Don't strike yourself out

The symbolism of the three wise monkeys tells of the strategy that each monkey had one defect but the two other senses worked. The deaf monkey used his sight to observe all around him and judge evil actions and used his voice report them to the second monkey who was blind. All the second monkey had to do without needing to see was repeat what he heard to the third monkey who was mute, and as this one couldn't talk, the message was lost at the end of the line. All he could do was observe the fate that would befall the unfortunate one and sit and watch it happen. What a way of genius the gods had for shutting them up, each one assigned the job of not interrupting the bad dream where everyone lies in tombs. In Japan the monkey became a negative symbol, if you give someone there a monkey as a gift it means you wish them dead. The proverb of the three monkeys that see, hear and speak no evil seems to point to someone who doesn't want to be involved in a situation. Turning a blind eye to what 'is' because it's perceived to be 'just the way life is, it's just the way things are', is to LIVE evil - or rather not live, and just be struck out. How bleak. A fourth monkey should come in and say Live No Evil. Reverse the word "evil" and you get "live". Live and let live! Allow life! You are All That Is and Ever Will Be Everywhere and Life Eternal. Open your eyes, listen and say something, for Heaven's sake. It's not, and never should be, 'just the way life is, just the way things are'. Harsh words. Thinking this is damning yourself off from Life.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Nothing can stop what is coming

Ten months of non-living that's just not been life, the almost unbearable utterly tedious year of 2020 has been a preparatory year.  A wake-up call for many people to ground themselves for what is going to come when we leave the runway to take off into the year 2021 with exciting and eventful times ahead. Major revelations are coming whether people like them or not.  Many people are going to be forced to face up to the uncomfortable truth of the matter, regardless of their choosing not to.  And yes it is RIGHT and MORAL for people to be forced, because their remaining in an ignorant state is causing the suffering and the taking away of the rights and freedoms of vast numbers of other people as a direct result of their choosing to stay in terminal ignorance.  They have NO RIGHT in creation to take that stance, because taking that stance is causing harm and the Number One golden rule of universal law is that you Do No Harm.  So people are going to be forced to face up to these truths so that they can no longer continue to do harm by remaining in that ignorant state.   

Thursday, November 19, 2020

It had to be this way

Everything that we are seeing right now is to wake people up.   We tried to tell people.  They wouldn't listen.  Even if the President himself told the people:  "By the way, this is what the world's gonna look like: there's gonna be a plandemic cooked up to control you, they're gonna make you wear masks, stop you from travelling, keep you from going anywhere, you'll work from home for the rest of your life, you'll have to take a vaccine if you want to travel, you'll have to show your paperwork; oh and by the way the elections are manipulated, you never had any rights, you never made a choice, it was all controlled by the invisible enemy the Deep State, and during this entire time they are going to reset the entire economic system"... if President Trump of the United States himself came out and said that to let everyone know... everyone wouldn't believe him.   To break the hold of this gigantic illusion we are in, we and our President need to show the people. We can see the corruption and fraud. Can everyone see it?  No.  We have been listening to alternative media, have woken up and are thinking logically, we are tired of all this and want it to be over, why can't it just be over?  Because the millions of people that have no clue need to truly understand what this is all about. And they can't, not without seeing it, without having it play out.  If it is just told to them they just shut down in their mind.  When they are living in an illusion and believe everything around them they won't hear the truth.  Most people will not accept it.  Think about The Matrix with Morpheus and Neo.  When Neo was told the truth he wasn't like "Hey oh wow yeah I knew something was wrong it's the Matrix".   No.  In the midst of sorting out this mess of the 2020 election fraud, Sidney Powell said: "If people learned what really happened it would blow their mind".   This is why it is being allowed to play out in real time.  It is for the benefit of the people, they need to watch it happening in real time, to see it and feel it to believe it. If the President just went ahead and arrested the foot soldiers, Pelosi, Clinton, Comey Brennon,  Obama and Biden who are taking orders from the top and not the directing this except on a local level, it would not show the people anything.  This is about breaking the entire system, not just winning an election. What happens in four years?  Did you change anything?   No.  Do people know?  No.  People need to know so they can tell the next generation, and the generation after them, what happened.  You can't leave it up to a few people, you need a lot of people to understand so they can write down the story and repeat it and teach it to our children and children's children so they understand, so that when they look back in history they will see it very clearly and they are already seeing evidence come out, more and more every day!  There are more and more people that are noticing now. If they weren't, the social media corporations would not have to put labels on posts and Tweets and point to the mainstream media saying: "They're the official sources" to get people back on their side.  Twitter just hired the world's most respected hacker as its head of security, a person who goes by the alias "Mudge" who has been mandated to enact any changes to the company's structure.   Massive censorship is coming because President Trump and his administration and the patriots are going to show that there is massive fraud.  It will become apparent that he won the election.  Elections plural, actually.  We can show how the Deep State tried to rig the election of 2016. People were using markers not ball point pens to fill out the election ballots. Josh Barnett of Congress had an email from Kelly Dixon saying that they need to use markers on election day (except hand voters).  It was to do with a marginal mark threshold set by the county because it didn't pick up the sharpie markers.  David Shafer tweeted this out about voter error: "One of our monitors discovered 9,262 vote error in the DeKalb County hand count.  One batch was labelled 10,707 for Biden and 13 for Trump - an improbable margin even by DeKalb standards.  The actual count for the batch was 1,081 for Biden and 13 for Trump". Twitter of course put a label on it.  Certain individuals are threatening people, forcing them to certify the elections.  Trump tweeted: "The Georgia recount is a joke and is being done UNDER PROTEST."  And this is what Randy Quaid tweeted: "We've lost confidence in the system that elects our leaders.  79 million Americans believe our election was rigged, the results fraudulent. We need an in-person-only-ballot-paper revote, especially in the States where flagrant irregularities have occurred. No accuracy, no democracy!"  And then Trump tweeted this out: "Poll: 79% of Trump Voters Believe Election Was Stolen.  They are 100% correct, but we are fighting hard. Our big lawsuit, which spells out in great detail all of the ballot fraud and more, will soon be filled. RIGGED ELECTION! " When you wake up, you can never be put back to sleep, and the people who went out and voted for Trump did so really because they woke up because of what we went through in the last four years.  The silent majority cannot be put back to sleep.  You don't need 100% to awaken, you just need the majority. We are getting the majority now.  This is why it had to be this way.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Lockdowns: What goes around comes around

These Lab Animals Will Help Fight Coronavirus - The New York TimesCoronavirus lockdowns: Wild animals roam empty cities and streets ...
Disregard for natural law, which is operating in all places at all times, leads to chaos which leads to devolution which leads to to SLAVERY. Living in accordance with natural law leads to order which leads to evolution which leads to FREEDOM. We preyed upon animals for culinary pleasure, material comforts, leather, fur, cosmetics, toxic drugs and cleaning products...and we ourselves have been preyed upon by bigger predators higher up the food chain using us as an energy source, for so long. The chaos entropy and devolution led to them locking us down under the pretext of a bogus virus. Just as we have been microchipping animals, our own pets, mindlessly because we were following orders and not considering how they feel, why be horrified to find out that the bigger fish planned to do the very same thing to us with their vaccine, with their nano-chip inside designed to control how you think and monitor your every single move? Choose to live in love, in accordance with Nature and natural law, or live in fear and obey evil dictates out of fear. You can live in accordance with artifice and man-made laws, government and belief in authority and the law of 'me, me, me, I must survive even if it means trampling over others and violating the rights of another', or you can live in selfless love. Because the universe is a mirror, a self-same reflection of what we put out in all places and all times. We had social distancing imposed on us, and people became afraid of other people. 'Don't come near me, you better not touch me', was part of a plan for a "new normal" planned hundreds of years ago, as long as we have been abusing other life forms and longer. They took the children out of school, they couldn't play with their friends, then sent them back to school wearing masks and making them burn their skin with corrosive hand sanitizers. We human beings were ascribed the name mankind. We have to start acting like it. We can never deserve that title until we act that way and become kind man. Back in 2012 we thought the world was going to end. In the Mayan Calendar that is when 'the world as we know it ends'. The world IS ending - the old world is ending. In Ethiopia in this year of 2020 it is 2012. The Matrix world is over, it's system failure. Because the whole world is a stage. Why not choose to create and live in a whole NEW world? The choice of two different worlds is a choice between Love and Fear. You have to move out of the selfish fear frequency to make sure you can live in a world where love reigns, in the midst of chaos. A doctor in New York said that when he treated patients who the media insist had this Covid-19, or lung ailment, he said it was not what you think, he said he had never seen anything like it before, he said it's as if these people were thousands of miles up in the air and someone had let the cabin pressure out of the plane. He said he saw that people were being starved of oxygen. At the same time as this Covid-19 they rolled out 5G blasting radiation rays in the same parts of the world where people were in these "Covid hotspots"... in a time when people every year are cutting down billions and billions of trees which are the lungs of the planet...and so destroying the planet and ecological systems, because "I'm just doing my job, I got to survive". And we have got to stop doing that. This is a message from Gaia our Mother, earth. We can't kill the very thing we are dependent on. Humans used to see animals in the zoo and don't see anything wrong with that. How ironic, when humans got a taste of being locked up under house arrest, in quarantine, guess what? Animals started to roam the empty streets in many places! When we couldn't go outside! That's karma! What goes around comes around, you see? It took Covid-19 to show us all what really matters in life. To pay attention to all those good things that you weren't paying attention to in your life before, the simple things people take for granted, the things that actually matter the most, that have the most impact on us. Otherwise this will happen again if we continue in partaking in the destruction of the planet and the harm to other living beings, when we should be co-existing with the planet and with other beings. Human beings have to be living in the Eco-system, not the EGO system. Human beings did not weave the web of life and creation so that everything is entirely for them; they are a PART of it and they have to start respecting it. There is no end of the WORLD, this is the apocalypse; the word comes from the Greek "apocalopsis" which means a lifting of the veil. This is the time when people have the opportunity to see the illusion, the Matrix, for what it is because shit is about to go down. The world needed an upgrade, and now the world will never ever be the same again. Karma is coming around a lot faster and Earth won't tolerate anyone abusing her or other creatures anymore. The world will never be the same again, and people have got to be changing with it, because Nature will humble them.

Saturday, December 7, 2019


The last 11 cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot show the picture of the Kabbalah’s Macro-cosmic Tree of Life.  It is a breakdown of the universal forces at work in the world in which we all live together.  The Hermetic Principle of correspondence states: That which is like to that above is like that to which is below, and that which is below is like that to which is above.  The universe is of a holographic nature and reflects the self, and the self is a mirror of the universe.  The universe and individual are self-similar in every part everywhere on any planet in the universe.  In the hidden knowledge position on the Tree of Life, we have The World card, at the place from which the Tree emerges in the position known as “Da'at” דעת, which is Hebrew for “Knowledge”. Da'at is the location where all ten sephirot of the Tree of Life unite as one.  Down at the bottom of the Tree at the Malkuth position is the Judgment card, hell, when a society has remained in ignorance and refused to answer the call of creation to awaken, to accept Natural Law and apply it in their life.  At the Yesod position (Yesus, Jesus) above Judgment is The Sun, the light and the truth, the truth about what is taking place within and around us.  If we don’t accept it we are in for a horrific ride.  Sitting on the left-hand side of the Sun is The Moon card which is ignorance and refusal of truth. This is the left-hand path.  Moving to the right in the lightning-bolt pattern on the lightning-struck Tree of the Kabbalah, on the right-hand side of the Sun is The Star card which represents acceptance of truth and of our own sovereignty and integrating it into our lives. We become one of the many stars of the heavens illuminating the darkness.  Down-to-earth spirituality, the physical domain no different than the spiritual, one foot is in the waters of spirituality while the other is on the earth, the here and now.  You bring heaven right down here on earth.  The left-hand path led us to hell, the right-hand path leads us to mercy.   Above the Sun card at the heart of the Tree in the Tiphareth position is the realm of the Christ energy of universal love where there is beauty and harmony.  It is right smack in the centre. This one is The Tower – which represents cosmic change!  Change, throughout an entire society, an entire planet, the universe.  Change is the only constant. What manner of change we create in the world is a free-will choice. Nothing is set in stone except Natural Law - which will give us either consequence.  The left-hand path is the satanic pathway. Progress upward back to the left to the position of Geburah, the middle card on the left-hand path is The Devil, Satan, the enslaver chained loosely to his throne. It represents slavery.  You insisted Natural Law was relative and were bound, given all the bondage you wanted and deserved, by the behaviours based on your thoughts that give a severe result when you refuse Truth. The middle card on the right at the Chesed position, is the Temperance card, and leads to freedom. You chose self-mastery and to live under Natural Law.  You didn’t try to be the arbiter of truth and morality, didn’t sell yourself to rulers and authority which lead you to death.  At the top of the left-hand path is the Death card, total stagnation, extinction as a species.  And death was riding a pale horse…you did not get the lessons the universe was trying to teach you.  Refusing goodness and objective morality dooms you, and this is the final place where that all ends up, total involution.  Death rules here, almost mercifully. This is the card that has the most firm control over humankind in their current reality. Extinction is where our species is headed now if it chooses to stay on the left-hand path in total immorality and ignorance. The cult of death rules our society. Involution.  Backwards progression in consciousness. Death is the ultimate expression of that. Step outside your door and go speak to the average trash in major cities to understand how cult-invaded their belief system is.  Whether in the sheltered naiveté of rural communities or in the cesspools in the city, neither understand Natural Law any better, the Law of God.  They don’t get it, and believe electorates, left wing or right wing, can be the arbiters of law and morality, which is usurping the place of God in Creation, yes, God - all you atheists go fuck yourselves.  Cos your religion is the religion here, thinking you’re God, believing in moral relativism thinking there is no higher power than man who can make up what is right and wrong not knowing what’s really going on in the world and believing in the cult called Government when it is a cult of death. And all the imbecilic religions are just as naïve and childish. And the ignorant dunces who can’t believe you can be a non-religionist and not accept the major world religions as truth, and you can also not be an atheist, and not accept that bullshit religion as truth either. Buying into ‘religion v atheism’ is called unidimensional childish thinking.  You can’t understand cosmic law under the Creator of the universe does not require belief or religion. And you just can’t keep excusing useful dupes and tools because they are socially-engineered and mind-controlled, that's how they excused the Brown Shirts of Nazi Germany. Weapons are for defence against fucking trash who think that man is the most powerful thing in all of creation, against criminal authoritarian thugs, and for truth and morality and goodness – not love of guns.  The control-freak religion of authoritarianism is Satanism.  The order followers of the Satanists globalists and social engineers not just the latter.  Stop with the "Woe is humanity". It’s on humanity to advance their own consciousness and understanding of what’s objectively right and what’s wrong.  Not man’s laws.  The Laws of the God of Life.  The mind-set of people who say they want freedom, in their understanding and their belief, it is that ‘Satan’, the ‘devil’, is their oppressors’ god.  No.  Death is their god. The force that the top of the elite society worship is not the Christian variant of a deity traditionally known as ‘Satan’.  They worship death.  Call it “the cult without a name”.  It is a horrific misnomer to call it the ‘Illuminati’. They don’t call themselves ‘The Illuminati’, and neither should you.  Don’t give them that calling card. That is a name for the people of the world who are truly enlightened. WE are the Illuminati, the light bringers, not these jerk-offs who are the ‘elite’ of nothing but all the scum that builds up at the bottom of a garbage can. What are they enlightened about?  Enlightenment is speaking truth to others, understanding what is true, and moral, and putting it into practice through your actions.  Not harming anybody else.  That’s not what these pieces of trash are, they’re death worshipers.  Refer to them as what they really are: the cult of death. They’re eating us alive because you can never have freedom if you are a moral relativist.  It’s not just the individual evolution of the soul, this is the progression of society as a whole, for everyone, not a spiritual elite.  God is commanding transformation on the physical plane.  Above Temperance on the right-hand path, the Hanged Man is patience, the evolution card, the servant of natural law.  It doesn’t mean being a slave.  It is like the waiter in a restaurant who takes natural law on a plate and serves it you.  He can't make those he serves it to eat it.  We wait on other people. Like the Bodhisattva, and story of Jesus, he is the one who keeps coming back to the prison offering natural law until they awaken, until all are free and all are out.  Not looking for escape, he has accepted that he’s crucified in the physical domain on the tree, hanging on the “Tree of Life”, which is rapidly becoming the tree of death.  His legs are crossed and he has a halo of light around his head. This is the Illuminati card.  Moving to the final position in the arcana, Kether, the Crown chakra at the top of the Tree of Life, is the Justice card.  Christ consciousness.  In the microcosm, self-mastery.  In the macro-cosmic tree it is God itself, law itself, justice, natural law, heaven on earth.  This is where we should truly be living.  This place could be a paradise instead of a prison. It’s a free-will choice that ignorant motherfuckers don’t want to make, because they hate themselves down to the wretched core of their being and think they’re God and can make their own laws up subjectively.  That’s called being a Satanist, and anybody is one if they are not sickened, angered and outraged by what they see. Spiritual Justice is the card with two pillars of enlightenment which are non-aggression and self-defence and this totals 11, the King of Creation that governs all creation at the top of the macro-cosmic Tree of Life – Natural Law.  He holds the sword of truth and the scales, seated enthroned before the temple of man and in Vedic wisdom is the Crown chakra

Let Us Prey

What is religion? 
The word religion derives from the Latin, relegare, meaning to tie back, to thwart from forward progress in consciousness and from truth. RELIGION is the force that runs this world and is the ENTIRE problem with this world.  The divide and conquer method weakens us and makes it far easier for them to control the slave class.   The exoteric (outer) aspect of religion, based on dogma, intended for and likely to be understood by the general public, is designed for mental bondage and thought control, and perpetuates ignorance, and is based upon belief, not on search for truth.  Its purpose is to hold people back from understanding the bull’s eye of truth at the inner core, which is about pure consciousness, and is understood by only a small number of people with specialised knowledge or interest.  Being awake means being free of all false religion.  True religion is esoteric and means to reunite with, to put it back together.  Truth is the one and only true religion.   The dark priest-class established all earthly religions and infused these counterfeit belief systems into every major spiritual tradition, giving exoteric religion to the masses to hide this core esoteric truth, to lure people off the ‘path of righteousness’.  A dark priest-class has been ruling this earth for thousands of years, keeping the public in ignorance of spiritual law - which is, as morality increases in any population of souls, the freedom of that society increases; as morality declines, freedom declines in proportion.  They were ancient psychologists and social engineers with in depth knowledge of how the human mind works and they invented the media and all systems of enslavement.   They don’t have a name, they just are. This nameless cult is in every denomination of faiths, race, culture and continent.  The Flavians were an early ruling bloodline sect of this dark cult who ruled the original Roman Empire. The Centurions were the Roman police-force that beat people into submission. Everyone knew they were a gang of thugs. When you have overt control, people know they are oppressed, everybody sees it.  The people openly revolted, physically.  The ruling bloodline had a crisis on their hands… freedom was breaking out.  We can’t have that. Gotta go back and enslave them immediately. The rulers called this period the “Crisis of the Third Century”.  This ‘crisis’ had developed in Egypt centuries before, thanks to an awakening driven by a resurgence of the Mystery Traditions taught at Alexandria, and these traditions were esoteric Christian thought!  It was like a Renaissance.  An awakening in the masses did not serve the psychopathic rulers of the Roman Empire.  They had already dealt with Jewish rebellions a century earlier.  The Jews didn’t want to be ruled by the Romans.  No one was respecting their forceful control anymore or swallowing their lies.  The Flavian and Neo-Flavian dynasties needed to unite the Roman Empire in order to crush the growing rebellion in consciousness once and for all - before it became a more widespread problem.  They needed to do something about it.  They unified the Roman Empire under a common state-run religion by changing the problematic early Christian philosophy (Gnosticism).  Astro-theology at the time was based on the sun, deified as "Sol Invictus", The Unconquerable Sun.  They invented today’s Christianity with Jesus portrayed as ‘the son of God’, knowing he was to take up the role of Sol Invictus, the sun (son of God) of the Roman religion substituting one for the other to give the people the distorted Constantine variant to believe in, molding the modern ‘Christian’ religion onto the pre-existing myths that come from the ancient world regarding the astrological bodies in the heavens: the sun, moon, stars and plants, from which all religions were derived.   The Jesus god comes from earlier solar gods going way back to Tammuz and Nimrod of Babylon, Horus, Osiris, Serapis, Zoroaster, Dionysus, Mithra, and many, many others, hundreds of solar deities made into saviour god-men (God’s ‘son’, the sun). The sun represented knowledge, enlightenment, spirituality, sustenance.  These heroes were based on the sun’s conquering of the night, winter and the darkness within (evil) through the resurrecting sun. The hugely influential Piso family of the Calpernian bloodline of Rome had been at work on the ‘Christian problem’ since the 1st Century AD, and lay the foundation for this new state religion.  The Piso family were the true authors of the New Testament. This religion was designed to instill in people the promise of a reward in the afterlife, the fear of hell, and a philosophy of subjugation.  The emperor Constantine, who came from the Flavian dynasty (Flavius Valerius Aurelius), took up this task.  In 325 AD Constantine held the Council of Nicaea.  He gathered all the cardinals and bishops and held them under duress, under Roman Centurion guard.  He ordered them to develop a ‘legal’ religion sanctioned by Rome, ‘suitable for the masses’…or they would not leave this room alive.  They censored and canonized the texts of the Bible and eliminated and suppressed hundreds of books of spiritual and esoteric information, and a whole body of Gnostic scriptures known as the Nag Hammadi Library.  Writings that were ripped away included: the concept of each person’s intercessor-free connection to the Creator, women’s equality with men in the right to teach spiritual knowledge, and any mention of soul reincarnation over multiple lifetimes.  You were not allowed to even conceptualise the notion of coming back here, they wanted the idea that you only get one shot at it.  They didn’t want the idea sticking around that we have multiple lifetimes in the physical domain 

The basis for esoteric Christianity’s philosophies predate the 1st Century AD accounts of Jesus by thousands of years.  Gnosticism (from Greek meaning possessing knowledge) was a religious system that had the truth that Christ taught, it was the belief system of the early true Christians.  This knowledge HAD to be purged from early exoteric Christianity by the ruling dark occultists in power, to make sure Gnosticism did not gain a foothold in the Roman Empire and threaten their power. Constantine began the suppression of the Gnostics.  The Nag Hammadi scriptures and other Gnostic texts such as the Pistis Sophia contained ideas that the rulers did not want spreading wide.  They included knowledge of: an unseen world which encompassed cosmic moral law which governs the consequences of our behaviour; rule by the archons (ruling class of earth who are non-human or interdimensional beings, whose plan is to enslave); waking up from worldly illusion; karmic consequence accrued over multiple lifetimes; and rejection of archon authority in favour of the Creator’s moral law!  The only authority is the law of the Creator.  They knew this.  Gnostics taught that there were three soul groups:- the hylics, who are the unconscious who identified with materialism and base instincts, very difficult to awaken; the psychics, the fence sitters who have some simplified consciousness, may be possible to awaken with effort; and the pneumatics, the spiritually awakened who incarnate to become teachers of knowledge.  The Crusades in the Middle Ages continued to purg this inconvenient knowledge.  The brutal Albigensian Crusade of the 13th Century went on for twenty years, initiated by Pope Innocent III to eliminate the Cathars (a sect of esoteric Christians) in southern France.  Pope ‘Innocent’ said that “anyone who attempts to construe a personal view of God which conflicts with church dogma must be burned without pity”.  And they literally lit people on fire.  They stretched people at the rack, snapping their bones with hammers.  The medieval torture instruments were in the realm of nightmares.  

On top of that, they added to their finalized canon the infamous Romans 13, which canonizes the ‘authority’ of Man.  Note the name of the book: Romans!  Here’s what Romans actually says – read this sheer bullshit:
“Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.  This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants, who give their full time to governing. Give to everyone what you owe them: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honour, then honour” – Romans 13, Verses 1-7.  If that’s what your God demands, fuck your God.  Any person that would believe that this is what the God of Creation would sanction is spiritually bankrupt.  The God of Creation wants us all to be free, not subjects and slaves to other men and women.  The Pope is sitting on about 18 trillion dollars of wealth at the Vatican.  These people think they are God on earth.   Priests tell you they are holy!  

The Jesus character is allegorical, a symbol in astro-theology, and whether or not an actual historical figure, who cares?  It’s the message that counts.  Ironically the message was to reject religion!  And authority also. Speaking such message to the lowest consciousness people of the community trying to uplift their consciousness. He was the spiritual warrior, the anarchist.  Anarchy does not mean without rules, it means without rulers. Every truly awake being that has ever existed in has been an anarchist.  They teach sovereignty, because every individual is a sovereign entity.  There is no such thing as legitimacy in authority, in ownership and rule of other people.  Doesn't it even occur to anyone they cannot serve two masters? Pope Francis’s said this about libertarians:  I cannot fail to speak of the grave risks associated with the invasion of libertarian individualism”.  Pope Francis said liberty minimises the ‘common good’ and it was an 'antisocial radicalisation'.  Pope Francis, or any pope, was never an anarchist or an awake being.  Why did Christ say: “Do not think I have come to bring peace upon the earth, I have not to bring peace, but the sword”?  Who was Christ warring against? The established religious orders of his time!  The Pharisees and Sadducees, the banks of the day charging ridiculous interest rates on temple coins.  The people who wanted to go to the temple and worship couldn’t.  He freaked out in the temple and turned all the bankers against him.  Who did the crucifixion?  The state!  The police and military, the Roman Empire!  People get into the trappings of exoteric religion reading scriptures, and can’t see in them the institutions that this character was warring against, namely religion and government!!  Why did Christ say: “He that loves his father or mother and son or daughter is not worthy of me”, why would anyone say that?  He said he came to set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a man’s foes shall exist within his own household.  This means you end up alone when you have to take real action against violation of your rights. Early Christians were actually militants against the Roman government, they maintained a readiness similar to a Militia.  Luke 22:36:  “Then Jesus said unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip; and he that hath no SWORD, let him sell his garment, and BUY ONE”.  A form of preparedness for self-defence against claims of false authority and rule.   On another level, Jesus is the Christ consciousness within us - we accept “Jesus in our heart” (heart chakra).  Jesus takes the role of the sun, “the light of the world”. The sun rejuvenates the world each morning and each spring when the sun rises above the ecliptic. Easter is the east star, the eastern star. “The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviours, Christianity Before Christ” explains this.  The twelve disciples are the twelve houses of the zodiac and the cross represents the four cardinal points on the wheel on which the sun makes its path from spring equinox to summer solstice to autumnal equinox to the winter solstice (birth, growth, decay, death) and these are the four gospels.  The sun (God’s son, light of the world) dies on the cross on the winter solstice at his lowest point of power. "Once you have seen me you have seen the Father" - the sun was seen as the representative of the light of the Creator (the mediator) which is taken into oneself in the form of moral knowledge, conscience.  This is an allegory of occult knowledge and at the deepest level, of truth.  Christ had said Do unto others as you would have done unto you.  Treat others the way you’d want them to treat you.  He did not ask anyone to set up a religion in his name.  This is what people did after him.

Path of Righteousness

This means simple true mortality. Not arbitrary morality.  Followers of fake religion, though, will not accept a standard that they consider ‘wrong’.  They will impose their idea of morality onto an activity that they find distasteful or aesthetically unpleasant because they don’t approve of it. They want their preferences violently forced on everyone else by Government. They believe that the religious authorities can decide which behaviours are ‘sins’ and ‘crimes’ and make themselves the arbiters of what right and wrong is according to their aesthetic liking, what they find pleasing or repugnant. Arbitrary morality is moral relativism and that’s Satanism.  It doesn’t lead you to the path of righteousness, you never learn what right and wrong are inherently.  Natural law is truth inherent to Creation.  Man’s law is born from a construct of the mind.  Natural law is harmonised with through knowing and understanding. Man’s law is complied with, out of fear of punishment.  Natural law exists everywhere universally.  Man’s law differs with location based on the legislators’ whims. Natural law is eternal and unchanging. Man’s law changes with time based on legislation.  “That woman’s skirt is too short – that’s immoral”… she’s not harming anybody.  Or they don’t like somebody who smokes cannabis, which isn’t unrighteous if it doesn’t involve a victim.  Wrong-doing is violent or coercive behaviour that causes harm to another sentient being’s life, rights or property.  Any action that does not do any of that is Right.  Actual immorality is to violate another’s rights by some form of THEFT: murder, assault, rape, property theft, trespass or coercion.  These are all taking something from another. The ruling class like it that we do unto others as we would not want done unto us.  It keeps them in control, because, as morality declines in any population of souls, freedom declines.  As morality increases, freedom increases proportionately.  It is law.

Seven levels of interpretation
The Vatican in St. Peter Square (“Peter” derives from the word Jupiter) has solar zodiac symbolism standing there, an Egyptian obelisk, a phallus, representing the deity Osiris (again, the sun) in the middle.  Can’t be more blatant.  Something beautiful they occult and invert to use for negative purposes.  May 1st is their Walpurgis ritual, August 1st Lughnasadh, October 31st Halloween or Samhain, and February 1st the Imbolc ritual.  Da Vinci encoded astro-theology into his painting The Last Supper.  Jesus represents the sun in the middle.  Seated around him at the table are four groupings of three disciples, they symbolise the three months of each season.  In The Last Supper painting the spring and summer side of the room is lit up, the autumn and winter side of the room is cast in shadow. The four gospels represent the four seasons.  To read any scripture there are seven levels of interpretation, not just two, not just literal and allegorical.  These are mystical, anagogic, numerical and letter content in scripture, ethical, the allegorical and the literal being the outer exoteric level.  For example, turning the other cheek is ethics.  The Last Supper is astro-theology.  Logic physics and ethics are the three pillars of philosophy.  Then there are the three pillars of magic, alchemy, theology and astrology.  

Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged
“Judge not, lest ye be judged” is a warning to human beings that it is not for them to judge what is right or wrong behaviour according to their own likes and dislikes, whims or preferences. That’s IT.  It does NOT mean stay silent and not call others out on their violent, coercive and harmful behaviour.  It does not mean looking the other way.  Homelessness is now illegal in some places.  Government has outlawed the feeding of homeless people...and religionists everywhere are silent and doing nothing about it!  People have been arrested for feeding the homeless. You won’t hear about in in a church, a synagogue, a mosque, a Buddhist temple… nowhere!  People of a ‘moral’ religion are doing nothing, while Christ’s very word is being murdered by immoral order-following trash! The greater religious communities won’t investigate the epidemic of priests throughout the world abusing children and do not believe it’s a systematic problem.  They defer to the judgment of the infested Vatican and to the police forces, which have a track record of protecting and participating in crimes and for shutting down good works.  The church moves these parasites from parish to parish to cover up their crimes and they pay off the victims’ families in exchange for silence.  The families accept payoffs.  An eight year old child who had cancer died, because the police came in on his cannabis oil medication and stopped it.  You don’t see ministers speaking out against war.  Such talk would go against their true Religion and threaten their tax-exempt 501C (3) status.

Turn the other cheek
The true meaning of “turn the other cheek” was to even out the scars on your face. To continue to bring the truth to people you care about, over and over, even if they reject you and call you crazy. If they smack that truth out of your hand, pick it up and give it back to them the next day, in the next minute even. To endure that rejection of your message so you could plant a seed until they finally awaken. And the understanding in “They know not what they do” represented sympathising with just how destroyed at the soul level evil doers must be and did not mean allow them to continue to do evil unchallenged.  There is nothing holy or righteous about that. This has been touted as a teaching that we should forgive unconditionally without the moral prerequisite of contrition, and was added into the New Testament by the Piso Dynasty that made it about “Stand down!” and never do anything to those who are physically harming you and taking your rights away.  Turn the other cheek did not ever mean continuing to excuse wrongdoing an infinite number of times and they’re not even sorry for what they’ve done. These people have no right to do this stuff. Loving your enemies was never intended to mean being a pacifist. Pacifism is anti-Christ, for it means tolerating evil in the world and letting run amok. And dangerous, for pacifists get conquered, they get their fangs pulled out and will curl up in a foetal position when being beaten on

Too bad for the rest of the sinners
The true self is concerned with alleviation of suffering for all, not just alleviating suffering for oneself.  The true self understands what natural law is and tries to live in harmony with it, and understands what non-dualism is.  There is no separation between ourselves and others and we are One at one unified level of existence.  A damaging notion is “I’m saved and that’s all that matters”.  Too bad for the rest of the sinners.  This is not at all what spirituality is about.  Everyone is suffering if anyone is suffering.  That is the Law of One.  If one suffers, ALL are suffering.  Read the parable of the lost sheep, about having ninety-nine and going back for the one that was lost.

Salvation and the 'End is Nigh'
Another treacherous notion which destroys positive change in the world is “earth is Satan’s kingdom, so why care about it?”  This idea convinces people that they are powerless and ineffective, and should just submit.  Some religious sects actually welcome ongoing destruction of the earth because they believe this means that the tribulations of prophecies of the “End Times” are upon us and salvation for believers in the afterlife is just around the corner.  There is no free will or personal responsibility here.  The act of ‘accepting Christ’ to absolve someone of ‘sin’ without having to change their behaviour, puts responsibility on an external figure who ‘died for our sins’, to redeem us from our responsibility for the continually degrading conditions of the world.  If we just have to believe in something, we don’t have to do any real good works in the world.  The abdication of personal responsibility is the idea that saviours are tripping over themselves to come to rescue us from our own ignorance – Jesus, Shiva, Quetzalcoatl, or the Galactic Federation of Light.  The view that everything is pre-ordained, that it’s all God’s will, so why bother change anything? Action therefore is meaningless in this world view. Another dangerous line of thought is: ‘God controls everything nothing happens unless God wills it to happen”… or our guru or some Ascended Master or extra-terrestrial race who will save us from our own ignorance.  It leads to bondage not freedom.  The Buddhist counterpart of the saviour mentality in its exoteric form is Buddha and New Age Buddhism that seeks to embed people in total acceptance of everything, even injustice, evil and slavery, which makes people inactive observers of evil. But in its pure state, Buddhism embodies spiritual law via the Four Noble Truths, and how we can remedy suffering by following the Eight Fold Path.  That part of Buddism explains how we experience exactly what we create: the karmic consequences of our own behavioural choices.  Similar to esoteric Christianity.

Who is Satan?
Religious people don’t know what Satan is really.  They think of Satanism as devil worship, revering Lucifer the arch enemy of God.  The word “Satan” comes from שטן the Hebrew word “Shaitan”, meaning “adversary”, the one that opposes.  It is not a deity. Satanism does not worship a deity and is not about going out in the woods and sacrificing animals. Satanism is an ideology and ‘Satan’ is nothing more than a set of ego-driven values and ways of being in the world that are the polar opposite of esoteric Christianity.  Satanists are really more like ancient psychologists who hold and wield hidden information to exploit those who are ignorant of it and they are a diversity of worldwide, interconnected adherents.  The trappings of the Christian devil as 'Satan' are used in the modern Church of Satan for two reasons:  The first is to make outsiders see Satanism as just another quaint religious belief.  The second is to embody the Adversary. This is the opposing force in nature known in the occult world as INVOLUTION. It opposes evolution (evolution in consciousness, not the Darwinian kind) and is our true enemy.  This force opposes the true natural law and works against the ordering force to bring in chaos and suffering.  By design, the misconception of ‘Satan’ as being a deity causes a lack of understanding of Satanism’s manipulation of our world, hence the inability to identify this enemy.    For those who are into Satanism because they want to rebel against Christianity, and think they are going the opposite way, Anton La Vey did the same thing Constantine did.  He shaped the knowledge into a modern form of Satanism "La Veyanism".  La Vey didn't come up with it on his own, he was tasked to give it to the people  as  Constantine was tasked to give the fake form of Christianity to the public.  He was given the underlying Satanic ideology and was told "Compress this and put this into a book for the masses to read".  Here’s how it goes: there’s the general public down at the bottom, and they are infiltrated, at the lower ranks.  This level is very low-level. They are contained by the Dark Occult, albeit unknowingly. The Church of Satan is in here, and the Temple of Set etc.  The second level up above that are the financial, political, RELIGIOUS (exoteric!) and media organisations who are controlled by the Dark Occultists.  At the third level above that, are Higher Level Dark Occult Orders and Think Tank organisations (Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome etc.).  Then at highest level right at the top are the Dark Occultists themselves.  These are the ancient ruling class bloodlines.  This is the sector you do not join and there is no initiation into.  You are born into it through blood, and you don’t leave, either.  This who this priest-class is.  The Venetian Black Nobility. 

Mark of the Beast
“Let he who has understanding count the number of the beast, for it is the number of man”.  It is a mistranslation to have translated that as “a man”.  It was not stated as such in the Hebrew.  It is the number of “man” - meaning mankind.  In ancient numerology 666 was chosen to represent humanity in a state of low consciousness.  This represents the Beast in man, an antichrist mentality. Pure egotism, selfishness and physical identification, a consciousness dwelling in the animal, reactive mind. Their thoughts and behaviours continually kill the Christ consciousness in them. Mankind generally dwells in satanic consciousness which brings enslavement. 777 traditionally represented humanity embodying a higher consciousness, being IN the world but not OF the world.  888 represented three-fold infinity, the Creator, Natural Law, Perfection in the Absolute.  There is no such thing as perfection in the flesh so humanity cannot be that.  We can become 777, which stands between God and the beast, when we purify our thoughts and actions.  Interestingly they put 777 on jackpot slot machines, as high level spirituality is deeply nested in your subconscious  

Atheists believe that there are no spiritual laws governing behaviour, so it is up to Man himself to impose order upon each other, because they don’t believe in the existence of a spiritual domain at all, let alone a creator or higher power.  Atheists believe the universe is only governed by physical laws which came from nothing for no reason or purpose.  Life is one and done, lights out, and eternal blackness.  They may not accept a higher power but they’ll devoutly pray at the altar of Scientism – state funded ‘science’, not true science.  There is little incentive to end human slavery called Government.  The ruling class LOVE it when atheism infects the minds of the masses. Atheists believe that Man is the highest power.   This is the reason why atheists are BANNED from being students of any Mystery Tradition school because they are incapable of understanding natural law and how it works, since they don’t believe in the existence of a Creator of these laws, and it is the reason why they have been considered unteachable by every school of esoteric knowledge in human history, including Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, the schools at Delphi and the ancient Greek mystery schools.  Every mystery school nullified atheists and told them to come back when they accept that a higher power exists.  Atheists who want to be anarchists cannot be anarchists.  They don’t think that the universal laws which govern morality exist.  “No Gods, No Masters” - you see this big in the punk rock scene.  Nihilists also are rampant in the heavy music scene.  They are those who say “humanity’s fucked, don’t care about anything”.  They’ll say that they feel sorry for the people who do care about anything.  The phrase “No Gods, No Masters” is incorrect, they have got it wrong.  The proper saying for anarchy is “No Masters, No Slaves”. It means there are no rulers, it doesn't mean there are no rules. Without an understanding that a power higher than mankind exists, there is no understanding of natural law and how it works to bring us the consequences of our actions. So they, in becoming anarchists, would lead the world only to more chaos.  “I don’t care” creates a prison for ALL of us.  When you can say that you are neither a religionist nor an atheist, two false extremes which have no truth, people have no idea what to do with you.   "I can't put you in a box, I can't put a label on you".  You don't have to subscribe to any religion to believe there is a higher power in the universe - natural law is knowable