everything it can to take us down because it is on the way out, this is the last gasp.  The news is good, where we are going is glorious.

Monday, December 27, 2021

You reap what you sow - more lockdowns

Here is another good example of karma,  how you reap what you sow.  On Boxing Day in Glasgow, Scotland, there was a football match and the fans clashed with the police when they went to watch it - thousands of them outside the stadium got very grumpy when they were not allowed in to the match that they came to watch because of new draconian restrictions in Scotland limiting football matches to 500 people attending.  This football club has adopted passports for entry into their matches proving that you have been jabbed, and you are required to have a negative test done 24 hours before the game - which many of these football fans have complied with and have accepted to get in to the Boxing Day match!  And where has all that compliance got them?  They can't even get in to the football ground, even though they took the jabs, got the test, they still can't get in.   A lot of people are choosing to go along with what is going on because they just want to go to the football match, they want to go on holiday, without once thinking about the effect it will have, without accepting that they have moral responsibility and there are consequences that you cannot escape.  You have freewill and are free to choose what you do but the choice you make has a direct effect on you, there are repercussions for your choices and actions on an individual and collective basis.  A passport in this case creates a two-tier system which discriminates against those who do not have one or do not want one.  By accepting these passports these football fans' actions are causing harm against their fellow man.  They are thinking selfishly, not realising that their immoral choices will directly impact upon their lives and backfire on them.  These are unescapable universal laws.  Now the football fans are angry because they cannot get in to the match even though they followed all the 'rules'.   Ignorance is no excuse, there's plenty of information out there, they just choose to ignore it, and these governments and their think-tanks and puppet masters and tyrants are relying on many of the public to be ignorant and serve their selfish needs so that they end up soaking up the bad karma that these crooks in high places should be getting.  They are using the public, the plebs, as a wall of defence to protect themselves.  You may say "It's not my fault, it's Boris Johnson's fault"... do you think these people in positions high up are not aware of karmic retribution?  You think this is all pie in the sky hogwash?  Look at the Lucis Trust and read their articles on karmic liabilities.   These people are the spiritual foundation of the United Nations, the largest intergovernmental organisation in the world who are helping to drive all of these policies.   These people are well aware of the Law of Nature, that's why they get members of the public, armies, policemen, Council workers, COVID wardens, nurses, pub landlords, to be the ones who enforce these policies directly to take the brunt of karmic retribution, to absorb all of that negative effect, because you are the ones who are performing those actions to bring the policies to fruition doing the banning, arresting and enforcing those laws.  And when everything falls apart in society, if the majority of the public continue to go along with it, those same people will be doing the complaining and rioting when everything turns to crap, just as we see with the football fans who followed the herd, and now aren't allowed to go in to the match.  How is complying going for you so far?  It's not making the world better, is it?  Because many of you chose not to do what is right, you chose ignorance, you chose to hide from the truth.  The information is there.  If some of us can find it, why can't these people?  They don't realise that their actions are going to create the society that they are going to have to live in therefore they get the direct consequence, they are the ones causing the harm, enforcing someone else's policies by accepting it thereby agreeing with it which makes them culpable.  They chose that option through their freewill, chose to ignore what is wrong, chose to go with the 'flow' for an easy life because they wanted to go to the football match, or the pub, not realising that they are bringing bad karma straight to their door as a consequence of their deliberate ignorance which they chose for selfish reasons, while all the time these puppet masters sit back in their high towers unaffected... and they make the data available to you deliberately, they publish stuff online and in newspapers which conflict with what they have said before which doesn't make sense, to give people an opportunity to see it doesn't make sense and think for themselves and see what is going on... they don't do that to give you a sporting chance, it's to limit the bad karma that's coming back to them.  And Mr and Mrs Normie will end up soaking up that bad karma because they chose not to look at it, not to research, and to neglect their responsibility for thinking for themselves.  When your actions or inactions do harm to someone there is there is cause and effect.  It might not be instant, it may take time, but there is no escape from it.  If you run a pub and you enforce jib-jab passports for entry, you are causing harm, you are causing discrimination, you are causing apartheid, you are helping to create a two-tier society,  enabling the destruction of the fabric of the society that you live in.  It will affect you eventually.  Saying "I don't make the rules, I'm just following orders" is abdicating your responsibility, it's no excuse, and it's not going to stop you receiving the repercussions that you will get for causing harm to other people in stopping them from entering a public house or by enforcing guidelines that strip people of their freedom of movement.  You will suffer the consequences both individually and collectively.  Passing the buck won't work, you have a moral responsibility to do the right thing, we all do, and it has an effect, and those who are going to be directly affected are those who are on the frontline of enforcing tyranny.  You can also be incurring consequences by ignoring what is happening right in front of your eyes by inaction.  We the People have the power to say No and the innate wisdom to know right from wrong.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

A most painful lesson

So yet again we had an announcement from the fat, bloated, overfed, over-privileged gallows-dodging old Etonian, this time that 'freedom day' the 21st June  can't now go ahead because of a 'mutant strain' from India or Delta strain or whatever they're calling it, of a virus which has never been isolated or proven to exist (differences of opinion abound over the true nature of a virus anyway including whether it can even be spread from person to person, but that's all by the by), keeping everything locked down until the 19th July, which incidentally is the date when the UK parliament goes into recess for the summer and by the time the end of the summer holidays approaches September is knocking on the door of autumn which is when cold and flu season starts again ... so you can see where this is going: perpetual ongoing lockdowns.  It's so predictable.  Who couldn't see this was coming?  Who really believed everything would go back to 'normal' on 21st June?  It's not that difficult to predict their next move when you know what the plan is. These demonic diseased freak ghouls are predicable, boring and utterly transparent.  Many people said this would be the line in the sand for the walking dead, that when they received that news that they couldn't get their freedoms back that they anticipated on 21st June and couldn't go to nightclubs, festivals and sporting events, this would be their breaking point and there would be major uprising and non-compliance.  It would be nice to think it provoked this reaction in them where they say they are not going to continue to keep their businesses closed and they won't continue to prevent themselves from seeing friends and family in whatever numbers they choose or restrict who they have in their own households, and won't continue to wear stupid face nappies all the time. This should have brought forth a mass non-compliance, such as the example not long ago on a hot sunny day on a beach in Bournemouth.  It was absolutely packed, and there was footage of police saying to each other "What are we gonna do?  They're not social distancing and there's so many of them down there, what can we do?  And another police officer said: "Well there's nothing we can do, there's too many of them."  We get to decide when we get our freedom back when there's enough of us on board.  On a nationwide societal basis people should be saying: "We're sick of this, it's all bollocks, all based on deceptions, deliberate misinformation and bad science, all the evidence is there to show this is the case, and we're just not doing it".  The day when mass numbers of people all get on the same page and say we are not complying with this tyranny any longer is the day all this ends.  Never mind being told when "Freedom Day" is going to be by some irrelevant fictitious illusory evil entity called "government".    Our freedom day is any time we choose it.  Rights and freedoms come from the Creator, the Most High, from God, from Creation... Natural Law in effect.  Universal laws are in operation 24/7.  No mythical or corporate entity possesses the right to tell you how you can live your life.  The day people realise this is the day this shit show will end.  When any time the people choose to rise up and take action, and see to it that these demons are incarcerated for the rest of their days.  Freedom Day can be every day, when enough of us realise that and step into our power.  We hold the ability to manifest that scenario.  Anthony Fauci is neck-deep in dirt, there has been all this talk in the mainstream media of his email correspondence and his links to the AIDS situation in the 1980's and to this lab in Wuhan where this Covid virus is said to have been cooked up, whatever the truth of the matter is.  He is being discussed on multiple news channels!   There was a scandal a few months ago in the UK about the PCR tests and these contracts and Matt Hancock's connections there with firms involving his sister and personal friends of his.  The mainstream press got hold of that and said this is inappropriate and Hancock shouldn't be acting this way!  The other week Dominic Cummings came out and directly accused Jackboot Johnson, Matt Hancock and Chris Witty of lying on multiple occasions and presented evidence of what they'd lied about!  It made the BBC evening news, it made the newspapers!  How is it breaking the surface on the mainstream news but people aren't getting angry about it and demanding action, but are still tolerating this?  How are people allowing it to just fizzle out and go to nothing?  How are these traitors that shouldn't remain in their jobs being allowed by the people go on inflicting all this damage and loss and incursions on our daily lives when they have got zero right to do so?  The day they lose all their power is the day we say we are not putting up with it any longer.   That is the day when they have no hold over our lives anymore.  Not that they ever did with some of us, because they're an irrelevance, they don't matter, because we don't comply anyway.  But we need way, way more of us and it's about time, because where is people's line in the sand going to be?  What  will it take for the masses of this population to learn its lesson?  There are spiritual life lessons being taught here, individually and collectively.  Instead of taking on board that wisdom and moving on, the masses don't seem to be choosing the quickest and easiest way to learn these lessons.  The collective seems to be choosing the most difficult path of hardship and suffering to learn these lessons.  If you put your hand over a flame you'd learn very quickly that to do so causes harm and suffering and is not something you want to be doing.   You can either learn that lesson very quickly, withdraw your hand from the flame with minimal damage, a slight burn, and take on board the knowledge that that's bad for you.  Rather than learn the lesson in that easiest of ways, what the population of humanity in general is choosing is to place their hand over a flame and leave it there until the flame melts away their skin and burns all the way down to the bone, and turns the bone into ash.   That's the extent of the suffering necessary to learn that lesson.  That is humanity choosing to go into abject slavery and blatant tyranny to learn valuable lessons about rights, freedoms and truths.  In choosing the most difficult path that it's possible to take. they are dragging the rest of us along with them that have already learnt that lesson and already applied it in our lives, and making us go through maximum suffering and hardship.  It seems that what it's going to take is mass numbers of people dying immediately this year and in years to come because of the cumulative effects of taking multiple times one after the other, as they are being entrained to accept these things, this jab called a 'vaccine'.  It's going to take hundreds of thousands if not millions of people dropping dead from these jabs for the masses to wake up to the fact that "Duh, hang on a minute, something's not quite right here, duh, I'm a bit slow on the uptake".  This lesson should have been learnt months ago when this scamdemic shit show first started.  All the evidence was there, and all the opportunities to wake up to the truth of what this agenda is about were there.  But people aren't choosing that.  Those of us who have tried, how many times have we begged and implored family members, parents, sisters, brothers, cousins, whoever it may be, not to take the jab?  We have presented them with evidence, we've asked them to look at doctors' and NHS whistle blower videos where they are laying out what these things really do, what's in them, what the real agenda is here; we asked them to look into the background of Bill Gates and his family connections, the value system that he stands for.  We have presented them with documents and testimonies from people who have taken the jab and have suffered horrific adverse reactions, if not having died from them.  And in spite of giving them all this information and begging them not to take this because we love them, they have gone ahead and taken it anyway.  In many cases they have suffered adverse reactions from the first dose. And what have they done, once they recovered from the symptoms and got up off their sick bed?  They've gone right back out and got the second, because some authority figure in a white coat told them to.  Against all the best advice, of their own free will and consent, people have chosen the most difficult path.  And whereas Freedom Day could be any day we want it, it could be every day, instead we're walking that difficult rocky road undergoing all kinds of hardships.  The agenda was always intended to end up with the jabs.  It is where the genocide and the population reduction agenda lies.  This is where our 'controllers' (who are only so because we allow them to be) always planned to take things.  They always knew that they could reduce the world's population through these jabs.  Though it didn't work on all of us, they played this one it brilliantly, like world masters of chess.   It's evil genius.  Because they've had no kind of danger from resistance or backlash.  Because a large part of their strategy has been the emasculation of males. A great job has been done of softening up and feminising men over the past generation or two through social engineering, societal mind control, and through environmental factors such as traces of oestrogen and chemical compounds being present in the water supply and various foods and drinks and what's been coming down through the chemtrails.  If the controllers tried to drop this scamdemic back in those eras of the 1970's or the 1980's of football hooliganism and the National Front, the BNP, things like that (not that those behaviours were good), it would very quickly have been put down, because real men would have risen up and put down the threat.  They would have been fucked, and put out of business very, very quickly.  But they dropped this one on us in 2020, very confident of the softening up job that they'd done of spending years feminising and dumbing down men to the point they needn't expect any real resistance from armies of men rising up and stepping into their power, that they went right ahead with this most arrogant, blatant and audacious of plans, and they've been getting away with it.  Great numbers of what would otherwise be real men have been neutered and de-fanged into quiet, weak compliance in the removal of that sacred masculine spirit of self-defence.  This is action that real men in the vision of the creation of the Most High were always intended to step into when there is an immediate threat to your personal wellbeing and safety and that of the people around you that you care for.  You have the right and the responsibility to do whatever action is needed to put that threat down up to and including the use of deadly force if that's what it comes to.  Real males should have been rising up in armies and militias months ago when this whole thing started to put down this threat.  By now the whole scamdemic shit show should be a distant bad memory consigned to the history books.    We should have learned the lessons from it as we moved forward to a better future shaped in our own image and vision.   Did we not cross the line in the sand the other day when they dashed all the hopes of so many who thought that by the 21st June they could have gatherings again and go on summer holidays, and live freely so long as they're harming no one?  And if that wasn't the line in the sand, then where is it?  Is it going to take your family, friends, your parents, loved ones, dropping dead from the jabs, for people to learn their lesson and realise what this has all been about?  It seems that's what humanity has chosen at this time.  But one way or another, whether down the easy route or the most difficult route, the lesson will be learned.  It ends when we collectively decide that it ends.   Monday 21st June 2021 is Freedom Day in London, a rally march, a big gathering outside parliament from 11 am, with a big shout out to David Clews at No More Lockdowns doing a great job at being involved in these events. There was a big event on the 14th that got some news coverage.  There is much value in doing these events on week days and in particular Mondays, particularly if they involve blockades and are going to disrupt politicians and other expressions of the establishment going abut their business, that has got to be far more effective than what's been happening on the Saturdays, preventing these treacherous bastards that are complicit in our slavery from being able to get to their places of work.  And on Saturday the 26th June there's a big freedom rally that will top a million people. They send out a clear visual signal that many of us are not having it anymore.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Lockdown, again?!

Over 72 billion animals are killed every single year, 15.3 billion trees are cut down single every year.  And you think you're gonna live in peace? What goes around comes around.  If you didn't know, trees are actually houses for birds. When you destroy habitats of birds, when you cut them down, they can't nest, they can't feed their young, what do you think is going to happen to your habitat?  Millions of animals are put in cages.  We call it the Zoo.  If you put an animal in a cage what do you think is going to happen to you?  Lockdown.  It's called karma, what goes around comes around.  This is a wake up call that says we have overrun the earth and need to get right by her or we will incur more karma.  Like with this grab for power right now by the inorganic ones that are trying to collect as many souls as possible.  They use fear.  Fear is the lowest frequency, the base frequency, the most accessible.  People are drawn to fear - don't blame it all on the media for giving you bad news, it's what you want, you like bad news, negativity, drama, gossip!  It sells!  If there is no demand for it, they won't supply it.  People will have a few thousand subscribers on their channel but get over a million views on their videos because it's fear-based, but one million people are not subscribing to that channel. Their subconscious mind knows it's not good for their soul, but they are still watching it because fear is addictive. Why can't good news be more popular than bad news?  Because you have to be at that same frequency to get the message. The solution is learn to change your appetite.  Fear is the rock bottom foundation, love is the highest peak, harder to get up there because you have to do the inner work, shadow work. At the peak there are less people there but the air is purer.  Love is more powerful than fear and positivity is more powerful than negativity.  It beats the algorithms, which isn't supposed to happen, but happens because truth always prevails over lies.   Righteousness and love  always wins in the end.  And right now what's happening on the earth it is time to choose love and stand up for our freedoms and value them.  If you don't like what's happening in the world come out and speak your truth and say how you feel about it, instead of hiding. 

Thursday, November 19, 2020

It had to be this way

Everything that we are seeing right now is to wake people up.   We tried to tell people.  They wouldn't listen.  Even if the President himself told the people:  "By the way, this is what the world's gonna look like: there's gonna be a plandemic cooked up to control you, they're gonna make you wear masks, stop you from travelling, keep you from going anywhere, you'll work from home for the rest of your life, you'll have to take a vaccine if you want to travel, you'll have to show your paperwork; oh and by the way the elections are manipulated, you never had any rights, you never made a choice, it was all controlled by the invisible enemy the Deep State, and during this entire time they are going to reset the entire economic system"... if President Trump of the United States himself came out and said that to let everyone know... everyone wouldn't believe him.   To break the hold of this gigantic illusion we are in, we and our President need to show the people. We can see the corruption and fraud. Can everyone see it?  No.  We have been listening to alternative media, have woken up and are thinking logically, we are tired of all this and want it to be over, why can't it just be over?  Because the millions of people that have no clue need to truly understand what this is all about. And they can't, not without seeing it, without having it play out.  If it is just told to them they just shut down in their mind.  When they are living in an illusion and believe everything around them they won't hear the truth.  Most people will not accept it.  Think about The Matrix with Morpheus and Neo.  When Neo was told the truth he wasn't like "Hey oh wow yeah I knew something was wrong it's the Matrix".   No.  In the midst of sorting out this mess of the 2020 election fraud, Sidney Powell said: "If people learned what really happened it would blow their mind".   This is why it is being allowed to play out in real time.  It is for the benefit of the people, they need to watch it happening in real time, to see it and feel it to believe it. If the President just went ahead and arrested the foot soldiers, Pelosi, Clinton, Comey Brennon,  Obama and Biden who are taking orders from the top and not the directing this except on a local level, it would not show the people anything.  This is about breaking the entire system, not just winning an election. What happens in four years?  Did you change anything?   No.  Do people know?  No.  People need to know so they can tell the next generation, and the generation after them, what happened.  You can't leave it up to a few people, you need a lot of people to understand so they can write down the story and repeat it and teach it to our children and children's children so they understand, so that when they look back in history they will see it very clearly and they are already seeing evidence come out, more and more every day!  There are more and more people that are noticing now. If they weren't, the social media corporations would not have to put labels on posts and Tweets and point to the mainstream media saying: "They're the official sources" to get people back on their side.  Twitter just hired the world's most respected hacker as its head of security, a person who goes by the alias "Mudge" who has been mandated to enact any changes to the company's structure.   Massive censorship is coming because President Trump and his administration and the patriots are going to show that there is massive fraud.  It will become apparent that he won the election.  Elections plural, actually.  We can show how the Deep State tried to rig the election of 2016. People were using markers not ball point pens to fill out the election ballots. Josh Barnett of Congress had an email from Kelly Dixon saying that they need to use markers on election day (except hand voters).  It was to do with a marginal mark threshold set by the county because it didn't pick up the sharpie markers.  David Shafer tweeted this out about voter error: "One of our monitors discovered 9,262 vote error in the DeKalb County hand count.  One batch was labelled 10,707 for Biden and 13 for Trump - an improbable margin even by DeKalb standards.  The actual count for the batch was 1,081 for Biden and 13 for Trump". Twitter of course put a label on it.  Certain individuals are threatening people, forcing them to certify the elections.  Trump tweeted: "The Georgia recount is a joke and is being done UNDER PROTEST."  And this is what Randy Quaid tweeted: "We've lost confidence in the system that elects our leaders.  79 million Americans believe our election was rigged, the results fraudulent. We need an in-person-only-ballot-paper revote, especially in the States where flagrant irregularities have occurred. No accuracy, no democracy!"  And then Trump tweeted this out: "Poll: 79% of Trump Voters Believe Election Was Stolen.  They are 100% correct, but we are fighting hard. Our big lawsuit, which spells out in great detail all of the ballot fraud and more, will soon be filled. RIGGED ELECTION! " When you wake up, you can never be put back to sleep, and the people who went out and voted for Trump did so really because they woke up because of what we went through in the last four years.  The silent majority cannot be put back to sleep.  You don't need 100% to awaken, you just need the majority. We are getting the majority now.  This is why it had to be this way.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Lockdowns: What goes around comes around

These Lab Animals Will Help Fight Coronavirus - The New York TimesCoronavirus lockdowns: Wild animals roam empty cities and streets ...
Disregard for natural law, which is operating in all places at all times, leads to chaos which leads to devolution which leads to to SLAVERY. Living in accordance with natural law leads to order which leads to evolution which leads to FREEDOM. We preyed upon animals for culinary pleasure, material comforts, leather, fur, cosmetics, toxic drugs and cleaning products...and we ourselves have been preyed upon by bigger predators higher up the food chain using us as an energy source, for so long. The chaos entropy and devolution led to them locking us down under the pretext of a bogus virus. Just as we have been microchipping animals, our own pets, mindlessly because we were following orders and not considering how they feel, why be horrified to find out that the bigger fish planned to do the very same thing to us with their vaccine, with their nano-chip inside designed to control how you think and monitor your every single move? Choose to live in love, in accordance with Nature and natural law, or live in fear and obey evil dictates out of fear. You can live in accordance with artifice and man-made laws, government and belief in authority and the law of 'me, me, me, I must survive even if it means trampling over others and violating the rights of another', or you can live in selfless love. Because the universe is a mirror, a self-same reflection of what we put out in all places and all times. We had social distancing imposed on us, and people became afraid of other people. 'Don't come near me, you better not touch me', was part of a plan for a "new normal" planned hundreds of years ago, as long as we have been abusing other life forms and longer. They took the children out of school, they couldn't play with their friends, then sent them back to school wearing masks and making them burn their skin with corrosive hand sanitizers. We human beings were ascribed the name mankind. We have to start acting like it. We can never deserve that title until we act that way and become kind man. Back in 2012 we thought the world was going to end. In the Mayan Calendar that is when 'the world as we know it ends'. The world IS ending - the old world is ending. In Ethiopia in this year of 2020 it is 2012. The Matrix world is over, it's system failure. Because the whole world is a stage. Why not choose to create and live in a whole NEW world? The choice of two different worlds is a choice between Love and Fear. You have to move out of the selfish fear frequency to make sure you can live in a world where love reigns, in the midst of chaos. A doctor in New York said that when he treated patients who the media insist had this Covid-19, or lung ailment, he said it was not what you think, he said he had never seen anything like it before, he said it's as if these people were thousands of miles up in the air and someone had let the cabin pressure out of the plane. He said he saw that people were being starved of oxygen. At the same time as this Covid-19 they rolled out 5G blasting radiation rays in the same parts of the world where people were in these "Covid hotspots"... in a time when people every year are cutting down billions and billions of trees which are the lungs of the planet...and so destroying the planet and ecological systems, because "I'm just doing my job, I got to survive". And we have got to stop doing that. This is a message from Gaia our Mother, earth. We can't kill the very thing we are dependent on. Humans used to see animals in the zoo and don't see anything wrong with that. How ironic, when humans got a taste of being locked up under house arrest, in quarantine, guess what? Animals started to roam the empty streets in many places! When we couldn't go outside! That's karma! What goes around comes around, you see? It took Covid-19 to show us all what really matters in life. To pay attention to all those good things that you weren't paying attention to in your life before, the simple things people take for granted, the things that actually matter the most, that have the most impact on us. Otherwise this will happen again if we continue in partaking in the destruction of the planet and the harm to other living beings, when we should be co-existing with the planet and with other beings. Human beings have to be living in the Eco-system, not the EGO system. Human beings did not weave the web of life and creation so that everything is entirely for them; they are a PART of it and they have to start respecting it. There is no end of the WORLD, this is the apocalypse; the word comes from the Greek "apocalopsis" which means a lifting of the veil. This is the time when people have the opportunity to see the illusion, the Matrix, for what it is because shit is about to go down. The world needed an upgrade, and now the world will never ever be the same again. Karma is coming around a lot faster and Earth won't tolerate anyone abusing her or other creatures anymore. The world will never be the same again, and people have got to be changing with it, because Nature will humble them.

Saturday, December 7, 2019


The last 11 cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot show the picture of the Kabbalah’s Macro-cosmic Tree of Life.  It is a breakdown of the universal forces at work in the world in which we all live together.  The Hermetic Principle of correspondence states: That which is like to that above is like that to which is below, and that which is below is like that to which is above.  The universe is of a holographic nature and reflects the self, and the self is a mirror of the universe.  The universe and individual are self-similar in every part everywhere on any planet in the universe.  In the hidden knowledge position on the Tree of Life, we have The World card, at the place from which the Tree emerges in the position known as “Da'at” דעת, which is Hebrew for “Knowledge”. Da'at is the location where all ten sephirot of the Tree of Life unite as one.  Down at the bottom of the Tree at the Malkuth position is the Judgment card, hell, when a society has remained in ignorance and refused to answer the call of creation to awaken, to accept Natural Law and apply it in their life.  At the Yesod position (Yesus, Jesus) above Judgment is The Sun, the light and the truth, the truth about what is taking place within and around us.  If we don’t accept it we are in for a horrific ride.  Sitting on the left-hand side of the Sun is The Moon card which is ignorance and refusal of truth. This is the left-hand path.  Moving to the right in the lightning-bolt pattern on the lightning-struck Tree of the Kabbalah, on the right-hand side of the Sun is The Star card which represents acceptance of truth and of our own sovereignty and integrating it into our lives. We become one of the many stars of the heavens illuminating the darkness.  Down-to-earth spirituality, the physical domain no different than the spiritual, one foot is in the waters of spirituality while the other is on the earth, the here and now.  You bring heaven right down here on earth.  The left-hand path led us to hell, the right-hand path leads us to mercy.   Above the Sun card at the heart of the Tree in the Tiphareth position is the realm of the Christ energy of universal love where there is beauty and harmony.  It is right smack in the centre. This one is The Tower – which represents cosmic change!  Change, throughout an entire society, an entire planet, the universe.  Change is the only constant. What manner of change we create in the world is a free-will choice. Nothing is set in stone except Natural Law - which will give us either consequence.  The left-hand path is the satanic pathway. Progress upward back to the left to the position of Geburah, the middle card on the left-hand path is The Devil, Satan, the enslaver chained loosely to his throne. It represents slavery.  You insisted Natural Law was relative and were bound, given all the bondage you wanted and deserved, by the behaviours based on your thoughts that give a severe result when you refuse Truth. The middle card on the right at the Chesed position, is the Temperance card, and leads to freedom. You chose self-mastery and to live under Natural Law.  You didn’t try to be the arbiter of truth and morality, didn’t sell yourself to rulers and authority which lead you to death.  At the top of the left-hand path is the Death card, total stagnation, extinction as a species.  And death was riding a pale horse…you did not get the lessons the universe was trying to teach you.  Refusing goodness and objective morality dooms you, and this is the final place where that all ends up, total involution.  Death rules here, almost mercifully. This is the card that has the most firm control over humankind in their current reality. Extinction is where our species is headed now if it chooses to stay on the left-hand path in total immorality and ignorance. The cult of death rules our society. Involution.  Backwards progression in consciousness. Death is the ultimate expression of that. Step outside your door and go speak to the average trash in major cities to understand how cult-invaded their belief system is.  Whether in the sheltered naiveté of rural communities or in the cesspools in the city, neither understand Natural Law any better, the Law of God.  They don’t get it, and believe electorates, left wing or right wing, can be the arbiters of law and morality, which is usurping the place of God in Creation, yes, God - all you atheists go fuck yourselves.  Cos your religion is the religion here, thinking you’re God, believing in moral relativism thinking there is no higher power than man who can make up what is right and wrong not knowing what’s really going on in the world and believing in the cult called Government when it is a cult of death. And all the imbecilic religions are just as naïve and childish. And the ignorant dunces who can’t believe you can be a non-religionist and not accept the major world religions as truth, and you can also not be an atheist, and not accept that bullshit religion as truth either. Buying into ‘religion v atheism’ is called unidimensional childish thinking.  You can’t understand cosmic law under the Creator of the universe does not require belief or religion. And you just can’t keep excusing useful dupes and tools because they are socially-engineered and mind-controlled, that's how they excused the Brown Shirts of Nazi Germany. Weapons are for defence against fucking trash who think that man is the most powerful thing in all of creation, against criminal authoritarian thugs, and for truth and morality and goodness – not love of guns.  The control-freak religion of authoritarianism is Satanism.  The order followers of the Satanists globalists and social engineers not just the latter.  Stop with the "Woe is humanity". It’s on humanity to advance their own consciousness and understanding of what’s objectively right and what’s wrong.  Not man’s laws.  The Laws of the God of Life.  The mind-set of people who say they want freedom, in their understanding and their belief, it is that ‘Satan’, the ‘devil’, is their oppressors’ god.  No.  Death is their god. The force that the top of the elite society worship is not the Christian variant of a deity traditionally known as ‘Satan’.  They worship death.  Call it “the cult without a name”.  It is a horrific misnomer to call it the ‘Illuminati’. They don’t call themselves ‘The Illuminati’, and neither should you.  Don’t give them that calling card. That is a name for the people of the world who are truly enlightened. WE are the Illuminati, the light bringers, not these jerk-offs who are the ‘elite’ of nothing but all the scum that builds up at the bottom of a garbage can. What are they enlightened about?  Enlightenment is speaking truth to others, understanding what is true, and moral, and putting it into practice through your actions.  Not harming anybody else.  That’s not what these pieces of trash are, they’re death worshipers.  Refer to them as what they really are: the cult of death. They’re eating us alive because you can never have freedom if you are a moral relativist.  It’s not just the individual evolution of the soul, this is the progression of society as a whole, for everyone, not a spiritual elite.  God is commanding transformation on the physical plane.  Above Temperance on the right-hand path, the Hanged Man is patience, the evolution card, the servant of natural law.  It doesn’t mean being a slave.  It is like the waiter in a restaurant who takes natural law on a plate and serves it you.  He can't make those he serves it to eat it.  We wait on other people. Like the Bodhisattva, and story of Jesus, he is the one who keeps coming back to the prison offering natural law until they awaken, until all are free and all are out.  Not looking for escape, he has accepted that he’s crucified in the physical domain on the tree, hanging on the “Tree of Life”, which is rapidly becoming the tree of death.  His legs are crossed and he has a halo of light around his head. This is the Illuminati card.  Moving to the final position in the arcana, Kether, the Crown chakra at the top of the Tree of Life, is the Justice card.  Christ consciousness.  In the microcosm, self-mastery.  In the macro-cosmic tree it is God itself, law itself, justice, natural law, heaven on earth.  This is where we should truly be living.  This place could be a paradise instead of a prison. It’s a free-will choice that ignorant motherfuckers don’t want to make, because they hate themselves down to the wretched core of their being and think they’re God and can make their own laws up subjectively.  That’s called being a Satanist, and anybody is one if they are not sickened, angered and outraged by what they see. Spiritual Justice is the card with two pillars of enlightenment which are non-aggression and self-defence and this totals 11, the King of Creation that governs all creation at the top of the macro-cosmic Tree of Life – Natural Law.  He holds the sword of truth and the scales, seated enthroned before the temple of man and in Vedic wisdom is the Crown chakra