Don't strike yourself out

The symbolism of the three wise monkeys conjures up the strategy that each monkey had one defect but the two other senses worked. The deaf monkey used his sight to observe all around him thus judge evil actions and using the medium of his voice report them to the second monkey who was blind. All the second monkey had to do without needing to see was repeat what he heard to the third monkey who was mute and as he couldn't talk the message was lost at the end of the line, all he could do was observe what fate would befall the unfortunate one and sit and watch it happen. What a way of genius the gods had in shutting them up, each one assigned the job of not interrupting the bad dream where everyone lies in tombs. In Japan the monkey has become a negative symbol, if you give someone there a monkey as a gift it means you wish them dead. The proverbial principle of the three monkeys that see, hear and speak no evil seems to point to someone who doesn't want to be involved in a situation. No rest for the life-shy. Turning a blind eye to what 'is' - because it's perceived to be that way, it's 'just the way life is, it's just the way things are' - is to LIVE evil (or rather not live and just be struck out). How bleak. A Fourth WISE monkey should come in here and say Live No Evil. Reverse the word 'evil' and you get 'live'. Live and let live. You are All That Is and Ever Will Be and Everything and Everywhere and then some. Open your eyes and listen and say something, for Heaven's sake. It's not - and damn it never should be - 'just the way life is, just the way things are'. Harsh words. Thinking this is damning yourself off from the Universe.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The human psyche - the true slave driver

Most people are so asleep they refuse to recognise the rampant presence of evil in their midst. They take part in such evil, be it directly or indirectly, but often wilfully. They don’t want to live in harmony with the laws of common sense, or with each other.  Why? Why is the human condition the way it is?  What is in the human psyche causing this self-inflicted manifested slavery that we live in, that has the whole species running on programming like automatons, that’s been this way for millennia? Can we just chalk it all up to mind control by some clever manipulators at the top?  Of course, but there’s more to it than that, and it emanates from the bottom.  The explanation for how evil becomes manifest in our world, and how it perpetuates the condition of willing human slavery, is to be found in the deep dark underworld of the subconscious mind of the mass of humanity.  Wilful ignorance is the seen surface expression of it.  Only the truly ignorant can support slavery, condone it and enact it, and make it happen in our world, or just see it happen and not care.  Therefore people may deem that to be the root cause of the human condition. NO, that is the manifestation of it.  There is something beneath the cognitive dissonance: fear of owning responsibility in life.  People want to abdicate personal responsibility to choose right from wrong action.  They feel more comfortable passing it on to someone else to make the decision about how they should behave.  It becomes easier to just follow orders, to obey - this is how we have come to allowing in rule by governments and man-made laws.  So people may deem this to be the root cause of the human condition. NO, this is yet another surface manifestation.  There is something that lies deeper beneath this, psychologically driving the refusal to take ownership of one’s actions.  In a chain of Whys we ask why someone participates in evil, and the reason is wilful ignorance, and we ask why they are wilfully ignorant, and the reason is, they have a fear of personal responsibility, the onus on them to choose right over wrong actions, and they want to hand it to someone else.  So now the question becomes: Why do they want to do that? Why do they wish to remain a child?  Why do we have grown children walking around who are shy of responsibility?  Now we go deeper.  We get down to another causal factor underlying these conditions, another psychological condition. And that is - self-loathing.  Deep down at a subconscious level, they don’t really like themselves… most people on earth hate themselves.  They feel unworthy, not good enough. They don’t want to hear this and they will get very upset if you open up about this out loud. The ego rebels. They haven’t been able to form a true relationship with the self. And we are a species that (in the aggregate, not certain individuals) doesn’t value our own lives or our own freedom. We think that we deserve what’s happening. We are doing this to ourselves at a deep level. We have let this situation in. It is not a condition that magically came because ‘that’s just the way things are’ that we cannot change; we refuse to change our behaviour, and follow orders. If we had any self-respect we would be a free people.  We certainly wouldn’t be in this condition. Only a self-hating species could possibly put up with slavery.  That also goes for physical ball and chain shackle slavery.  During the civil war period in the southern lands of America slavery was maintained by house maids and plantation workers that kept that situation in place.  Without their acquiescence the plantation owners couldn’t have done it.  Today, instead of the mammy and cotton picker we have drones in the police and military, modern order-abiding yes-boys again following the bidding of the psychopathic ‘ruling’ class who think of themselves as our masters, a bunch of old men who couldn’t fight their way of out a wet paper bag. Too weak of themselves to get anything physically done, without violent order followers to do their dirty work for them by obeying and enforcing, rather than taking the responsibility of deciding what’s right or wrong for themselves, they couldn’t get a thing done - it’s that simple.  But people’s wilful ignorance has convinced them that we live in a free world because we’ve got elections, prime ministers and ‘government’, when it’s just a system of violence, always was, is now, and that’s all it will ever be.  Every cop and every soldier bar none following orders of the elitists or whoever they are, is a self-loathing human.  To do those jobs you must hate yourself. That’s what’s going on in their mind whether they know it or not.  It is impossible to support a condition of slavery and misery for yourself, for your own children, and for your species, unless somewhere deep down you hate yourself.  Genuine self-respect and order following are two psychological states that contradict one another in nature.  When a person rises above hating himself to respecting himself, he or she will no longer be able to do the job of following someone else’s orders.  There are a very small number of people awake to what’s going on who are standing alone amidst a vast world of sleeping hypnotised people all around them.  But you can’t let that get you down, you can’t dwell on it.  You have to see it for what it is and know how to deal with it, and do the work becoming a healer and an influence for others. To convince another human being to start to love themselves is difficult work to do on earth. You can’t make someone love themselves, but you can be a role model for them.  You can support them and help them reverse their self-loathing behaviour and help them get on the path to self-respect. You show them how they have been hating themselves and treating themselves so horribly.   It can be overcome.  It is not a hopeless situation. We create reality with our mind. This function is unique to the human animal.  Our imagination and visualisation is a powerful force than can allow us to re-envision at a conscious level any horrible event we may have gone through that we don’t want to re-live.  When you think about a negative event happening again the body tenses up, we activate the neuropeptides in the body known as the stress response, the fight or flight mode, which is not good for the physiology. Staying in stress constantly would take its toll on your body. Higher thought and digestion are impeded.  Nourishment from your food is impaired. As a protective measure the subconscious mind nests and holds former traumatic experiences in a state where we are not aware of them so that we don’t keep bringing them up to the surface and reliving them.  It is said to be a good thing for that short term reason, but it’s a bad thing for the long term, because this part of the mind can be very insidious.  Burying experiences is not letting you deal with your ‘stuff’ and so we are not truly healing. It leads to insanity. Nesting stuff away in a hidden area deep down, isn’t letting us integrate that shadow self for a sanitised mind.   The essence of who we really are still undergoes certain past trauma that the awake mind is not aware of. It is better that we go into the shadow material and confront it, learn to work with it, by bringing traumas up to the conscious level of awareness - healing them. It is painful to do, that’s why most are loathe to do it.  That’s why we become self-loathing. The traumas define who we are.  We shut them away. This ‘protective mechanism’ of pushing them into the netherworld doesn’t make them go away, it leaves them festering, undealt with, unconfronted - by the vast, vast majority of human beings.  The abuse-victim cycle is another thing, something known in psychology that keeps people on a treadmill of not healing. The experiencer will model themselves on the abuser.  They would rather be dishing it out than be on the receiving end of the hurt.  They will turn their negative emotions outward toward others.  Because he/she never dealt with that trauma in a way that could heal it, the abuser is his role model - the abused becomes an abuser.  The next victim abuses others and so on. The cycle perpetuates.  It can go the other way. They can also self-harm. The abused can identify with the victim and turn his/her negative emotions inward toward himself/herself, preferring to be on the receiving end because they never want to harm anyone else - and allow themselves to be walked all over.  And the cycle perpetuates there.  All this because they were loath to visit the basement – to go into their subconscious and drudge up what is hidden down there and deal with it, holistically, because that work is painful.  How can you come to know and love yourself if you don’t understand your shadow side? Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, is a holistic technique that can heal which, believe it or not, helps in a physical way too. The tapping is a gentle form of acupuncture alleviating stressor points in the body. Visualisation and meditation can break the abuse-victim cycle. Applied knowledge, care and willpower promotes healing.  It may sometimes take another person, some conscious individual, to intervene at the risk of being rebuked. More people with that kind of courage and persistence are needed. The sword has to face the fire.   Most of humanity is in denial when it comes to the truth that they are screwed up, and that they are doing harm not only to themselves but to everyone around them, every day. Being too timid to say anything to them is part of the problem.  There is a scriptural quote about the consequences of turning away from truth: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. The Nag Hamadi gnostic gospels not included in the Bible Canon say: “If you bring forth from yourself that which is inside of you, that which you bring forth will be your salvation, and if you do not bring forth that which is inside of you, that which you do not bring forth will be your destruction”.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The false notion of polarity

Gaining a lot of ground in the New Age Movement is an ideology that evil is a prerequisite in this world ‘as a means to good’, that there can be no light without the darkness. This is a deception. The ‘Evil Is Necessary’ motto is a bastardisation of the original teaching that has been misrepresented, and is a big mind control technique to justify what is going on in the world and get people to stand down and accept it. Hence they will not take any action that will create real and positive change.  It’s about control and keeping people down from where they want to go in consciousness. It is not about freedom, it is anti-freedom. One of these false teachings being put out there is the false notion of polarity.  The belief that has been propagated that an extreme imbalance (evil) needs to be present is a perversion of a natural law to do with balance and rhythm and a shifting and blending of energy (Law of Rhythm and Compensation) that DOES have to do with polarity. Polarity exists, there are sides or polar aspects of consciousness, which is One Thing at some unified level of consciousness. In deeper spiritual teachings the Law of Compensation is about polarities within consciousness: Yang, masculine energy, and Yin, feminine energy, active versus passive, solar/lunar, dominant versus submissive, left brain/right brain, analytical versus intuitive, light/dark.  But for these polarities to exist and for us to be balanced in our lives, it doesn’t require going into one polarity and staying there in a total extreme, which is what tolerance of evil is.  It does not mean we have to experience the depths of evil to know and recognise goodness. It doesn’t work like that. Only a person with self-hatred, devoid of self-love, would say they needed to experience evil to know what goodness is. There’s no self-respect and much stupidity in being a subject or a slave of evil.    It's a fashionable attitude to wrongdoing to say “I’ll take the lesser of the two evils”.  There’s no such thing as less evil.  It’s either evil or it’s not.  It’s one polarity, and it doesn’t need to exist for balance.  We shouldn’t ever embrace evil regardless of what some New Agers will tell you, we should be eradicating it.  The deception about evil having a necessary role came also from another false notion, the notion that there is ‘no such thing as free will’, which is yet another symptom of right-brain imbalance when you have the feminine consciousness in the extreme without the anchoring of the masculine.  Those who dismiss the notion of free will tend to be extreme religionists rather than people who are very left-brained.  Theirs is a religious notion that whatever happens is preordained, or God’s will.  Or they tend to be those in the New Age community.  These have bought into the notion that there is no free will and have said so outright.  The non-existence of free will makes it very opportune to not assume responsibility for one's own actions, and thus be a party to tolerating evil.  It’s another cop-out and a total lie.  Short of automatic bodily functions such as breathing, we are fully in control of choosing what we will or will not do unto others at all times and in all places. Evil is a choice, a choice to allow it to run amok in the world or wipe it out. As only evil would try to convince anyone of its existence being NECESSARY for it's a scam to justify sitting and doing NOTHING in its presence.  The false notion of polarity that’s being spread to keep this New Age deception in place is also being propagated through another false notion - Karma.  New Agers are justifying the acceptance of evil by saying a person is probably being paid back for something they did in a past life.  The caste system is full of ‘that’s how karma works’.  They can ignore what happens to people low on the totem pole of society and let all iniquities continue.  A cop-out.  Not getting involved is just allowing evil to continue unchecked and run amok in our world.  When a child gets abused it is not because of karmic debt being piled on to him, it is because of someone else's abuse of free will and choice to engage in evil behaviour he had no right to engage in.  How karma really works is through natural law.  Behave immorally and you and your society become more enslaved.  Behave with goodwill and you and your society become freer.  Karma works on a whole societal level as well as individual.   The first part of the word coward is cow which is a farm animal led to slaughter.

Friday, April 13, 2012

We are the dead

This planet is being kept under control by hidden knowledge that capstones hierarchy and compartmentalisation. Dark occultists are ruling the world. Well connected satanic organisations like the Church of Satan, the Church of Lucifer, the Order of the Evil Eye, and others, are shaping a specific world view. Organisations and think-tanks in the lower ranks of the global pyramid feed those higher up in the hierarchy of control to carry out their agenda. Priests, cardinals, gurus, Masons, politicians, doctors and lawyers climb up the dark caverns of the occult world and don’t necessarily have to come from the Church of Satan. They are everywhere and these networks interconnect at the top, labyrinthine and extensive, the Church of Satan being at best only at boys’ scouts level on the totem pole and merely serving as a filtration centre that interacts with the general public to seek out individuals who display psychopathic tendencies, in order to bring these individuals up through their ranks and groom them for placement into higher areas of the dark occult and into specific positions of power. It’s a psychological profiling system that’s there to find the people and bring them into the networks. The people they are interested in are ones who don’t care about what they are doing to others. These are not isolated individuals. They are connected, in just about every institution and area of modern life. They’re in politics, law, business, finance, education, medicine, everywhere. The networks focus on gaining esoteric knowledge to use and control people with on a mass scale. At the fundamental core this knowledge is nothing more than the knowledge of who we are, knowledge of mind-body-spirit, our thoughts-emotions-actions – it’s about our consciousness and how it works. The manipulators understand the positive aspects of this knowledge and wilfully choose to hold it apart and use that knowledge as a weapon against us by continuing to occult it. They pool the knowledge for their own selfish usage in a way that will serve them. Those in the know are controlling those out of the know who are not enlightened with the knowledge of the human psyche, and they are defenceless against these attacks as they don’t have a frame of reference to recognise it as a dialectical mechanic, a technique of mind control. The Church of Satan is one of its vehicles and lots of people end up in there when they see the religion they’d been worshipping was all along a farce there to control them. They can be so angry they can often be pushed into what they perceive is an anti-thesis like Satanism (an oppo-same, an illusion of ‘choice’ – they all suppress freedom as the masters of the game have set up the rules for to play ping-pong with people) and this can be one way in which they can be hooked in - “come over into this camp”, and be corralled by manipulators who have the knowledge of how the human psyche works. Religion has let them down, it doesn’t match up to the ‘real’ world, and in their feeling of disillusionment they welcome a poisonous world view that the other offers, which is a belief system that man’s nature is bestial and that humankind is naturally horrible, that it has always been and always will be. An extremely dark world view is being held which lies behind all the institutions of power and influence that make up modern day society; it is the cause of the current collective mass mind state. If you believe that human nature is fundamentally corrupt and believe the value system is based on a number and an amount of money, and that the motivation to do anything in the world is how much you get paid, that this is just how things are and we are inherently bad, then it is the same toxic world view in which so many people see the world – as being from a perspective of lack and scarcity, and fearfulness. The way businessmen get an edge over other individuals so that they can profit in the business world acts out this world view. This is how huge organisations and think-tanks are managed as well as the global institutions attempting to exterminate human freedom for all people on the planet. This is a general war on human life, which is creating a simultaneous master and slave, in a hierarchy of someone who controls him below him and answers to him above him, wherever that person may be in the hierarchy, and it is holding back our evolutionary progress. There is the truth, the true knowledge of natural law, and there is the falsehood which is this poisonous world view that they have injected into society - and this is the ideology of Satanism and comes from a dark Luciferian belief system that bases itself upon three core tenets:

1) Moral relativity – the idea there is no right or wrong, it’s all relative; what’s good for us may be bad for someone else and that you shouldn’t concern yourself with what happens to someone else.

2) Social Darwinism – the idea of the survival of the most ruthless, the survival of whoever can get a leg up on the other person and exploit them, it’s the idea of ‘It’s the law of the jungle’ and the dog-eat-dog mentality, and the attitude of ‘do it to them before they do it to you’, ‘you’ve got to survive’; Be a controller or be controlled.

3) Eugenics – individuals who believe that they are superior to others and have a God-like right to choose who gets to live and procreate and who doesn’t

Injecting this poisoned ideology into society is creating an attitude that stinks and a control system based on FEAR. As to why the world has been shaped into the condition it’s in, a large piece of the puzzle is psychopathy. Genetic psychopathy is a disorder that causes a being to be born without the ability to empathise. Part of the lymbic system of the brain is the part that is responsible for feeling emotions, and it makes the physiology possible through chemicals and peptides. In a genetic psychopath it is not functioning from birth and is caused by a gene. The person is born without the ability to feel. This kind of psychopathy happens to a very tiny percentage of the population, about 2% to 4%. Now if that was 1% and there are 7 billion people on the planet that means there are 70 million people walking around who are genetic psychopaths. That’s quite a lot of people to be psychopathic. They will of course be completely unlike other human beings and will stick out like a sore thumb. They are aware of this at an early age. They realise that they are different and that they will therefore be noticed and ostracised – as most people feel, and value feeling. The ability to feel is our compass, our emotional guidance system that stops us harming others and keeps us in check. They don’t have that capacity and they know it. They can’t feel the consequences of their actions towards others. It is like an amputee who doesn’t have hands. Other human beings would see this as a monstrous condition. So to survive in life and be accepted, to camouflage themselves, they learn to act and mimic emotions they don’t have. They become good at manipulating other people. The secondary form of psychopathy isn’t genetic. It is learned and acquired through conditioning. It is instilled into people by the environment. It can be done by mind control techniques wilfully directed against them, by the training techniques of outcome-based education, by military or police training. It is like neurological brain trauma. Soldiers can end up in that kind of environment of trauma-based mind control training that leads to them becoming unquestioning robots. There is more and more of this kind of behaviour as it is a communicable disease. These influences help to shape a person’s constitution. The level of trauma and stress to the point of being afraid to breathe does literal physical damage to the brain and it is designed to. They want unfeeling automatons to do their bidding, not someone who questions whether to pull the trigger and end another human life just because they’ve been told to. So malfunctions were acquired in the neocortical brain which governs compassion and reason. People have been worked into a state of not caring. A person in a state of secondary psychapathy with imbalances and damage in the lymbic system and neocortical brain acquired environmentally can be healed over time, but they have to be placed in healthy surroundings and healthy mental influences; the physical brain damage can be reversed only if they desire it and they can be brought out of the condition. You can’t waste time trying to cure a true genetic psychopath; the part in the brain that empathises isn’t present when they are born, and neither can they be taught to be psychopathic. Many more people are under the condition of secondary psychopathy in our society than are those who are genetic psychopaths, who make up a small percentage. Many people try to numb out the full range of emotions and not feel them by an act of choice, because they are too uncomfortable and they will get hooked on anti-depressants which are dangerous. A spiritual weakness within the self, a lack of self-respect and fear-based thinking, leads one to fall into that kind of manipulation and hand over responsibility for one’s own actions. Avoiding responsibility is escapism. Those are the two things that drive people into institutions like that.

Health & Safety laws, there for your protection
Sure there are manipulators and psychopaths out there but in order for the lie to be sold the line must be bought, and there must be a willingness to buy it in order for them to manipulate. Any why would so many buy it? They are willing to do anything to avoid personal responsibility. It stems from one dynamic: the fear of failure. They fear the resulting chaos and pain if they are not strong enough to do what is right. Chaos isn’t something to be feared, it is a lesson. Making mistakes is learning. If we were to not have the freedom to fail, create chaos, make a mistake and learn, were not allowed to experience uncomfortable and unpleasant situations that result from making errors, a far greater disservice to humanity would result. If our minds and actions were totally controlled we would never learn how natural laws function. It would stunt our consciousness. We wouldn’t recognise natural law from gnosis, from direct experience - and most people don’t. We are adults obeying a parental government system – Big Brother, the Nanny State, selling us the fallacy that it’s all for our protection. Our every sharp corner is pre-padded and a bad mistake must be eradicated. This is artificially-induced control and fear. The continuation of this fraudulent world view will lead to a much bigger catastrophe. Through laws and legislation we are being sold the false notion that the world can be sanitised, made perfectly safe, and that we would never have to deal with any harmful repercussions in a physical domain which is not meant to be sanitised or totally foolproof; As expressions of consciousness in a physical reality we were meant to learn for ourselves how to navigate our way around in it and what not to do. The artificial controls must be severed, and what is meant to express, let express, rather than holding it back unnaturally. The other false notion we are being sold is the idea that we can give up personal responsibility in this regard and not take responsibility for our own actions, and therefore bunk off from facing the consequences of those actions.. We can just hand over responsibility to this mythical super-human entity known as ‘government’ that looks out for our best interests – a complete fabrication - and protects us from the bogey-man that’s lurking around every corner. It is fallacy and folly to follow that course. And if we continue on it the repercussions of refusal to actively learn natural law are going to be much worse than all that we would experience as a result of thinking for ourselves and failing on our own. We have to take a leap of faith. Humanity has to be cut loose and be free to sink or swim on its own. What happens happens and we should not be in fear of the result, as we are of much greater potential than we ever envisaged. The dumbing-down and the future plans for a technological utopia of apparatus and robots to pamper us, is going to make us more and more stupid and take away our responsibilities. It is part of the satanic, deliberate agenda consciously known by a very small percentage of the population, an agenda to take away the properties and wonderful aspects of mankind. It is directed by dark occultists. Real witnesses who have actually worked with people at a very low level of the agenda have come out and said this. It has been described how the mentality is held that they will deliberately control individuals’ perceptions through mind control techniques as though they thought of them as animals to be managed on a farm. The groups were blatant and honest about how they view the average person. They call the average individual ‘the dead’. And the people who are willing to carry out their agenda UPON the average person, the people who believe in them as authority figures, they call them ‘their dogs’, and ‘their pets’. They look down on this group even more than the ‘dead’, like they are to be walked on a lead, because these ‘pets’ so think their masters have a right to command. They consider that the ‘dead’ deserve that name for not taking responsibility for their own thoughts and actions, and think of them as unconscious; because they have not activated their knowledge and engaged their emotions by caring about themselves and their immediate situations or for All; and because they have not taken the action to create change in the manifest world. As these are three aspects of consciousness and they have not activated them, they have given them the term ‘the dead’ because they consider that they earned it. But at the same time they are deliberately trying to hold back those aspects of consciousness in humanity to remain in power. And so they have been manipulated, through the R-Complex area of the brain, into being zombies and robotic entities. The onus is on them to take responsibility, yes? Whose is it really? That of the controlled or the ones doing the controlling? Are those individuals doing the controlling correct? They don’t express any outrage hatred or intent of revenge against individuals who want to break out of their organisation and who make it known they are going to step back from them and help others understand the methodologies they use, They couldn’t care less. They believe their master plan is so perfect the attitude is one of indifference: “We have people so where we want them”; “Who’s going to believe you?’ Enjoy banging your head against the wall for the rest of your life”. They have come out with such things as “Even if we came forward and told people the level of control we have over their minds, they wouldn’t believe us”. And they have said: “You think you are able to wake the dead. You’re gonna find out it’s not possible”. There are many people who know and don’t speak out, and they are in the worst situations, worse than the people who don’t know, because as they have an understanding, they have a responsibility to speak up and make a contribution to humanity’s healing and stop the harming. It is a personal responsibility of someone who has come into knowledge. They must in large numbers, stop caring about what other people think and have the courage to come forward and assist the empty drones walking the streets who lack the strength to come out of their mind control trance, and then we will see a faster rise in human consciousness.

It’s just the way it is

There is a role for us to play in the awakening of those other individuals who are resistant due to being deeply held in a low fear-based consciousness. They may turn on you and defend the enslavers that you are trying to liberate them from; they may not be thankful and may see you as the difficult one – but not all of them. For those ones who don’t want to think for themselves and who want to be babied by the system and kept as its eternal children, it’s like an atrophied muscle. They have given up. If somebody comes to give them some tough love they lash back with resentment. Because you tell them there is nothing wrong with them, that they don’t have to exist in that condition, they are not taking any action to make the world better, they’ll get resentful when you say they are doing nothing but we must not just let this ride, we have to exercise more tough love with them and get in their faces a bit more with information even if only to plant a seed. Whether we perceive they want to hear it or not we must exercise will in putting this information out in front of people. George Orwell who was so prescient in his book Nineteen Eighty Four said this: “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear”. And a lot of people won’t want to hear this and won’t accept it and but they can’t unhear it, and a big part of universal law says they will never be able to say “I wasn’t told”. Whatever happens further down the line after they were shown what the reality is, THEY made the wilful choice to turn aside from the truth, and in doing so they are the ones treasonous to themselves and to the spirit of humanity. By dialectical mechanics their imaginations have been shut down so much they cannot see a way out of this. They can’t believe there is one. They think it’s futile because this is the ‘way that it is’. Because they don’t have self-love (self-respect is not haughtiness but love that you can extend to all others) they can’t respect others’ rights under natural law. Well you can’t give away what you don’t have. Hence the world view of the psychopath is one of total FEAR and LACK. Dark occultist individuals have, as society’s predators, propagated their own mindset to the majority of others who aren’t really genetic psychopaths; they’re just people who have been infected with this sick world view. This way that we perceive reality and ourselves, and our relationships to other people, is a diseased world view that needs to be healed. It is a mindset of loathing coming from individuals lacking the mental, emotional and spiritual fortitude to pull themselves out of it, and needs to be shifted. Lack of compassion, warmth and kindness, the drive to be territorial, egotistical and rude, is an animalistic, reptilian drive of the lower chakras. You can see this when you go out and observe people’s behaviour. Fear and lack, or scarcity, the need to always have more, is how a reptile thinks, and is a very animalistic stimulus or response in man that’s innate in a very old part of the brain – the Reptile Complex (R-Complex). Being kept in a state of fearfulness keeps us in that part of the brain. It keeps us from going into the higher parts of the brain of rational thought and behaviour, true logic and compassion. It is the need to get as much as possible and store for hard times ahead. This way of thinking of scarcity and fear identifies purely with the physical world and with the ego. If we stay in ego-based consciousness there can be no abundance because we conclude that in order for there to be winners there has to be losers. One thinks that in order to sustain himself he must compete with another, or mine from the earth, or exercise the take-make-and-throw-away mentality. The mentality that if we all shared there wouldn’t be enough for some people, or that we need to aggressively take all the oil in certain areas of the world at whatever expense to nature, is all manufactured lack. It points towards ‘there’s not enough’, – and it’s so screwed up, it’s a contrivance that there’s no truth in, another mechanism of control. Moving from fear of lack to trusting in abundance is the key. The universe provides. Energy is unlimitedly abundant. In a physical world we have a certain amount of finite resources (which the earth is being raped for) but the untapped source of potential energy all around us that underlies all matter is the very fabric of the universe, and is known as radiant or free energy. We can access it if we know how to tap it. The big BUT here is as we go up in power with regards universal energy, up goes our personal responsibility. There is a lot of destructive energy that comes with the technology of tapping that source of power and we need to rise in consciousness before the universe is going to entrust us with it. The thing holding us back from developing technological breakthroughs to access that energy is not technological shortcomings. It is fear-based, low, ego consciousness and the unwillingness to extend to everyone the non-aggression principle that we EXPECT from other people. There is the fear that if everybody engages in freedom there will be chaos but this is so untrue. If we respect everyone’s natural law rights and the principle of non-aggression then we will be abundant. If we extend that courtesy to all individuals we will see open up for us access to that abundance that is free, not having to pay for it nor even barter with other people, because all that we require will be readily available through free energy. That is not going to happen until there is an absolute consciousness shift and world view shift throughout all levels of society. It calls for a shift from selfishness and caring only about number one and perhaps our extended family, to realising we are all One, together on this spaceship earth having the same basic requirements for life, that if one individual suffers, all suffer. That is the level of connectedness we should have. Without that shift any proposed solution is not going to be effective. But with that shift comes a sustainable way of living that rids us of the perceived need to keep raping the earth, and allows the consciousness to move on to bigger and better things such as working on ourselves, which people say they have no time for because they are busy making money to put food on the table. The workers fear having no money and no employment. The fundamental world view must shift from selfish interests in the moment, to what is better for humanity in the long run. The globalists and law makers are always trying to sell us on needing to give up our own individuality to go along with the collective will. The unwritten laws are being violated by governments, institutions, businesses, and occult fraternal orders all the time. Because natural laws that are inherent to creation itself and rights of human beings have for so long been grievously violated, all of these infractions against the universal law have built up and they have formed a quantum effect that is creating mass disorder in our society globally. And will continued to do so until we, the collective mind, or the morphogenetic field, shift towards understanding what our natural rights are, and what they are not, Nothing can go wrong if we base our actions on whether they harm another individual, this breaks the first tenet of the perverted occultist ideology. We didn’t bring the laws of morality into existence, Nature did. These are creation laws that bind us like the law of gravity, they are there whether you believe in them or not. They are governing what is happening to us as a whole, because it is a quantum build-up. Order and goodness will come about naturally the more people live in harmony with nature and natural law. The more they trample on individuals’ rights and natural law the more grave disorder and chaos we’re going to see. So we don’t need our rights to freedom taken away to live in an orderly chaos-free society, we don’t need tyrannically imposed artificial law and order! We should non-aggressively allow and respect the freedom of others to do what they want as long as they are not actively harming others. Everyone has rights to do as they wish and we should not take violent action against them if they are causing no harm (no murder, rape, theft or trespass). Rights cannot be granted to us by those in positions of ‘authority’ as natural rights are inalienable. This religion of authority is believed in by so many people. People believe they can be granted imaginary rights. If authority grants you a licence to breath, in doing so it believes it can also grant someone a right to do wrong. It can and does draft men to go to war and kill, to mug from an individual via concocted TV licence money, and can assume the right to take life if someone doesn’t comply with their arbitrary dictates. This belief system is like a religion. It is stunting us and holding back our consciousness from forward progress. Because human nature wants to strive to do the good, evil always has to come in the guise of goodness because if it came at you directly you would see it for what it is. And these violations of our rights are being sold to us as the right thing to do. We have a right to defend ourselves and we have a right to live on land. These are things in our society that are slowly being taken away from us (removal of guns, land grabbing through fraudulent environmental laws). It is being packaged to us as being ‘for the better good of the whole’. Well it would be a wonderful world if nobody needed to grab a gun and use it. But the world we are living in at present isn’t one where everyone is of that consciousness where all are willing to respect the natural rights of others, and people right now still need some means of protecting themselves, sometimes from the neighbour or from the psychopath in the street, but all the time from the incursions of tyrannical governments. Every gun confiscation in human history has been followed by a mass extermination of the population by the government. People in their naiveté don’t understand this. They hand over control to the state in the name of goodness. The state and the outlaws and the psychopathic individuals that live among the general population would be the only people left having guns, the very people who DON’T respect natural law and individuals’ rights! The psychopaths in government would in the end be the ones with access to weapons and would turn them on the population to quell any dissent they will not put up with for another second. This is history. Society has been telling us that there are terrorist threats out there making us take precautions. The freedoms of normal people who are not terrorists are being dashed away and it is encroaching so much on their way of life that they lash back at the infrastructure who are the real terrorists that they say they are protecting us from. The people who are bringing that totalitarian system in upon us at a rapid pace are the individuals at the lower level following the chain of obedience to carry out orders, and these individuals have no moral principles, they have not taken the personal responsibility to decide if the orders they are obeying are in harmony with natural law. People in their naiveté say they want to do the right thing, that they want to see order in society, but they fail to understand that universal law works a certain way. It never changes at a whim, like or dislike or preference. It isn’t legislation to be passed at will. It isn’t something man puts in place. It is the Law of One that you are bound by. Gravity never changes. As long as you’re on earth you are bound by its law and it’s like that, but this goes a bit further. Universal Law works everywhere you go in the physical reality. It is the law of attraction. As we sow, so shall we reap. What we put out comes back, individually and collectively. I don’t think this is something that can be taught but is inherent or not. Unlike what the education system tells you, which is designed to train you to be worker ants focusing on purely physical things and fail to see how holistic systems work together, nothing is separate and your actions have ripple effects globally, that is why you are taught to be fearful. We must unlearn the poisoned world view of how we see ourselves and the world as a whole that we have been indoctrinated with by school and the corporate-controlled media of “That’s just how it always is’. The imagination of a child literally is needed and we had that, and it was taken away when our ego identified purely with the five sense world and never the higher energies, as we were taught that way.

I’m just doing my job
And we are told it’s best not to try to achieve something. We will let the Nanny State mollycoddle us that assures us everything is under control.  We have allowed this mentality to sneak in. Most people have worked themselves into the illusion that you can give up personal responsibility to think, feel and act for yourself, and run away from the fact that it is just not possible. The many different ways where this is stated is in: “I’m just doing my job”, “I’m just following orders”, “and “This is just policy”. They are in effect saying “I’m not thinking for myself”, “I’m not following my own conscience; I’m simply taking actions that someone else told me were ok to take”. They don’t value truth so much as money, or with some people, power over others. It stems from a form of self-loathing in the absence of self-respect, They take out their personal inadequacies that they dislike about themselves on others because they are afraid to look at those qualities and work on them. And so many people shun taking responsibility. They fear freedom itself, and doing what comes naturally, for fear of taking responsibility, for fear of what may happen, and for fear of taking the risk necessary to know if they are capable of achieving greatness.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bad Machines

To know yourself is to know God, my friend
Unless these are pathological, anger, hatred and violence have not caused problems on this earth.  False love has.  Anger is a defence mechanism. It is better to integrate your shadow, face it, rather than project it on somebody else and destroy their lives. Psychologists won’t teach you this and neither will the defunct New Age movement.  Let alone heal and purge themselves, people say they’ve no time barely to clean or do laundry. In a hectic existence with their acquisitive drives focused on competing and consuming and achieving more they don’t even catch some sleep.  The stress is by design.  Most commonly they un-address their stress-related health problems with pain killers, sleeping pills, tranquilisers, blood-pressure beta-blockers, barbiturates, anti-depressants, and wash down poisoned food down with ant-acids, in the name of health. No-one thinks they should go against the authority of the doctor, the expert. If he tells them to do somersaults and bend over they will do it. The Pope, the politician, teacher, scientist, everyone else is more knowledgeable and they are in submission to someone else. They are the worst kind of sadists they have given their power away to. Lovers of the dead, they have murdered their own selfhood and enjoy necrophilia. Their ego is the ghost that has arisen from the grave of the self and they act in ghoulish ways under a very functional external persona, in a corporation that has standing, and they may doing well, they may be very official and get a lot of things done... but you don’t want to work in that punitive place. Self-hood has been butchered and in its place are masochism, narcissism, obesity, and obsession with appearance, anxiety, excessive expectations...and the hard body fitness mania, another form of sadism, all routine, mechanical, monotonous, repetitive, and regimented movements of the body that are inorganic and anti-feminine, on heinous exercise machines. You’re sold a message on what health is meant to be.  You can’t be anything unless someone else is giving you approval. When you don’t get it you are in disorder and malaise. If you leave rotten meat out, expect maggots.  Cruelty to others is well documented but cruelty to self is unseen and unacknowledged. The ultimate crime is sadism to the self:  not smart enough; not attractive enough; not systematic enough; not in control enough; not fast enough; not this or that enough; NOT “PERFECT”. And that’s how they’re going to relate to everyone else. This must stop. Rotten parents and office managers learned cruelty from their parents and they from theirs. You’re even not still enough, you need some technique, and predatory Yogis will sell you a bed of nails and teach you what you need to do to get to God. And you impose another authority and system on yourself.  True Yoga is sanity and cleansing the psyche. Through the work of scientists, we know DNA absorbs and emits light, and it bridges our physical and etheric bodies.  It directly affects our consciousness making it possible for us to wilfully change our DNA. But the slave wants nothing to do with that and wants someone else to tell him how to think, and wants to believe the FDA and the Medical Association. The Holy Spirit is nothing more than you, the Self, IF you’re in self-hood and not ego-hood. If you are an ego you are a fractured being, a ghost from the cemetery of the self. There is the universal intelligence (‘God’), the men and women (‘sons’ of ‘God’) and you, the Self (‘Holy Spirit’).  That’s why you have every agency under the sun operating to make sure that you are neither independent nor in a state of self-hood.  Certain books were cast out of the Bible, like the gospel of Thomas. Jesus is down in that as saying that he who blasphemes against the Father and Son will be forgiven but he who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, neither on earth nor in heaven. It is the ultimate crime. And so Christians ask who the hell this Holy Spirit bit is.  It’s nothing more than you.  No-one nor nothing can forgive you for it as you have not done it to them or to any outside agency.  If you have no self-hood forget even being in touch with God. You have to have a self to have a relationship with anything. You were not taught in Sunday school that you yourself are another little world that has within you the sun the moon and the stars or that the Kingdom of God was within you. Our parents don’t tell us that we’re Christs walking on the earth. Corinthians says you are the temple of God.  Acts says the Most High dwells not in temples made with hands. Thomas says when you know yourself then you will be known. The Vedas say self-realisation is needed before God-realisation. Men walked the wheel, locked up in Section 13 in the sanatorium of Sagmalcilar prison for being bad machines, there because the factory put them there, where they all came from, because sometimes the factory makes defective machines that don’t work. The message is that they must be told that’s what they are. When one of them walked the wheel’s opposite direction he was warned there would be trouble if he went that way. But then he was told: “To know yourself is to know God, my friend”.  He was from the factory and made the machines.  Esra Pound was locked up for thirteen years in Bellevue Mental Asylum. He said human sickness was so severe that no-one dared to look at it... but those who do will become well. He was a great poet.  I am a poet. Yet the ancient Romans built their best masterpieces of architecture, for wild beasts to fight in. Every institution in the world that is evil stands against that knowledge of the self.  A transhumanist agenda has been talked about, with the technology to create super human intelligence to de-humanise the human being with animal-genetic materials, making them into mechanical cyborgs with increased capacity but void of compassion, the emotionless person – with no emotion, reduced to the level of a machine.  This is what they have been doing, because if people dislike their emotions, they tranquilise them.  The present age prefers the copy to the original, representation to reality, the appearance to the essence.  The whole force of urban industrialism upon our tastes is to convince us that artificiality is better. This fake life calls for another way of being, to quit being sadistic with ourselves and seeking the approval of others, give ourselves credit and free ourselves from the tyranny of our dependency. The spirit of rebellion is upon us, it will be operating in the world. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Getting over criticism

There are so many videos, cartoons and computer games that show humans as bad, where they show humans as robotic mega worms that kill women and children as though it were a good thing. They are trying to breed a group of psychopathic children that think that killing fellow humans is an attribute (one little boy spoke about the killing on his computer games as a fun thing to do.) How are you to express who you are if you think you are a useless piece of dirt, a virus? It is giving us a perception of ourselves of self-hatred. People not just disliking themselves, but hating everyone else. They don’t want us to know how special we are. Edward Burnaise advised the Department of Defence eighty years ago. They wrote up the feminist movement to break up the family, to get women working so that they could double tax even if women wanted to stay home and bring up the children. They boasted about it. They said the Number One goal is to make you feel inadequate.  To make you feel worthless so they can sell you their new ideas. You know, you have to have a music room; you have to have a piano in the house to be classy.   An example is the climate cult indoctrinating our kids with this depraved death wish. They are taught that they are worthless and bad and humans are evil. Prince Philip actually used such words: he referred to humanity as a virus. A guy that sat next to me on a bus, in a conversation about the gathering police state, said that ‘we don’t deserve freedom’. Really! He said we should not be allowed to have freedom and that we need the control system there is or we would run amock and rob and kill one another. He had such contempt for himself and everyone else.  We are desensitized by violence and death on television and simulated murders.  People don’t care if they see an old lady hit by a car and she dies bleeding for hours. It is destroying our connectivity to each other. It is so wicked. The first memory I had of being upset by this was very, very early on in life, as a little girl seeing an innocent movie but a creature in it was accidently slugged to death by something, and I felt that this was the most terrible thing, and the first real tragic thing I’d seen at the beginning of my life, and came home distressed and remember being given hot milk before going to bed and after then I was desensitized (more) to everything else after the first unbroken skin of tenderness was broken in. New TV ads, cartoons, and video games, show the environmentalist murdering people if they don’t accept the carbon tax dictatorship.  In the population reduction cult a film depicts children being assassinated for not reducing their carbon footprint. It begins with a teacher in a British school; the teacher asks them what they will do to reduce their carbon, and she presses a button and murders them. Blood and guts splatter over the children’s white-pressed shirts. What message is this giving to children? The message: “You’re going to be killed”. You’re trash, you’re scum, without even a right to have children. This is sick to the extreme and so central, in all its forms. Yes, forms. Your curriculum vita has to be the best, it has to be outstanding and shine above the rest to get that job. We have been told in many ways we must have contempt for ourselves. This fascism is everywhere, including what they say when they say that by the very fact that you were born, you are a sinner, and this has been so for thousands of years. The same techniques have been used in different ways in different eras and epochs and in different areas of the world – for example, in China it was unfeminine to have big feet and girls' feet were bound.  But it’s the same basic template: to make people feel small, insignificant, powerless; useless, unintelligent, worthless, not good enough. When you believe you don’t have any power, it blocks you from expressing the power you have, which is boundless. If you perceive yourself in that way, you are going to manifest your life in that way and everything you draw to you will be the failure you will expect it to be, as you’re going to get that reality. You won’t perceive any other reality. You won’t ever know what you are capable of. You won’t ever try. The ‘conspiracy’ they will say disregard it. They impose on us a predetermination that we’re going to fail, and we do, as people think it’s an inevitable fait accompli, and go along with everything that’s happening, submitting to the evil. They’ve been programmed that way. It’s psychological, pharmacological, pathological manipulation. We are in constant self deception and disconnection to who we are, leaving us in a box of ‘little me, I have no power’.  People who think they have no power look up and out to people who have power. Because we perceive these people to have power over us, they do. They say ‘there’s nothing you can do about it’, or ‘that’s the way life is’. Really we are all powerful and can do anything we want. We have created music and mathematics and accomplished the most staggering feats. What would life be like on this planet with the billions of people on it in total awareness of the full magnitude of who they are?  Of everything they can do and be? A few people from a central point would not be able to control them, would they? They’ve controlled us in large numbers through the mind, and we control our perceptions actions and behaviour through the mind. We think about what we want to achieve in our lives. Emotions come forth. We can summon them forth using Emotional Freedom Technique, a process of saying powerful affirmations whilst tapping on acupuncture points on the body. You can say them or feel them in your head and heart without uttering them out loud. You must add emotion to them for changes, miracles and inspirations to flow to you: You would say: 'I deeply and completely love and accept myself, and I accept where I am right now'; 'I am fully conscious and open to my higher self'; 'I am enough, just the way I am, and I feel deserving'; 'I am equal, and I feel respected'; 'I am clarity, and I feel clear'; and 'I am freedom and fun, and I feel joyful'.~

Friday, August 13, 2010

The stench of cruelty will percolate throughout history

How does a few secretly rule almost seven billion? A network of interbreeding families control banking and media and other major areas and centralise their power from headquarter nodes and corporate logos branching from a central point, namely Europe and London. National networks have their subsidiaries in communities in countries. The community networks answer to the national network which answers to the global network. The spider’s web at the global centre weaves right down into a local community via interconnecting secret societies. That’s how the same policies are being introduced in country after country justified by the same excuses. The networks of families that control the planet are about thirteen. The House of Rothschild is right up there, with the Rockefellers in America. It’s a blueprint where every level operates as a carbon copy of the top level. It’s done through compartmentalisation filtering down a top-down pyramid structure encapsulating each compartment as pyramids within pyramids. The tiny, tiny few sit at the very top. They know how the whole pyramid works and how it all fits together, and control the whole of it. The further down the pyramid you go – any pyramid, social services, councils, a transnational corporation, or a government, whatever – the more innocent it gets. There are more and more people who know less and less. They don’t know how the whole thing fits together and don’t even know that it does. They just report for work, they have to feed a family; they have to make a living, and they want to do their job and go home. But their contribution links to this and that contribution and creates a picture that’s anything but innocent - they just don’t know it. They are caught in a web they don’t understand. They may see corruption and tear their hair out with frustration without knowing why. Only the few at the top know. The CIA calls it “the need to know basis”. You only know what you need to know to make your contribution unknowingly to the whole. It works this way at every level. There is one singular template. There may be different names and different organisations, but the same theme. The corruption is of the same style. It is becoming more obvious there is an epidemic of children being stolen by the state using the guise of social services. There are financial incentives for social services in Britain to meet targets of taking children from parents – as many as they can. It is not done on the basis of the child’s safety. It’s not only about money either. A lot of the children (not all) end up in paedophile and satanic rings. In the book, Inside the Brotherhood, it said one in twenty seven males on the Isle of White was a free mason. Taking out those in jail, it is estimated to be about one in ten. The numbers of freemasons forming this network on that island are shocking. The Isle of Wight is a community but is like everywhere else. A satanic group exists, too, that pervades everywhere, thought by many people to be extinct in this day and to only belong in primitive history, but it does exist and is very rife and active. And there is a paedophile group. The rings interconnect. The island is run by a mafia of heartless, soulless brutes who control the council, social services, business community, the list goes on. Many people have told in confidence researchers of their experiences with this mob. If these people are named, they are terrified of the mob, so it is not possible to break their confidence as a means of using that for evidence. But different people are telling exactly the same story time and time again. One story involved a man whose father was a high freemason on the island. When his father died, the mob wanted his son to take his place, and asked him, but he refused. He said he just wanted to get on with his life and didn’t want to get involved in freemasonry. He was doing well, with a good business, wife, kids and a nice home. A few of those freemasons said to him: ‘If you don’t join us you’re going to be in trouble. You need to join us, or I can’t speak for what’s going to happen’. He said ‘I don’t want anything to do with freemasons. I want to get on with my life’. He noticed that people started to pull out of their contracts and pull out of working with him, and he lost his business. He lost his home and subsequently his family and children. One of the freemason’s said to him: ‘See what happens if you don’t join us’. This is a typical story much of which involves a network of corrupt lawyers. Also on this island is a staggering amount of drugs landed every year that pass through to the British mainland. Drug money laundering is rampant. That particular island makes it more relevant because of the size of the population, which makes it so that there is a bigger ratio of these people, the ring, to the rest of the population. How many people rule the Isle of Wight? Because of compartmentalisation, a few can control the whole system. Every single policeman on the Isle of Wight does not have to be ordered and controlled to make them investigate someone for malicious reasons and cause them problems. Only that level of the police on the Isle of Wight needs to be controlled that decides whether a prosecution takes place or not. Every single policeman does not have to be ordered and controlled to ensure they stop a known paedophile from the ring from being arrested; or a known Satanist; or one of the known drug runners that are part of the cabal. Only those positions on the Isle of Wight police that decide whether an investigation is to be stopped or not, needs to be controlled. Therefore, for example, a great many drugs pass through the expanse of coastline in the south of the Isle as there’s a lack of sniffer dogs on Isle of Wight ferries. There are very, very few drug busts. The ring has greater control in that area because of the population ratios. A former officer in the Metropolitan police drug squad estimates that about £500 million worth of drugs pass through the isle every year. Large amounts of drugs equal large amounts of drug money for washing. The island is full of properties and businesses that appear on legal documents to be owned by the average Joe Soap. They are paper people fronting drug money laundering. Another swindle done by the ring is to undervalue Council property and sell it much cheaper than market value. The buyer then sells it on at market value and the profits are shared out. Appointed people and lawyers run the government which is answerable to the shadow people behind it. The ring is running the country. Politicians who are supposed to run social services, which people think are elected by us, are in fact not allowed to see details of cases that the social services are involved in. They don’t oversee them at all. Elected officials don’t run the Isle of Wight nor do they run anywhere. They don’t run any county council. An unelected, vastly paid, appointed group of lawyers and officers run county councils. It’s a downright scandal. It’s a law unto itself and a tyrannical one. A lot of people who have seen what these people can do are terrified of them and keep quiet. But stuff gets out. A two page article appeared in the News of the World 1997/98 and when a news team investigated it everything was shut down. It all fell quiet. The ring moves in and they shut everything down. There was no story to answer to. Only those people who read the article and kept it have access to the story. It may be on the Web however as the Internet is so massive they can’t always take everything down. The article was based on interviews from a community worker, about the island being controlled by a network of Satanists, about sacrifices in Ryde, about babies. By the time it came out in the News of the World it has already been investigated enough to recognise every element that was talked about in the paper. There were women in captivity in basements on the isle, who are known all over the world as “breeders”. They are repeatedly impregnated. They either go on to give birth to the child who never sees the light of day because it is sacrificed and no-one knows it ever existed – or, the child is forcibly aborted and the foetus is used for rituals. The Satanists used an amusement arcade because it was an attraction for waifs and strays that have left home and wander through there. They go in there and entice them. They befriend them and offer to buy sweets and a meal – the kid is never seen again. One of the places they used to take them was a place called The Round House in George Street – this is years and years ago. The article quoted a policeman on the island, Kingmer, who is alleged to have said “I’ve talked to this lady and others and there is no reason for me not to believe that what they are saying is true.” Pathetic dark suits obsessed with money and causing harm and having dominion over others, this mafia give people a hard time and are very dangerous, but more brains exist in a bag of silicone than in them. If they ever threaten you, run at them quicker. It’s only the tail wagging the dog. They can only do that because nearly seven billion of us are submitting to this tiny speck. If somebody gets fined by the men in dark suits that work in councils with computer chips for brains, for putting their bin out on the wrong day and in the wrong place, it will get worse if all you do is whinge “What’s the world coming to!” And they can pick one person off who is alone when nobody else is getting up and uniting with him. But if thousands of people get up and unite, and all leave their bins out on the wrong day and in the wrong place, weeks and weeks and weeks on end, it would force that law to be changed, because the numbers would be such a headache. They do not have the people or resources to handle us in great numbers. They wouldn’t be able to pick off and divide and rule thousands in unison. We have to cast aside irrelevant faults and warts we pick with other people. We have things in common: our kids and grandkids and ours and their basic freedoms. If you think there’s not much liberty left anymore now, think of the world they plan for our grandchildren to inherit. What happens to someone else happens to us. Their knock on the door, their persecution by social services and loss of their children despite being loving parents, becomes ours, as individuals are picked off. We’ve simply got to say No, no more of this, we’re not having it. We need to reverse this and put the pressure on social services to start coming clean about what they’re doing. We need to squeeze pressure on these ‘councillors’ to get them to put pressure on social services and stop the theft of children from loving families. There are billions of us enslaved by a handful of them through fear. We outnumber those that control our choice by millions to one. If one stands up, just one, we might all stand up. We need to expose this cabal and corruption and make the Isle of Wight and everywhere a peaceful world to live in run by the people and not by the cabal. We need to bring this wall of secrecy down by having the guts to tell what we know. We need to give others information, and so much of it includes the abuse of children; is a confidential website that collates information on this. The number of paedophiles and ratio of them to positions of power in all the levels of the global web is breathtaking and far greater than anyone understands. Some of the biggest paedophiles in the world are people that appear on the BBC News and CNN and ITN. Ted Heath, prime minister of Britain from 1970 to 1974, has been named by many as a paedophile and child serial killer. It is unbelievable the number of children he killed, tortured and sacrificed. Heath has never challenged the accusations because they are true. Father George Bush has been named as another paedophile and serial child killer and torturer. His victims that survived – and many of them don’t - have spoken out; and again, nothing, no response to accusation, because it’s true. With paedophile-Satanists at these levels of society and above in the shadows that control them, the power is there to shut things down. There is the power to cause hassle business-wise or through police harassment, or even take people out, for people that get in their way and give them trouble. There is the power to manipulate the system at will. If people knew, for instance, what is happening in the British social services and the scale of that, they’d be horrified. We sit here at sixty odd million people in Britain while a fraction of a fraction of a tiny little fraction of that controls Britain. Likewise a tiny fraction of a tiny fraction controls the people on the Isle of Wight. It is not the electorate. This is a group of unelected people at the core, members of this cabal that are not voted in. These people have got away with this long enough. They are not going to do this quietly anymore, neither globally nor locally, if you keep on speaking the truth and it’s shown to have validity. That’s enough, no more. More and more people are coming to this, they are investigating this saying ‘My God, it’s true’. The passage of events in the world is showing people a police state is moving in fast. The gathering control is closing in on the fine detail of our lives. The fantastic is now becoming provably true. In 1932 there was a book written called Brave New World. It was described as a novel and was written by Aldous Huxley, who was a member of the Fabian Society which created the present labour party and Tony Blair. It was about the use of drugs to drug children up – now an epidemic, like giving a child Ritalin because school is so bloody boring he can’t concentrate in class so it means he’s got a disorder with his attention capacity. They say the scale of that is phenomenal now. The book also said parents were no longer going to bring up children; the state was going to do that. The end goal was test-tube children, all born through artificial insemination, and the book talked about ‘state hatcheries’. There was going to be no procreation between and man and woman. A friend who has read the book described how these people in the future who only knew of people being born artificially saw a television documentary about the past in which they saw women in the olden days giving birth. They exclaimed shock and horror, like: “Ugh, do you mean to say that people were actually born? Yuck, how disgusting”. Changes are being made in a creeping way. What the epidemic of stealing of children from loving parents is about is to break the family up. It is a stepping stone towards this goal of the state controlling and bringing up our children. For a novel it was eerily prophetic, knowing a projected agenda. George Orwell wrote a book called Nineteen Eighty Four in which he talked about the Orwellian Big Brother state that controlled every area of people’s lives, with cameras. George Orwell’s real name was Eric Blair. And he went to Eton College where the royals go to, where Aldous Huxley was George’s French teacher. It was Huxley who introduced George Orwell/Eric Blair to the Fabian Society, where he got his information for his novel about this totalitarian dictatorship. These novels were not written out of imagination. They knew about the future agenda the network of families and secret societies had in mind. Those two novels predicted the way the world is going now: it was the way this cabal had planned it to go. The extreme, tyrannical, fascist situation where a social worker can just approach a loving parent and make up an excuse to take away their child and then tell those parents (yes, documentation they have been given has been seen) that if they speak about this publicly, or go to the media, they can face up to three months in prison. If they go to jail they definitely won’t get the child back. But they won’t get the child back anyway and they know that at the time. It started out where they were taking children from parents who were easy targets, those who did not have the money to fight them and didn’t understand the system, and that’s still being done. But it’s gone further now. A qualified law student at a Rally in Trafalgar Square on 7th August 2010 has a mother who was a retired family lawyer and who operated within this system. Legal savvy was in the blood. They took the daughter’s children away. The children are somewhere in Cornwall and the mother does not even know where they are. Social services will not let her anywhere near them. Cases on the Isle of Wight have been SEEN whereby social services produce a document saying that a mother has falsified evidence that her child was sexually abused. It goes in the social services’ files. The mother challenges it and that gets ignored, and it then goes through the system and colours the way everyone sees the mother. Doctors’ reports have been SEEN detailing evidence that her child was sexually abused. Lies have been SEEN all the way through the system to get what they want. All the Councils on the Isle of Wight have received letters regarding this goings on. They never replied, except one. A blatantly forged police letter has been seen, forged either by police or legal people on the island. The island’s MP Mr Turner refuses to take up neither these cases nor the forged letter. What are we looking at here? We see manifestly this wall of officialdom that people come across in every country that is making up the law as it goes along. It is part of one singular blueprint. People cannot fight these cases. One mother had her bank account illegally frozen by the Isle of Wight Council which was only unfrozen when another judge got on to it. Many in the medical profession (not all) also connected to this ring. Decent doctors who have seen the medical records of adults’ past history of child abuse have virtually fallen off their chairs. Look at the websites on these subjects and see the explosion of millions worldwide who are publicly and privately informing us. To tear a child away from a loving mother, one from the ring, within social services, goes to the parents with a trumped-up excuse, like saying they think her child’s in danger. They think she ‘has a split personality and is danger to the child’. Naturally the mother is perplexed. She knows there is nothing wrong with her. Then they pull out the wardrobe a tailor-made psychiatrist who would have to be connected. They decide social services are right. Many have not even met the mother or the child. The child is taken away. The lawyers, and barristers, on the taxpayer, go to court and are in league with judges, barristers and lawyers who are part of the ring. Even social services are part of the ring (not all people in those jobs are like that). To take a child away like that from the loving mother, they would have to be those people and in those connections. Christopher Bucker, who has exposed the global warming scam, has reported this in the Sunday Telegraph and Daily Mail – somehow. The family courts are strictly secret and people can go to jail for giving details of these cases. So nobody hears about them. Christopher and others have had stories told to him about doting, loving parents losing their children this way. The judge has just passed the sentence that the child is to be taken away and given to foster parents and then adopted, and the child plainly does not want to go. In the court the parents are in utter sheer distress and agony while the social workers and legal team are giving one another a high-five because they’ve scored another victory! If there really were different political parties, the people on the Council would be controllable. It doesn’t matter who you vote for, the same cabal control in terms of lawyers and officers. Councillors have got no power. In the state kidnap of our children the money that is being spent on barristers and lawyers and social workers’ travelling expenses, whether it be to go to court on the Isle of Wight or to go to Portsmouth or the High Court in London, is a fantastic amount. We are paying it. The money’s on us. We’re paying to take children away from loving parents. What about the poor parents’ horrid legal fees? Oh, they have to fork out for those themselves. Most of them have no legal representation to help them whatsoever. They can’t afford it. They are stitched up. Their chance of getting their children back is zilch; they were never intended to be given back from the start. People have been gutted at the stench of cruelty, at the sight of the human debris of destitute victims left with devastated, broken lives, minds, emotions, and bodies for the rest of their lives. These devastated people have been SEEN all over the world on their lonely roads, and they must be gathered in. By the explosion of people like us coming to this, they must be taken under our wing.~

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Grieving for five lost children

Sleeping in parks, shop doorways, and on church steps, grieving for five lost children, this is the raggedy bones of a horrible, horrible story. Hugh and Elizabeth Docherty have slept rough on the London streets for ten years. They are not alcoholics. This clean, moral, sane married couple are unable to work and cannot claim benefits. Hugh has been sectioned to a mental hospital by the police on behalf of the establishment and drugged up three times, yet he got himself out of there. And after all these years he has stood by his wife full-time to protect her from the police and from all the other officials who want to get at this lady and who have hounded them for the best part of the decade. And so he can’t work. Were it not for her husband she would not be here today. She would have passed on years ago. Her life is in jeopardy, and they all the time live in grief and worry. The probable thousands of hours of police time probably have cost millions of pounds to the public purse by now. And it’s all to not sully the reputation of a Baroness in the House of Lords. And it’s all to not sully the reputation of a late political icon, John Smith. You see Elizabeth has no identity. She doesn't own a birth certificate and has no medical papers. Her national insurance ID has been changed three times. She is in effect a non-person born in 1960, a straw lady in a corn valley. Well in actual fact she is someone.  The truth is she's none other than the oldest daughter of… the Baroness! Elizabeth Smith, Baroness Smith of Gilmorehill: widow of the late John Smith, the politician in the labour party who died in 1994! Her mother is the Baroness who sits in high places in the House of Lords! Elizabeth and her twin brother Robert were just babies when their mother took up position with John Smith. To hide physical evidence of her mother’s previous union with Robert Walker, who was deaf and mute and therefore posed no opposition, the twins Elizabeth and Robert were adopted - separately - and their identities were changed. Elizabeth’s date of birth was altered from 14th January to 14th December 1960. A couple called Gillespie raised Elizabeth and they beat and abused her and treated her as a slave throughout her childhood. Having had enough, she left 'home' in 1977 at the age of 16. She went on to get married and have four daughters: Michelle, Vicky, Kim and Stephanie. Then she found her husband in bed with her best friend and left him, taking all the children. At that time she didn't yet know who her real mother was and wanted to know. Walking blindly into the abyss she informed the social worker that she was off to ‘find her biological mother’. Fatal move! The ill-fated remark resulted in a summons to attend a children’s panel at the Town Hall. In a library in a town hall in Glasgow Scotland on the spot, all her children were removed from her all at once. She had no leg to stand on; no lawyer, no advice, no protection – and no means to get them back. Can you image this dire scene? Would this not seem a crime? A mother comes before a panel meant for children. The case is not heard in a proper court. A properly conducted hearing with legal representations for the defendant would make it clear there were no medical records; it would show that ID was changed and documents were forged. The grief and helplessness at losing her children overwhelmed her and Elizabeth tried to take her own life. She didn’t succeed in the attempt and destiny took her in 1989 to her present loving husband and guardian angel, Hugh Docherty. They had a daughter, Stacey, in 1990, and got married in 1995. Hugh’s doctor told him he should leave her when she went through a bit of a rough patch emotionally. The significance of this remark came to light one day when visiting relatives and an aunt let slip who Elizabeth’s real mother was, and also that she had a twin brother. She had no idea before then. She decided she had to confront her mother face to face. One Sunday morning of July 1999 Elizabeth and daughter Stacey turned up on the doorstep of the home of Baroness Smith in Edinburgh. They were let in. Stacey’s grandmother the Baroness gave her granddaughter a very dark look – she said: “You’re next!” Hugh found himself continually being arrested on the classic ‘breach of the peace’ and other trumped-up charges because he refused to keep quiet about the injustice done to his wife. The family fled Scotland for London in 2005. And in March 2001, Stacey was taken. The ominous words of Baroness Smith’s words came to fruition. And from then onward came the hell in the decade that followed. Don’t tolerate the evil of this callous society. Why has no action been taken? There are compassionate people taking action. Write to The Baroness Smith at the House of Lords – tell her you have heard the story of the sufferings of her eldest daughter and are deeply shocked. Write to the John Smith Foundation at the John Smith Memorial Trust for Democracy and Social Justice – tell them they are a front for a fraudulent man who was prepared to commit the most heinous acts of inhumanity for the sake of his political career. Write to Gordon Brown and Tony Blair – tell them the so-called new labour party is built on crime immorality and cruelty. Tell them it will stink throughout history. And then write to Belinda, who will let you know what else caring people are going to do. What happened to Hugh and Belinda when they were brought before the courts? Hugh was totally ignored no matter what he said. There were no social services, no charges, no police car and no lawyer when their daughter screamed hysterically. They were thrown on the street for beholding the truth - about the Scottish parliament and John Smith and the last two prime ministers of this country and the terrorization of his wife throughout her entire life; about the kidnap and abduction of all the children to make Mr and Mrs Smith look honourable. Their only hope is for the media to bring this out and that her mother will face the music of the kidnap and abduction of five children in corroboration with the police. Elizabeth is from Scotland and herein lurks beneath the surface a link: the place that the Hollie Grieg case came out of.~