Don't strike yourself out

The symbolism of the three wise monkeys conjures up the strategy that each monkey had one defect but the two other senses worked. The deaf monkey used his sight to observe all around him thus judge evil actions and using the medium of his voice report them to the second monkey who was blind. All the second monkey had to do without needing to see was repeat what he heard to the third monkey who was mute and as he couldn't talk the message was lost at the end of the line, all he could do was observe what fate would befall the unfortunate one and sit and watch it happen. What a way of genius the gods had in shutting them up, each one assigned the job of not interrupting the bad dream where everyone lies in tombs. In Japan the monkey has become a negative symbol, if you give someone there a monkey as a gift it means you wish them dead. The proverbial principle of the three monkeys that see, hear and speak no evil seems to point to someone who doesn't want to be involved in a situation. No rest for the life-shy. Turning a blind eye to what 'is' - because it's perceived to be that way, it's 'just the way life is, it's just the way things are' - is to LIVE evil (or rather not live and just be struck out). How bleak. A Fourth WISE monkey should come in here and say Live No Evil. Reverse the word 'evil' and you get 'live'. Live and let live. You are All That Is and Ever Will Be and Everything and Everywhere and then some. Open your eyes and listen and say something, for Heaven's sake. It's not - and damn it never should be - 'just the way life is, just the way things are'. Harsh words. Thinking this is damning yourself off from the Universe.

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Monday, August 13, 2018

It doesn't cost to be kind to an animal

Carnism, another religion
Carnism is a dogma, a religion, an ideology based on violence.  It is a belief system about why it is necessary and justifiable to kill animals and eat their dead flesh. Carnism perpetuates and protects itself through: -
1) Denial:  Denial leads to cognitive dissonance and is expressed through invisibility.  It keeps its victims out of sight and out of public consciousness.  We have never been to a slaughter house. For most people the sights and smells of a slaughter house are so objectionable that the industry takes great pains to hide these from us even going so far as making it a criminal act to expose abusive conditions on factory farms, and silencing opposition to the abuse of farmed animals.  Witnessing is the Achilles’s Heel of carnism, the whole system is organised to block witnessing. The reason why abattoirs are out in the suburbs is to keep the stench away from people so they don’t get wind of what is going on, of the crime that WE are complicit in though our funding of it.  It is violence by proxy. Just because the crime is done out of our sight doesn’t mean there is no fear and abhorrence (  When that invisibility falters, when you see a dead animal, it has a back-up and we have: -
2) Justification:  Starting to believe myths.  Myths that we need meat for health, that it is natural, and necessary.  Carnism is not logical, and creates a culture with an irrational loyalty to eating animals that it wants to defend, even in the face of the facts.  If people have any heart and listen to it, the shift in consciousness happens on a feeling level, and happens only then. There has to be a mass healing of this poisoned world view.

Cognitive Dissonance
Meat cannot be procured without killing.  We have been trained to go against our natural instinct to be kind and compassionate. We have been programmed since birth. Our parents showed us that eating meat was okay.  It is advertised all over the TV as wholesome and nutritious. It just became normal. Why, how, do people justify?  They forget.  They just walk in the supermarket and it’s all there wrapped in the aisle on the “poultry section”.  A nice old couple go in, pick up the meat without giving it on second thought.  It’s second nature to them. It is the norm.   Just pick it up, just buy it and don’t think about it.  You forget where it came from. The industry doesn’t want to show you how it’s made, they just want to show you what it looks like when it’s done. It isn’t bacon, ham, or pork, it’s a murdered pig. We have even changed who we eat into what we eat. We gave the animals new names so that how we refer to them doesn’t reflect the truth. Instead of referring to them as living beings, we started referring to them as dismembered body parts.  After the Norman Conquest and the adoption of French words, many to do with cuisine, we digressed from the Old English that used ONE word to refer to the animals as living and slaughtered. Pig, swine and boar became pork (from French pig flesh).  Ham refers to the flesh from the pig’s hind leg.  Bacon comes from “back meat”, meat cut off the back. Deer, stag, doe and fawn, the living animals, became slaughtered into “venison”.  Cow, steer, bull, and calf that once lived became “beef” (from “boeuf” in French) and “veal” for calf flesh.  The word “cattle” comes from the French “chatel” which comes from the Latin “capitale” meaning property, slave or stock.   We call living beings being reared to be dead meat “livestock”. We give our pets “food”, but we give our livestock “feed”.  Sheep, ewe, lamb and ram, are the living that become dead “mutton” from French “mouton”. Chicken, hen, rooster, cock, died as “poultry”. And called “processed” or “harvested” as opposed to “slaughtered”. We’ve taken the life out of the animal linguistically as well as literally.  It furthers the separation between humans and the living beings and softens the blow of our violence in our own mind. Humans are so distanced from the once living breathing feeling beings from their dinner plate. Do animals want to be eaten?  Was the fatted calf born to be an offering? You would think so with ll the TV ads, billboards, restaurants, butcher’s shop windows, product packaging, all showing you happy smiling cartoon caricatures of animals.  “Oven Ready Chicken”, Hog Pit BBQ. Fatty Patty’s, Made by Cows since 1886. 1919 French ad of ‘good sausage from the prodigal pig’ to Slicey the Pig Dashboard Wiggler.  Their drawings of pink sausages with arms and a face.  In the Colman’s Instant Beef Gravy “I like the way you moo” a dancing cow jumps in the gravy boat. Adverts are crafted portraying animals as all too happy to encourage the consumption of their corpses, serving themselves up with suicidal glee…. programming you not to care. We don’t see the macabre in these images, we are flippant about them. These messages normalise atrocities. They subliminally imprint us with the idea the victims are willing participants in their own demise so that we can eat what we want without guilt, reflecting the desires of society at large. More justifications we use and suspension of belief to normalise the absurdity of our actions. If the caricatures were dogs and cats, people would be outraged, and if they were children, the world would scream Bloody Murder!  The disquiet within us created by taking pleasure in the destruction of living beings we have masked. Cognitive dissonance enables humane people to eat dead animal flesh, and meat eaters, meat packers, butchers, people who raise their own animals for food, to participate in inhumane practices without full awareness of what they are doing. Most people really have to alleviate the internal discomfort they feel when their practices clash with their values, they have the need to think of themselves as living morally. They don’t want to change their core values and say “I’m not a good person and I don’t give a shit”.  It’s more comfortable to use psychological acrobatics to block it out.  If they either can’t change their core values or their behaviour, they are conflicted… so the last option is to change their perception of their behaviour to make their behaviour look like it aligns with their values.  It is around this option that carnism is organised. Carnism uses a fortress of defences to protect itself from its very own proponents – and depends on people not caring and on deception - because people care and don’t want to feel like a bad person, that’s why they turn away from atrocities. Carnism is an invisible and entrenched dominant ideology based on violence that shapes behaviours customs and laws.  Carnism has to use a set of social and psychological defences that distort our perceptions of meat and the animals we eat so we can feel comfortable enough to consume them. A butcher said “I don’t think of farmed animals as individuals, I wouldn’t be able to do my job if I got that personal with them.”  He said he’d rather not know their own little characteristics.  We are taught to categorise animals in our mind so that we harbour different feelings to different species.  Some meat eaters drawn the line at eating veal because “veal comes from a baby” yet a lamb is a baby.  Interview a bunch of people in the street about dogs:  What do you guys think of the dog meat scandal in Bali?  “It’s disgusting.” “Makes me feel sick.”  Why?  “Because I can’t imagine eating a dog.”  Would you be angry if you got meat and it turned out to be a dog? “I’d definitely report them.  I think that’s disgusting.” “I’d feel really sad.” “I’d feel guilty and disappointed that someone would do that.” Do you know why? “Yeah, it’s morals, cos it’s a dog.”  “Cos they’re household pets here, not like in China where you eat dogs.”  “They’re like a part of your family.”  Do think animals should live a life without violence?   “Definitely.  They’re just like humans.”  Do you think there’s a difference between a pig and a dog in the way they feel pain?  “No, probably not.”  Do you think it’s justified to eat pigs?  “Good question.” “You’re quite right, but I do eat pork.”  Do you think there’s a humane way to take their life if they want to live?  “Well you can’t really ask them if they want to live.”  Nobody made excuses for the serial killer that picked up gay guys, brought them to his house, seduced them, drugged them to put them to sleep, chopped them up, put their body parts in his freezer, boiled the skin off their bones, then ate them - like we do with animals that we call ‘chops’.  Ask anybody what part of that scenario isn’t right.  They say it is murder.  His victims had done nothing to him, they had no choice, everyone has a right to life.  But he treated his victims very kindly before they died and they didn’t feel a thing, and they didn’t go to waste, he ate them, and they tasted very nice, why’s it inhumane?  Imagine little polystyrene packs of vacuum packed human meat, labelled 100% Organic, it is Certified Humane, RSPCA Approved Farming.  They didn’t suffer.  “It doesn’t matter, they didn’t wanna die did they!!!”  But they tasted nice.  “Doesn’t matter, you don’t eat people.”  But they were… his food.  “No they weren’t.”  “Ah, that’s… like… no.”  So that would mean you guys don’t eat meat?   “No, I do eat meat.”  How’s that different?  “Yeah, I dunno.”  “It’s a human body basically and eating animals it’s not right an’ all that but we do it”.  On the subject of animals’ right to life:  “They’re all right… everyone has a right no matter what”.  “Um, you know, I can’t answer that… there’s no argument but yeah… no, you’ve stumped me man.”  On killing dogs and cats:  “Nah it’s not right!  It’s animal cruelty!”  Would you say the animals suffer more, say, than that serial killer’s victims?  “Well I’m not sure, I haven’t really seen it first-hand but… they could, yeah.”  You still would eat animals?  “Well… I still do …something to think about.” Even though he treated them nicely was it morally wrong? “Yes it is.  You can’t do that”. Anything you’re gonna do to change that?  “Um, I’m not sure really, maybe, I dunno if I’d stop eating meat, but ….”  Are you going to live inconsistent with your morals?  “I’ll eat less meat”.  You’ll rape and kill less, like that serial killer?  When you buy that product you pay the worker to kill the animal.  “I don’t rape and kill.”  If that serial killer were to kill less, say, just one victim a week, would that make it okay?  “No that wouldn’t make it okay because he’s not… well, I don’t know, it’s a different thing… you’re throwing two different things at me.”  Humans have been eating meat for how many centuries.”  And now, we come to the bit where someone has real existential crisis: “You and I have been brought up to believe we should have animals and you’ve changed that but whether I do or not should stay my business.”  “I’m in the mood for a hamburger right now.” Dead body burger?  “Not a human burger. Hamburger.” So we can all admit that eating meat is wrong? “Yeah, basically.”  “Tastes good.”  “I dunno.” Tastes good?  So did those humans that that psychopath ate, too.  “Oh I dunno about that…”  He then starts to buckle.  “What I eat is my business.” Animals don’t have a choice, do they? “True.”  So your choice takes away theirs? “Yeah, basically.”   Ask anybody if they’d want that done to them:  “No, cos…er… I’d be dead.”  A news story circulated around Britain talking about how some firemen had rescued some piglets from a barn that went up in flames. As a gesture thank you, when the pigs were later slaughtered, the farmer served them up as sausages to the firemen who had rescued them. You have these firemen who feel so compelled to rescue little piglets from fire, and then cook their bodies on a fire and eat them. They would never eat a dog that they rescued from a fire; that would be seen as abhorrent.  No, not dogs.  But pigs, that’s legit, you can eat their flesh and post pictures of the barbecue over social media, of the animals that you save from being burnt alive in a fire and then subject them to being burnt from the inside by carbon dioxide. The post of thanks to the farmer said: “Highly recommended by Pewsey fire station crew and if any one of our followers is having a bank holiday BBQ this weekend then check out these sausages, they are fantastic.”  Another story. A chicken caused a traffic jam in New York by crossing the road. Cars stopped for the sake of the chicken. Someone rang the local authority. When people see a duck or a family of geese trying to cross the road, they stop, wait, watch and admire them:  “Aww, that’s too cute!”  Their cuteness, their spunkiness, the way they walk, their little faces. We desire to see the chickens safely make it to the other side of the road.  And then drive three blocks down the road to McDonalds and order some chicken nuggets... and participate in the confinement and slaughter of chickens every year, in the dismemberment of their bodies fried and put on menus. The chicken you save from being splat on the road, you then subject to a hell in a building you don’t have access to. If you went into the middle of the traffic jam, picked up the chicken by its leg and slit its throat, there would be a lot of traumatised children.  A lot of shocked angry adults would get out of their cars and say “What are you doing?!” And you’d say: “I’m only doing what’s being done every day, it’s what you pay for.”  How very disturbingly deep the cognitive dissonance is that runs in our society

Justification comes from Latin: “jus” meaning right, law; and facere comes from the Latin meaning to make, to create.  It means to make up a right that doesn’t exist, to imagine to oneself that a wrong is a right. It can never be done.  Justifications hold no weight, they are lies we tell ourselves about what we do that causes harm to living beings. All illusions that exist in the diseased psyche, each one of these justifications:

“We have our own problems, more important things to worry about than whether they suffer or not”
By our own ignorance and apathy we are food.  The purpose of the prison planet, the end goal, is you being eaten.  You are being spiritually devoured by the dark forces currently in control of this planet.  You can’t have freedom without care.  You are going to end up enslaved.  That’s how the laws of nature actually do work

“Morals are subjective”
Comes from the satanic belief system of moral relativity. This is service to self, and Might is Right based in dominance, I can do whatever I want and it doesn’t matter if it means stepping on someone else as long as I get what I want, there is no truth, everything is relative, we get to make our own rules… you could use moral relativism to commit any abhorrent act to suit your own selfish desires

“But you’re killing plants’
“You eat plants and plants are a form of life”.  Yes plants have life, they’re a form of consciousness that are part of a group soul. The Shamans of South America that do Ayahuasca ceremonies communicate with plants to get knowledge of which plants to use to get their remedies and medicines, because there are so many plant species in the Amazon.  Plants literally offer their fruit to us.  It's there being exposed for us to pick.  If we do not pick that apple, it will fall from the tree, be left to rot, and go to waste.  At this point in our evolutionary development we need to take in some form of biological matter for sustenance and plants are the best choice.  Plant life is a much more undifferentiated life form than animal life and is easier to break down.  Animal life is individuated and much harder to break down.  This is explained by the laws of assimilation which are part of the true natural law that does exist here, and are crucial to understand.    An understanding of these laws can be gained from the original occult and esoteric traditions (not the ones that have been degraded through the centuries that come to us in the modern form) from the Masonic and Rosicrucian perspectives, the teachings that come out of the ancient world right back into ancient Greece and Egypt and far older than that right into the dawn of human antiquity. These are some excerpts that deal with nutrition, assimilation, and natural law, and come from a phenomenal Rosicrucian, Max Heindel, from his great work known as “The Rosicrucian Cosmo Conception” on the Science of Nutrition.  It explains the process of the Law of Assimilation:  “The law of assimilation allows no particle to be built into our bodies that we as spirits have not overcome and made subject to ourselves. There is life in every particle that we take into our bodies, and before we can build that life by the process of assimilation, we must overcome and make it subject to ourselves.  The more individualised is the particle to be assimilated, the more energy will it require to digest it, and therefore the shorter time it will remain before seeking to re-assert itself .”  He meant that animal protein is hard for humans to break down and creates wear and tear on the body by taking that individuated expression into your body. Animals are an individuated form of consciousness, not part of the group mind of the plant kingdom.  It’s a higher expression of consciousness than is the plant kingdom which is here to nourish us at the state of evolutionary development that we are at (mentally physically and spiritually).  He said:  “If it were possible for man to use just minerals as food, they would be ideal for that purpose because of their stability, and the little energy required to overcome and subject them to the life of the body.  We should be compelled to eat much less in quantity.  The plant kingdom is the next one above the mineral. It has an organisation capable of assimilating the mineral compounds of the earth.  The plants take in the minerals.  The plants assimilate it because of their capabilities.  We don’t assimilate those minerals directly from the earth.  We do that through the plants.  Animals do that through the plants.  Man and animal can assimilate the plants and obtain the compounds necessary to sustain their bodies and as the consciousness of the plant kingdom is that of a dreamless sleep it offers no resistance. It requires little energy to assimilate the particles thus derived. And having small individuality of their own the life in the particle does not seek to escape from our body as soon as the food derived from more highly developed forms.  Therefore the strength derived from a diet of fruits and vegetables is more enduring than that derived from a meat diet and the food supply does not require as frequent replenishing besides giving more strength in proportion because less energy is required for assimilation.  Food composed of the bodies of animals consists of particles which have been worked upon and interpenetrated by an individual desire body and thus having been individualised to a much greater extent that the plant particles.  There is an individual cell soul which is permeated by the passions and desires of the animal.  It requires considerable energy to overcome it in the first place so that it may be assimilated yet it never becomes so fully incorporated into the body as do the plant constituents which HAVE no such strong individual tendencies.  The result is that it is necessary for flesh eaters to consume a greater weight of food than is required by the fruitarian.  Also he must eat oftener, moreover this inward strife of the particles of flesh cause greater wear and tear on the body in general.  (Science is finally starting to show this and admit this, and communicate it to people!)  Therefore, when flesh food derived from the herbivore is such an unstable diet, it is evident that if we should try to use the flesh of carnivorous animals in which the cells are still further individuated from taking in individuated forms, we would be forced to consume enormous quantities of food.  Eating would occupy the greater part of our time but notwithstanding that, we would always be lean and hungry.  As such its effect can be seen in the wolf and vulture, their leanness and hunger are proverbial,  Cannibals eat human flesh but only at long intervals and as a luxury, as man does not assign himself exclusively to a meat diet, his flesh is not entirely that of a carnivorous beast.  Nevertheless the hunger of the cannibal has also become the burden of a proverb.  If the flesh of the herbivore were the essence of what is good in plants then logically the flesh of the carnivore should be the quintessence.  The meat of wolves and vultures would thus be the crème de la crème and much to be desired.  This we know is NOT the case but quite the reverse.  The nearer we get to the plant kingdom the more strength we derive from our food.  If the reverse were the case the flesh of carnivorous animals would be sought by other beasts of prey.  But examples of ‘dog eat dog’ are very few throughout nature.”  The next excerpt addresses the principle of live and let live: “The first law of occult science is Thou shalt not kill. And THAT should have the greatest weight with the aspirant to the higher life.”  The argument ‘you’re killing plants’, well, they are a group consciousness, when you pick fruit from a tree, the tree continues to live. More fruit grows alongside it. Plants regenerate. You cannot go to a pig and take a slice of its ass and ingest that and allow at the same time the pig to continue living. Its life must be terminated for the sake of three or four bites of flesh. Pruning or cutting off parts of plants and trees helps them to thrive.  But would you start cutting off the appendages of your child or your pet?  We don’t need to cut whole trees down to eat the food off of them.  Carrots and broccoli and grains and wheat are a lot different to the oxygen giving trees that are being cut down in order to graze cattle for the meat industry. If you care about plants being destroyed, you are cutting down trees of the Amazon to grow soybeans to feed to animals that you can eat.  Practising carnism kills mass numbers of whole plants.  Continuing: “We cannot create one particle of dust, therefore what right have we to destroy the very least form? All form is an expression of the one life we have no right to destroy the form through which the life is seeking experience and force it to rebuild a new vehicle. Sometimes the objection is made that life is also taken when fruits and vegetables are eaten. But that statement is based upon the complete misunderstanding of the facts.  When the fruit is ripe it has accomplished its purpose, which is to act as a womb for the ripening of the seed.  If not eaten, it decays and goes to waste.  Moreover, it is designed to serve as food for the animal and human kingdoms thus affording the seed opportunities for growth by scattering it in fertile soil.  Besides, just as the ovum and semen in human beings are ineffectual without the seed atom of the reincarnating ego and the matrix of its vital body so any egg or seed of itself is devoid of life.  If it is given the proper conditions of incubator or soil the life of the group spirit then poured into it thus grasping the opportunity so afforded are producing a dense body.  If the egg or seed is cooked crushed or not given the conditions necessary for the life, the opportunity is lost but that is all.”  This is ancient esoteric Rosicrucian knowledge not born in any modern lodge.  There is greater nutriment value in the plant (protein, fat, carbs, salts) than in dead flesh. Nuts, peas and beans and lentils contain a large percentage of proteins (nitrogenous matter).  Grains vegetables and fruits consist mainly of carbs.  The fats are found in nearly all of the protein rich foods and salts in all of them to greater or lesser extent.  People have claimed that flesh contains some things to a larger degree than vegetables and some tables are drawn up in such a way as to suggest this, but the only sources of energy in flesh are the protein matter contained in it.  And the fat.  Protein has only one origin:  they are organised in plants and nowhere else.  Nuts, peas, beans and lentils are far richer than flesh in these elements - and the proteins are pure. And contain all the energy originally stored up in their original organisation.  In the animal body these proteins, which the animal has absorbed from plants during its life, are constantly passing down to disorganisation during which descent the energy stored in them is released. Consequently, what has been used already by one animal cannot be utilised by another.  The protein content figures that are presented to you in these tables, are estimated by the amount of nitrogen contained.  But in flesh, there are many products of tissue change such as urea, uric acid, and creatine – all of which contain nitrogen – these are estimated as proteins but have no food value whatsoever.  Nor is this all the evil, for this tissue change is necessarily accompanied by the formation of various poisons which are always to be found in flesh of any kind and in many cases the virulence of these poisons is very great. If you gain any nourishment from the eating of dead flesh you obtain it because during its life the animal consumed vegetable matter.  You get less of this nourishment than you ought to have because the animal has already used half of it and you have along with it various undesirable substances and even some active poisons.  The vegetable stores up energy.  All animals derive their energy from the vegetable world the veg stores up, the animal expends energy.  Various waste and poisonous products result from the manifestation of energy by the animal.  The working tissues of the animal are able to continue their activity only by the fact that they are continually washed clean by the blood, a never creasing stream flowing through and about them carrying away the poisonous products resulting from their work as rapidly as they are formed.  The venous blood owes its character to these poisons which are removed by the kidneys lungs skin and bowels.  The flesh of a dead animal contains a great quantity of these poisons the elimination of which ceases at the instance of death.  Although their formation continues some time after death .  An eminent French surgeon recently remarked that beef tea is a veritable source of (was a 19th century recipe for invalids) poisons.  Intelligent surgeons everywhere are coming to recognise these facts. Dead flesh can never be in a condition of perfect health.  Decay commences the moment when the creature is killed.  All sorts of products are being formed in this process of retrograde change all of which are useless.  Many of them are dangerous and poisonous.  Dr J H Kellog remarked: “Scientific men all over the world are awakening to the fact that the flesh of animals as food is not pure nutriment but is mixed with poisonous substances, excrementous in character, which are the natural results of animal life.”  In other words animals do shit. They poo out what’s not needed which means they are managing toxins and you are ingesting these when you eat their corpse but not when you eat plants. Plants are able to be assimilated in the human body much more easily, they are much more undifferentiated life form

‘Plants feel pain too’
Plants communicate intelligently and respond to stimuli, and they respond to music. An experiment was done where they damaged the bark of some trees on the perimeter of a forest, and the trees started to grow thicker bark deeper into the forest. But there is not a reputable scientist who believes that plants are sentient. According to researchers at the University of Missouri the sound of a caterpillar chewing can trigger an increase in toxins (mustard oils) in plant leafs as a response. Just because there is a chemical release of ethylene (‘the scream’) when a leaf or stem is cut off doesn’t mean there is suffering.  In UV sunlight exposure our skin ‘screams out’ in the same way when it creates the melanin which results in a tan - and we are not in pain. Plants don’t have receptors, plants do not have a brain to anticipate fear or death, or a central nervous to feel pain.  It would be evolutionary pointless for plants to feel pain, unlike animals who are mobile and need pain to react immediately to survive. If I walk up and kick a tree does it feel pain and run away?  Have you ever seen a carrot have a startle response?  Have you seen tomatoes flee from their captors?  Or a banana trying to bite the hand that plucked it? Can you imagine grass screaming in agony under a grazing cow dismembering it all day? Why are people not up in arms when the neighbours mow the lawn or trim their bushes?  Wouldn’t the firefighter run back into the house a third time to rescue the plants?  Somebody get my chrysanthemums, the rhododendrons, the tomato plant, and the basil plants! Quick! Quick!  When your succulents and cacti die, now that your dog and your father have passed away, do you think about your old succulents, and the cactus you once had?  What if a man who was convicted in court for burning his dog alive, pointed to the Judge and said: “Since you cooked plants for dinner, you are as guilty as I am.”  That wouldn’t hold up as it’s completely insane. 

Bacteria are life forms too
Not sentient.  Some are pathogens. When you have to kill bacteria to prevent illness and death that is self-defence, which is your right, the same has having to shoot a crocodile that had his jaws into your leg to save your life, or your child’s.  It’s one thing to defend oneself against attack, it’s quite another thing to attack unnecessarily

The ‘natural order’
“Life eats life”
“It’s just the natural order, life eats life” – no that’s NOT the natural order.  This appeal to nature fallacy is just the Darwinian notion of the natural order that is a religion based on dogmatic belief systems. This is not what nature does, this is not the real order of the cosmos; this is the state of CHAOS!

“It’s the Circle of Life”
“Life consumes life to further life”. The real circle of life is a productive cycle, a feedback. But the one carnists call the ‘circle of life’ is a bastardised version of the symbiotic workings of the ecosystem and how it provides fruit and has been made into the circle of torture and death, cutting off a life before their time in a tragedy celebration.  How would you feel if a bear or python killed your child or wife, or husband?  Funny how the circle of life never comes into play then. The idea that one day all life must die to justify ending the life of a pig or cow ought to justify us to take the life of anything, just because we will one day die. If we saw the tragedy of a human being killed by a shark lion or crocodile we don’t excuse those creatures by dismissing it is the ‘circle of life’. We’d be traumatised, perhaps want to kill them to avenge the life that they took.  It’s the circle of life, all living beings must one day die”.  No. The system of animal agriculture is as far removed from nature as possible.   When tiny day old baby chicks are murdered and eggs are stolen before an embryo forms it’s a circle of death

Death is part of life
Death can be a beautiful thing, it is a transition to the afterlife. Death is part of life, murder is not. Organised death has a smell, bloodshed, struggle, terror, loss, sadness. Partaking of death through eating isn’t sacred. We are not fulfilling any role in any jurisdiction of life by murder.

“It’s the food chain”
In that case there should be no problem with someone killing and eating you.  In the food chain other species regularly cannibalise each other – black widows. If every sentient creature were eaten by another one there would be no life left in any food chain.  75% of the animals on the planet are herbivores.  And those remaining predators such as lions would eat YOU before you could eat them

“Animals eat other animals”
“Animals eat other animals, maybe we should do the same, it seems like that’s the natural order, right? After all, we’re animals just like them.  Well no we’re not.  That “man is no better than any animal that walks in the field and we should stop denying our carnal nature and just give ourselves over to it”, this is a tenet out of the Satanic Bible… that old religion of which carnism is a part.  Its adherents call it “the old religion”.  Kill or be killed, slaughter who you have to slaughter, ensure your way of life. The concept of survival of the most ruthless is a poisonous world view that people believe in - religiously.  It’s an undermined view of what they are and are capable of doing and an erroneous view of nature’s laws, this idea we are part of this ‘natural pecking order’, based on Darwinian macro biology evolutionary theory for which there is no scientific evidence to support.  Go look in the fossil record, and then look at all the mental gymnastics that are done to prop up this theory. Darwin himself didn’t believe in this theory with the religious fervour that people of the modern world do.  He said there would have to be ample scientific evidence within the fossil record over many species of transition, and how many of these were found in the fossil records?  Zero.  These flawed views of the real order of nature hold no water. A lion does not have the capacity to know right behaviour from wrong behaviour. It is an instinctual creature. Natural law, the law of morality, does not apply to the animal kingdom but applies to those who understand who have the capacity for holistic intelligence - the human is held to a higher standard by creation's laws for having the most highly developed telencephalon in the neo cortex that holds him separate from the animal kingdom.   Neo Platonists defended that the mind should govern men’s principles as the intellect is one of the things that differentiates humans from animals. Seneca said:  “We shall recover our sound reason only if we shall separate ourselves from the herd”, and said “None is so near the gods as he who shows kindness.”  Human beings, because of the higher nature of their consciousness and their ability to reason and delve into the laws of nature, are held to a higher standard when it comes to moral law than animals are.  Therefore the real natural order, natural law, is going to have an effect upon US. 

We’ve been doing this for thousands of years

This is appeal to tradition fallacy is based on the Darwinian theory of linear progression.  Just because something’s been going on a long time it somehow lends legitimacy to it. Wrongs can be going on for millennia, even millions of years, and still be wrong. Murder, rape, female genital mutilation, infanticide, have also been going on a long time. This reference to history is just part of carnistic history, it doesn’t refer to our fruit eating ancestors, only to flesh-eating descendants, just this ‘we are/we were hunter-gatherers for our entire evolutionary progress’… we can consciously direct our evolution. We ‘are’ what we choose to be.  We can consciously move past where we ‘are’ by an act of our Will. We can even change our form, right down to our DNA.  The only thing we can’t change that is set and immutable, is what the law of morality is; what right and wrong is. And furthermore, it has been hinted at in ancient writings that it is perhaps even very possible that in the ‘ancient’ past this wasn’t always the case for animals; that they were at a higher level of consciousness and didn’t do this to each other.  People believe in this linear progression that species cannot fall from a higher place where they once were.  We have this erroneous notion through archaeology anthropology and other sciences who haven’t seen the whole picture about how the cycles of time move in cyclical processions that we are not bound to, but which are tendencies, and our choices ultimately determine our evolution. These flawed views of history are based on very thin slices of instances of time.  There is a high degree of probability and evidence in ancient records that animals were not always at the base level of consciousness that they are at now, and perhaps did not engage in the practices we call ‘the natural kingdom’ that we believe has always been and always should be. This is the world view. What we believe we ARE. The hunter-gatherer mentality is a condition, and nobody is experiencing that in practice except in isolated pockets of the world today. We are not bound to practices that environmental conditions may have temporarily bound us to. We are not ANYTHING.  We can BE what we want to create ourselves into.   Man can evolve.  

Playing God
“God gave us dominion over the animals”
Yeah, that’s God’s commandment.  You can murder as many animals as viciously as you like as long as you’re doing it to animals, not other human beings. You’re my favourite ones, but them, I don’t really care about what you do to them, so just go right ahead. Christians actually believe this bunk.  They interpret the Bible in a way that allows for their diseased psyches by claiming God claimed this was okay because animals were put here to serve us. And they’re not even understanding their own book.  No idea of what the Christ consciousness is all about.   Just ascribed things to it that have nothing to do with it.  Men wrote it in a book and then claimed it was the divine inspired word of God and followed it blindly and backed it up with words written by flawed men for the reasons of their own agenda. Some truths were put in there, yes, you cannot have a poison pill be taken by anyone without wrapping it in a whole load of good stuff otherwise you will taste the poison and won’t swallow it.  It’s a technique of obfuscation.  It sells a poisoned world view.  The books in the Canon of the Bible were selected during Constantine’s reign at the Council of Nicaea when they left out a host of other books that contradict the Bible.  The Bible didn’t say we could just use the animals as we see fit and abuse them and eat them the way we do.  We have not the jurisdiction over murdering them, we are supposed to look after and care for them. He said replenish the earth and subdue it

‘God says we’re allowed to eat animals’
Just read Genesis Chapter One, verse 29: “Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed.  To you it shall be for meat”.  MEAT.  No mention of animals being to people for food.  “And in Verse 30: “And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so.” No mention of other animals!  Even to the other animals!  No mention of humans eating animals or even animals eating other animals!  Zero mention of any of those practices.   The ‘religious’ people don’t consider suffering as the guiding point to bring you to the truth of what actions you should take or not take.  If it’s generating suffering, you shouldn’t be doing it.  And that goes for the New Age movement and false spiritual teachers with their bunk agenda too.  You’re also going to find contradiction in the Bible.  It’s a man-written book with a lot of spiritual truths thrown in the mix to justify human agendas to people who are trapped in that modality of mind control called religion who don’t even understand the astro-theological underpinnings of world religions (the origin of ritual animal sacrifice slaughter). The above verse is before the fall in consciousness, before this horrific event took place that plunged man into the mind-set of the animal kingdom and led to a diminution in his consciousness.  Genesis 3:18:   “”Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee: and shou shalt eat the herb of the field”.  Yet most religious leaders continue to misguide people with cruel interpretations of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. Clergy who fail to condemn the mass murder of animals in slaughterhouses, the most evil places on earth, promote degradation and lying. Quote from the Gospel of the Nazarenes, Jesus: "Verily I say unto you, for this end I have come into the world; that I may put away all blood offerings and the eating of the flesh of the beasts and the birds that are slain by men. In the beginning the Creator gave to all the fruits of the trees and the seeds of the earth and the herbs for food. But those who loved themselves more than the Lord or their fellows, corrupted their ways and brought diseases into their bodies and filled the earth with lust and violence (75:6-14).”  If God is all-compassionate and all-merciful, and people believe slicing animals into pieces is permissible by God, then the God they glorify is no better than the Devil they condemn.  This is the passage that many cite as divine permission for eating flesh: "Every creature that lives and moves shall be food for you; I give you them all, as once I gave you all green plants. But now you must not eat the flesh with the life, which is the blood, still in it. For the blood is the life." Genesis 9:3-4.   It is said that Noah had taken every land animal aboard an ark after the deluge, and Noah could now kill and eat those that God had just told him to save.  Are we to believe that it was important to save these animals from the flood, and then God suddenly gave his approval for Noah to eat the animals he just saved? If one of these animals were killed, it wouldn’t have been possible to be fruitful and multiply, because there were only two of each. In the original unaltered Aramaic Gospel (Al-Injil) we are told that Isa (Jesus) absolutely opposed flesh consumption when it was not necessary for survival. He went so far as to physically restrain those who abused and killed animals needlessly. There is prophecy after prophecy in the Nevi'im (the writings of the prophets) of the Old Testament that speak of the Messiah being vegan and ancient portions of the Book of the Dead allude to that too.  The Mormon doctrine: “All grain is ordained for the use of man and of beasts…”  “And these (meats) hath God made for the use of man only in times of famine and excess hunger.” Buddha: “The step to become vegetarian is to step into the stream which leads to Nirvana.”  This one from the Hindus: “By involving oneself in the cycle of inflicting injury, pain and death, even indirectly by eating other creatures, one must in the future experience in equal measure the suffering caused” – if that’s not a threat to you, I don’t know what is

“They are answering their calling”
“Sheep succumb at hearing God’s name”. “They are fulfilling their mission”. “Be grateful for the sacrifice it gave you“.  Some religious people tell you there is such a thing as righteous slaughter or graceful slaughter of animals, and they are being slaughtered in the way the Most High intended, as long you calm them down, recite God’s name over them, and slice their throats properly. We are told that if animals are slaughtered spiritually , this justifies their murder.  Again this is obviously false because nothing about the spiritual significance of the murder to the killer makes any difference to an animal that doesn't want to die. Schizophrenics have committed murders over delusional ideas of spirituality.  It did not justify their murder. Where they lure the animal in to the slaughtering pen and none of his friends see what happens to him,  give them water, talking to them affectionately, they don’t see the knife; he lays down and trusts you (when you have a technique for holding him down), and it’s taken as a sign of his submission to God, before his life is taken necessarily and respectfully God’s name for this meal to reach your table… that’s a crock.  100% murder.  Even in this idyllic scenario the sheep is NOT a willing participant. Ending their life prematurely against their will is not humane or merciful.  Just like children, these beings cannot GIVE us their consent.  The sheep’s cessation after much manipulation and assurance is more of a sad statement of his innocent yet misplaced trust in his caretaker turned slayer, than any form of submission through a comprehension of its destiny. It is the deceit that is working.   All die on their own terms, it is not up to us to kill their life when they do not want to die. Why would the Almighty not create food and clothing for us from that which doesn't feel pain and doesn't have to have its life ended early like this?   When they are overpowered like this, they know they know they are at your mercy. Being put in a vulnerable position, as you put them on their side, they do not want to resist further as this incurs risk of a backlash, so when they see that no harm is coming to them after the overpowering, they start to think, better stay still. You are then able to cruelly slaughter them with a knife - that is when they realise they are in deep trouble and great fear returns, but it is too late, you then have slit their throat. Sheep are prey animals and so they are terrified of being pinned down.  Blocking an animal's movements like this in a way the animal is unable to defend himself, he is experiencing a great amount of stress. The adrenals are no longer able to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for Cortisol production needed to overcome the stress and they become exhausted. The body enters into the stage where the primary goal is conservation of energy to ensure survival. And when in danger, animals will often fall into a trance-like state to avoid capture. This strange state probably originated as a defence. Goats, sheep, gazelles, are fearful species and like to maintain a safe distance between themselves and others. You feed a sheep for two years, take care of it...then one day without showing your true intention cut its neck....not showing the knife till it is too late, the power is not in the prayer but the trust that the murderer has developed with the animal. These domestic flock herd are handled regularly. Because of this they will be less inclined to see you as a threat or that they are in danger and come to perceive you as a friend. For animals to become so trusting and relaxed around you, you’d have to spend a lot of time in close proximity to them. That you can do that with little remorse is upsetting.  Some Buddhists of the Middle Ages knew something about animals’ trust. Mahaparinirvana Sutra was the final teaching of the Buddha on the eve of his death: “All creatures can recognise a person who eats meat, and when they catch the odour they are frightened by the terror of death.  Where ever that person roams, the beings in the waters, on dry land or in the sky are frightened. Thinking that they will be killed by that person, they even swoon or die.  For these reasons Bohdisattva-Mahasattvas do not eat meat.”  The Lank Avatara Sutra:  “When I teach to regard animal flesh eating as if it were the eating of an only child or as an intoxicant, how can I allow my disciples to eat food consisting of flesh and blood, which is gratifying to the unwise and which is shunned by the wise, which brings about much harm and keeps away many benefits.  Animal flesh eating was not part of the wisdom of the ancient Rishis and was not meant to be appropriate food for any human being.”  And also from the Lank Avatara Sutra:  “Let the Bodhisattva, whose nature is compassion, totally refrain from animal flesh eating.  Those who eat animal flesh sleep uneasily and when they awaken in the morning are distressed. They are never satisfied.  Their diet is not attuned to what is appropriate in taste, digestion and nourishment.  They cease to believe that they can become free from all diseases and do not have a clear aversion towards all the causes of diseases.” A poet from the Islamic Golden Age, Kabir Sahib, 1440-1518, revered by Sufis, Yogis, Hindus, and Sikhs, wrote of his ethical objection: “O Muslims I see you fasting during the day. But then to break your fast you slaughter cows at night. At one end is devotion, the other murder. How can the Lord be pleased? My friend, pray cut the throat of anger and slaughter the ravages of blind fury, for he who slaughters the five passions – lust, anger, greed, attachment and pride – will surely see the Supreme Lord face to face.” Another poet of medieval times who described himself as a pessimistic free thinker, Abul Ala Al-Ma’Arri, fiercely decried the teachings of any religion as a fable invented by the ancients.  He wrote scathingly:  “Thou art diseased in understanding and religion.  Come to me that thou mayst hear the tidings of sound truth.  Do not unjustly eat what the water has given up and do not desire as food the flesh of slaughtered animals or the white milk of mothers who intended its pure draught for their young, not noble ladies, and do not grieve the unsuspecting birds by taking their eggs for injustice is the worst of crimes.  And spare the honey which the bees get betimes by their industry from the flowers of fragrant plants, for they did not store it that it might belong to others nor did they gather it for bounty and gifts.”  And he wrote: “Hunt not the beast; O, be thou more humane; Since hunter here nor hunted long remain; The smallest grub a life has in it which Thou canst not take without inflicting pain; The wooden shoes I do like Because that skin did once live, aye, and even think.”  He had more light in him in the dark ages than most people carry now.  All those religious people who think God put animals here for us to eat and wants this, why do animals try to run from it, if they don’t value their lives, value their offspring, avoid pain and are sentient? Why didn’t God make food that doesn’t feel pain?  Aren’t humans playing God by breeding animals into existence?  Genetically modifying them?  Confining them against their will? Shackling and tethering them? Corralling them into slaughter chambers, for food that will eventually kill us and our earth?  Is a slaughter house a place of a loving God?  Sounds like the work of the devil. No religion mandates the consumption of animals.  And the assertion that this is a necessary act, and that you should appreciate the “sacrifice these animals had to endure for us to have a meal and be thankful to God”… this is one of the main rationalisations offered by meat eaters religious and secular alike.  

“That’s why we say ‘Grace’ for our meal”
Many people today still believe that the animals agreed to be sacrificed and eaten in a ‘silent contract’. Traditions and cultures see a relationship of gratitude to be owed the animal for ‘sustenance’.  A Native American prayer says: “Our animal brothers, who gave themselves that we should live”.  Animals are afraid of death and don’t want to die. All beings that are sentient want to live just as much as the other.  They can’t tell you ‘I don’t want you to do that to me’.  They speak with their eyes and their heart. They have a purpose – to be born, live their life, die of old age, and experience all that was supposed to be experienced.  Its life was not intended to be snapped short by human intervention just to gratify the palate. A dog will yelp for its life.  It’s unlikely it willingly offered its life for our benefit, and more likely it was stolen.  Is it appropriate, then, to acknowledge them prior to meals? Praying over a murdered animal does not exonerate the killer from murder. Many Natives (and others) refuse to accept this fact because they eat animals. Many people think that it is okay to kill animals as long as you thank God and you ask the animal to give its life for this sacrifice.  We are familiar with the grace ritual, saying thank you before eating animals, a process all religions have”.  They like to quote the Bible and pretend it is sanctioning the murder of sentient beings. It does not. Their scriptures say: “Thou shalt not kill” and “Be forewarned, for gluttons will not inherit God’s kingdom.”   Seneca said: “For the sake of some little mouthful of meat, we deprive a soul of the sun and light.  And of that proportion of life and time, it had been born into the world to enjoy.  Let us ask what is best, not what is customary.”  And from this unjustified suffering caused to animals, no benefit is brought to humans. Don’t you understand that you cannot assimilate that animal into your body anyway?  Porphyry knew this 2000 years ago.  That animal died for nothing.  A string of philosophers backed this up, and Leo Tolstoy, and Voltaire, Nichola Tessla, Isaac Newton, Epicurus, Gandhi, Ralph Waldo Emerson, the list goes on.  

“Those animals are bred for that purpose”
Kind of contradicts the above argument.  Shouldn’t breed them into existence then.  Some animals are also bred for fighting too. Once that animal has been bred into existence, you’ve bred him, he wants to live, just as anyone, and isn’t going to realise and think: “Well I’ve been bred for this”. The answer is to just stop breeding them into existence for the sole purpose of harming them. You are using moral subjectivity again to justify saying it is not murder because you have bred it – for slaughter. You think you are entitled to something because you bred it, you fed it.  “The farmer bred and raised this cow and he decides the day she will die.  Now why is this cow alive? Because she owes her life to the farmer who “went through all the work and money” to breed her for a promise of her meat.  So if the needless killing didn’t happen the animal wouldn’t exist, you justify.  So if you had a child would his suffering and murder be justified because you created that child? So you think you deserve something, because if you didn’t breed and create that cow in the first place, it wouldn’t have existed? This is how billions of animals wouldn’t have existed. So needless suffering and death is the thanks the cows pays because without us causing it, they wouldn’t exist in the first place?  It’s like saying existence with suffering and death is better than non-existence.  It’s like saying it is fine to kill them because you made them. Because without you they wouldn’t have existed in the first place. You have created a ‘need’ for killing, you have mandated this animal has a ‘purpose’.  That is playing God.

“Instead of buying the meat we buy the goats, we are to then take care of them…then when the time is right we are to feel the pinch of having to sacrifice what we took care of - to value what the universe sacrifices to keep us sustained... we are supposed to take their lives respectfully, reciting God’s name over the animals that give us sustenance… we give more respect and meaning to their lives being taken away.”
These sacrifices were not literal sacrifices. Sacrifices that did literally happen arose with the aberration of the Fall of Man and the loss of consciousness. Pythagoras, Mahavira and Buddha were among the 124,000 prophets of Islam, and they condemned not just the eating of animals but sacrifice as well.  In the Qur'an it states we make no difference between any of them.  The Torah alludes to the advent of ritualistic slaughter itself being descended from the days of more primitive spiritual misunderstanding. And there are numerous passages in the Bible, Injil and Qur'an which downgrade in importance, or completely reject, animal sacrifice altogether, such as these:
"You believe that Moshe (Teacher of the Torah and Master of the Prophets) indeed commanded such creatures to be slain and offered in sacrifice and eaten, and so you do in the Temple, but behold one greater than Moshe is herein and he comes to put away the bloody sacrifices performed in the name of the Law, and the feasts on them, and to restore to you the pure oblation and un-bloody sacrifice of grains and fruits as in the beginning. For the hour is coming when your sacrifices and feasts of blood shall cease, and you shall worship a holy worship and pure oblation. Let these creatures therefore go free, that they may rejoice and bring no guilt to man." Al-Injil 28:3-5.  "God was displeased with the slaughtering of animals, not wishing them to be slain. He did not ordain sacrifices or desire them, nor from the beginning did He require them."  (The Apostle Peter in the Clementine Homilies.)   "Isa (Jesus) said, 'I came to destroy the sacrifices, and if ye cease not from sacrificing, the Wrath of YHVH (God) will not cease from you.' "Al-Injil (Aramaic Matthew).
And this one is not open to interpretation:  "I hate, I spurn your pilgrim feasts. I will not delight in your sacred ceremonies. When you present your sacrifices and offerings, I will not accept them." Amos 5:21-23.  This one is pretty clear: "For I desire mercy not sacrifices, and acknowledgment of YHVH rather than burnt offerings."  Hosea 6:6-7.   The prophets of the Tanukh, an ancient group of southern Arabian tribes that first moved into central Arabia, spoke of sacrifices as being an abomination to Yahweh, not an honour, and after the destruction of the Temple, rabbis stated that sacrifices should be replaced by prayer and good deeds.  Isaiah 1:11-16 and verses such as Hosea 6:6Isaiah 66:3 and Micah 6:6-8 state that sacrifices are unnecessary.  It’s the first programmed, knee-jerk reaction of any devout carnist to argue that these verses are subject to interpretation.  He always insists on exploiting religion to condone cruel desires. This statement of Isaiah’s rage at such practice can’t be interpreted any other way:  "The reek of sacrifice is abhorrent to me" (Isaiah 1:13) and "There is blood on your hands; wash yourselves and be clean." Isaiah 1:15-16.  Take note that these Islamic Hadith record the dietary habits of Isa (Jesus):  Abdullah ibn al-Mubarak (d. 181/797), al-Zuhd, p. 198 (no. 563). Cf. Ibn Abd Rabbihi, al-`Iqd, 3:143; Ibn Asakir, Sirat, p. 138, no. 128 (Asin, p. 541, no. 111; Mansur, no 9; Robson, p. 73):  "Isa was a constant traveller in the land, never abiding in a house or a village. Whenever night fell, his lamp was the moonlight, his shade the blackness of night, his bed the earth, his pillow a stone, his food the plants of the fields. At times, he spent whole days and nights without food."  Notes: Abu Rifa'a al-Fasawi (d. 289/902), Kitab Bad' al-Khalq, p. 333. Cf. Ibn `Asakir, Sirat, p. 133, no. 120, and that he told his followers, "Eat from the plants of the wilderness and escape from this world in Peace."   "Masih said, 'Flesh eating flesh? How offensive an act!'" Notes: Al-Raghib al-Isfahani (early fifth/early eleventh century), Mahadarat al-Udaba', 1:610.  "Isa Ibn Maryam used to say: The produce of the earth is my food and fruit. I retire for the night with nothing to my name and awake in the morning with nothing to my name. And there is no one on earth richer than me." Notes: Abu Nu`aym al-Isbahani (d. 430/1038), Hilyat al-Awliya', 6:314 (Asin, pp. 374-375, no. 44; Mansur, no. 80; Robson, pp. 67-68.
What kind of a god wants his own creation tortured and sacrificed in his own name?  That doesn’t feel right.  It is like saying this is God’s creation so we’re giving it back to him. God gave us a heart.  When you watch an animal get killed your heart feels it’s wrong and should be stopped. Matthew 18:3: “Unless you change and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.”  All people (except the tiny percentage of psychopaths) are born with compassion for all living beings, until we are taught by our surroundings to become the hardened adults that we are. The real test is seen with a small child.  A little girl with a small puppy showed distress when he was having an injection. No one taught her to love her pet, she just loves him. God would rather you behave like a little child. If a heart bleeds for an animal killed for religious sacrifice or to provide pleasure to the taste buds, it has childlike love and an open road to God.  Innocent, trusting, and believing without complication, that poor goat was as a child. It just tries to save itself and not even attack its killer. If you don't feel for that animal, then I wonder whether you are human at all. Betrayal is exactly what it must have felt (apart from agony and helplessness) when it was clasped by the man who reared it and had its throat slit and let it lie in its own pool of blood to die slowly. The animal who you kept with yourself, who you nurtured, and it, in return loved you back, thinking you are his caretaker, oblivious to the fact that you were taking care of him just to kill him one day to please a God, you think, will be delighted by the silent cries of a hapless animal! It’s disturbing that someone can do that to one they rear and exhibit love and that that fulfils a belief system. Bloodshed doesn't seem to matter to you.  The life of that goat is not yours to take.  Is this not the worst kind of superstition, killing an innocent speechless animal to please God!  These religions were created by the dark occultists and infiltrated by the Club of Rome, all invented to give people a rigid belief system, where at the core there is the seat of truth - spiritual law is do unto others as you would have done unto you, without all the rituals and trappings that are keeping its adherents in a box. Taking the life of another being in the name of God IS NOT SACRIFICE.  Do you really have to hurt another being?  GOD is in all is creation.  Religious people refuse to honour anything that God actually made by killing it in his name.  Just as hell is, heaven is a condition on earth, and we can find it by not destroying anything. It was said to enter the kingdom of heaven is to be as child. Take away the “s” from “slaughter” and you get “laughter”.

Spiritual Meat Eater
"Soul Contract"
Spirit mediums and New Age gurus some of them have claimed that it is part of the animals' soul contract that they agree before they incarnate to be consumed. Why do the animals run away in fear? You can see the terror in their eyes. And these people say that the angelic realm or their spirit guides tell them they/you need to eat them certain nutrients you can't get from vegetarianism.  And they say "evil is necessary", New Age bullshit again. Sylvia Browne was one such medium who according to many often got her predictions wrong, and was even accused of being a scammer, and she said plants feel even more pain and they scream. A woman interviewed on the street by an animal rights activist told him that her guardian angel told her she had to quit vegetarianism for her health because of her 'O blood type'. It isn't always the case that the spirits they are in contact with are angels or benign entities.  Don't even know what kind of realm they are tapping into.  All the real visionaries of the past, true enlightened souls, the real astrologers and transcendentalists, did not murder in their hearts consuming animal flesh.  These hags though, their souls are polluted, there is no love or light in them, and they are just creepy 

“Harmonious relationship with Nature”
We hear about meat-eating Native Americans’ ‘harmonious relationship with nature’. Eating animals and harmony is another oxymoron, like the ‘humane killing’ one. Native American historian Rita Laws, says that these Natives (Choctaw, Mayan, Osage, Aztec, Pawnee, Zapotec, Mandans, Wichitas, Arikaras, Caddoans, Cherokee, Creek and Chicksaw) cropped the land and ate very little to no meat before the white man invaded and displaced them from their land. Millions of Natives were murdered because cowboys needed Native land for cow-grazing and cattle-ranching for the white man to have plenty of beef.

“I feel connected to all of life”. 
You can be connected to all of life without murdering life. 

I only eat food I kill myself
The life of another is not ours to take

Love and Kill
“As long as it’s Ethically Sourced”
“We give the pigs the best life they could have for six months.” “They won’t be kept inside; they are outdoors and fed with organic food which is grown on the farm.” Ethically sourced, grass-fed, wholefood and sustainable meat.  So you have your own backyard with your own chickens and you’ve euthanized your pig before you eat him.  When you get invited to your friend’s house, are you like: “Is this sustainable pampered local pot roast that was only fed non-GMO food?  I don’t think so.  Did you track the eggs in the cakes your aunt baked all the way to the battery caged hens that laid them?  When you’re handed an ice cream cone are you thinking about the life the dairy cows live? It’s not do-able. You opened up the floodgate to include animal products.  It’s just a labelling issue, a buzzword so a green light can go off in someone’s head. It’s a bit like saying “clean coal.”  Oftentimes these are not regulated, or have massive loopholes built.  Richard Lobb spokesperson for the National Chicken Council revealed:  “If you go to a free range farm and expect to see a bunch of chickens galloping around in pastures, you’re kidding yourself.”  Ethical Ominivore’s website said they are opposed to crated veal.  “We do support some pink veal that is raised according to pasture-based protocol.”  Eating a baby animal is ethical, just as long as it’s pink then?  Does putting the word ‘local’ there make it all good? Ethical and-omnivore is double-think. This quote from sums it up: “We believe in helping our population eat with a clean conscience.”  Not “we believe in ending the killing of animals for no reason other than taste and cultural inertia”.  Just do the same thing and feel better about it. And then there are people calling themselves ‘ethical omnivores’ who used to be on a vegetarian stint and for whatever reason, whatever health issue they brought on, they thought the logical thing was to go back to eating dead animal flesh, believing their health is in jeopardy if they don’t.  They went back to being omnivore to raise cattle on pasture. The ‘Be Love Farm’ is one of those picturesque ‘humane’ washed dreams. They preach about becoming ‘at peace’ with the death of their animals and the cycle of life.  Matthew Engelhart said “Cows make an extreme sacrifice for humanity but that is their position in God’s plan as food for the predators.  We can be part of that sacrament.”  We are playing God by breeding them and then determining the day that they die.  It’s not your life to take, their inalienable right of every creature to its own life.

Buy Local”
Why?  People can live anywhere.  Doesn’t make any difference to the animal where you buy from.  Factory raised, organic, grass-fed, they all have the same end result, all go to the same slaughter house and die in pain misery and fear , but because they had a nice life along the way people think somehow it's more moral and much better.  They are just marketed with meaningless labels

“The animal had a good life”
If you give someone a good life, does that justify ending it? You look after your lamb really well and give him tender loving care and he comes to trust you, and one day you say, “Sorry Sheepy, you’ve got to die now.”  If your parents said to you “You’ve had a great life so far, we’ve treated you really well, but now we are going to have to slaughter you.” They gave you all the toys you want. Would you feel gratitude?  How about the betrayal? 

What about people living in extreme climates?

If you were living at the North Pole and nothing grew your only way of staying alive would be to kill other creatures. But we’re not talking about that in Britain or America or most countries in the world where there are alternatives available so it becomes a choice. What makes you believe that humans are intended to live in those climates?  That’s not a natural environment for humans to live in.  We are supposed to live where the food grows, not to navigate into the most harsh and extreme climates of the world where the food doesn’t grow.  What makes you believe human beings should stay in the areas where the food doesn’t grow and not physical migrate to the areas where it does grow?  That is the natural process.  What’s unnatural is insisting that: “Food doesn’t grow here, but yet I’m going to stay here.”  

‘They are killed humanely
“Killed”-“humanely”? Polar opposite words used back to back in the same sentence trying to get them to mean the same thing. Orwellian double-speak constructed by those in the business of violence, appealing to your cognitive dissonance.  Because killing is a humane practice, it can be done in a humane way, right? You’re taking someone else’s life without their consent but you can do it in a humane way?  What’s the right way, the best way, of doing the wrong? In the heart of Southall there are two butchers’ shops. One is one of the few remaining Jhakta butchers, their customers are either Sikh or Hindu, and only eat Jhakta. The next door shop is halal – they have no contact with them.  Both mutually prohibit one another. Killing is killing whether it’s the Jhakta (so-called ‘rehem’) or halal (so-called ‘no rehem’). The animal wanted to continue living, there was no kind way to kill him. And then there are the signs in today’s supermarkets with a 5-step animal rating system, signs saying as “A hearty helping of animal compassion with every order” displayed over chicken and fishes stores. Keep believing that, keep lying to yourself. Keeping believing in pretty words and happy farms. An undercover investigation will show you how an animal was raised in the compassionate meat, organic milk and happy eggs sector and in the in cage-free grass-fed local organic ethical sources.  Male baby chicks are still minced up on their first day of life. In free-range systems, birds have a wee bit more space, that’s it.  Still packed together in sheds with access to the outside world because there is a tiny pop-hole.  So it can go on the labels as free-range. Whether living in a grassy field or a filthy cage, the animal ends up with the same fate at the same slaughter house. Forced in there against their will, struggling for their last breath. People see the RSPCA assured’ sticker on a packet of meat in the supermarket and probably have confidence it is ethically sourced, if that’s their job, yeah, that’s their purpose. The most humane method for killing pigs is the gas chamber. They lower them in cages they burn from the inside out.  Terrified childlike beings pushed into dungeons, where when they hit the gas screaming and thrashing they burn from the inside out.  Standard practice in the UK.  This is RSPCA approved slaughter, listed in the Welfare Guidelines “Slaughter/Killing Methods (b) (iv) exposure to carbon dioxide until death ensues”. Footage from Melbourne Diamond Valley Pork, a guy used to work cleaning out the bottom of the gas chambers.  He found about 50 hooves.  The pigs had ripped off their own limbs trying to escape the cages. The most humane method for stunning pigs.  Not exactly methods we would use to euthanize even someone who DID want to die.  And this is better welfare for pigs

They’ll take over if we don’t cull them
No they won’t. Cows are artificially inseminated and forced to reproduce.  If they were left in nature, they’d produce only enough calves per lifetime.  Nature is balance, she knows how to multiply her own kind.  We have many billions of flies but only thousands of tigers.  Elephants don’t replicate at the rate of mosquitos and flies, otherwise we’d be overrun by elephants.  People won’t quit carcass crunching overnight. There’d be a gradual decrease in the number of animals being bred into existence.  It doesn’t hurt to think things through. Relax now. Cows, chickens and pigs are not going to take over the world and eat you

“It’s our livelihood”
You do not have to work in this industry. No one has to do this. Animal agriculture is not needed, and actually reduces our food supply. If we got rid of it we’d have more food. Most of our food is squandered by going to feeding livestock animals that wouldn’t be there in the first place in those vast numbers had you not bred them.  You say you have to feed your family and you cannot just turn your business around. This is an appeal to economics to justify making money off of something immoral.  Nazis could have said they were moral because “I am just doing my job”.

‘They’re Just Animals’
“They don’t drive, they don’t vote; they have no souls; they’re not conscious or aware.” This is seeing everything as separate from everything else. Suffering is suffering. They have the capacity to suffer. Our mind-set should be to alleviate suffering no matter what type of creature is experiencing it.  Universal spiritual law, to do no harm, applies to all beings, no matter what they look like or whether they can write a symphony.  In the 2nd Century Porphyry wrote this essay:  “Justice means not to commit unnecessary murder.  Most of meat eaters justify their choice by claiming that animals are irrational and therefore, not subjected to the same moral rules.  This is not a reasonable thinking, as there are humans who also lack rationality, and yet they are protected by moral rules against murdering, solely for being human.  It is not completely accurate to believe that animals are irrational as they have memory, fellow feeling and prudence.  The fact that they cannot communicate properly in reasoning, does not mean that they shouldn’t be treated with justice.”  That humans are the only ones rational and aware and animals operate on instinct only – the human spends much of his time not thinking and there are many who lack rational thought.  The idea that cows are dumb is a myth. A cow is great at remembering after long periods of time.  Cows interact in socially complex ways, develop friendships over time and are capable of holding grudges against others who treat them badly, according to research.  It came to public attention a cow had a miraculous escape on her way to the slaughter house. She refused to get into the lorry and rammed a metal fence then made a dash for the nearby lake. The cow’s owner tried to get her back to the farm but she broke the worker’s arms. She entered the water, even diving underwater on the way, and swam to one of the islands in the middle of the lake. She had the sense not to succumb to the firefighters who wanted to transport her back by boat! And she remains there, living out her life in peace because she had the fortitude to live and because the farmer, despite considering having her shot dead, just gave up. She’s been living alone there and has learnt to attack anyone who comes near her. Cows are actually able to solve problems. Studies have shown cows are capable of learning associations and using past experiences to determine their future actions. And cows form strong bonds with their loved ones and show signs of grief when separated from them. Freddie, a 1-year-old steer, escaped from a slaughterhouse while workers tried to transfer him to a pen to await his death.  He knew his slaughter was imminent upon arriving at the facility. Terrified, Freddie fled through the city streets evading capture by police and animal control officers. Eventually officers returned him to the slaughterhouse where he was scheduled to be killed the next day. Compassionate rescuers stepped in and convinced the slaughterhouse owner to relinquish him. Freddie is now a sanctuary in New Jersey. And there was a determined cow named Molly who escaped a terrifying slaughter. She jumped a 5 ½ foot fence, sprinted off, crossed a busy highway, and swam across the Missouri River. Molly led officers and meat plant workers on a six-hour chase!  She was adopted by a farm sanctuary and is happy.  Never underestimate a cow’s fierce desire to live! And never underestimate a goat, even though you may think he looks stupid. Researchers presented goats with “artificial fruit challenge”—a cognitive game.  They placed fruit inside a box, which could only be reached by solving a puzzle. In this case, the goats had to use their teeth to pull on a rope to activate a lever, and then lift the lever up with their muzzle. If they correctly performed the task, they received a food reward that dropped out of the box.  Nine out of twelve goats mastered the after about four tries. The researchers then waited for 10 months and presented the winners with the food box puzzle to test how long it took them to re-crack the snack-delivering code. All of them remembered how to solve the problem, and were able to access the fruit in less than a minute.  Goats have been known to escape auctions and are intelligent, inquisitive, known to be patient, nurturing mothers.  Chickens are inquisitive and intelligent and according to scientists, they are in some respects smarter than cats, dogs and even certain primates. A hen named Stella displayed a strong will to live when she escaped slaughter at a fresh kill butcher in Los Angeles.  She had been crammed into a cage with other birds and had witnessed the torture and death of countless hens being used in a cruel religious ritual. Stella escaped her cage and immediately run away from the premises.  A team of campaigners managed to catch her and bring her to safety.  Chickens remember faces. They can recognise and distinguish more than 100 faces, animals and humans.  A hen that had escaped slaughter when she fell off a lorry was found and rescued and taken to a sanctuary.  When the hen’s rescuer one day went to the sanctuary to visit, as soon as she walked in this hen immediately flew into her arms.  Often out-performing dogs in learning tests, a pig is empathic and has the intelligence of a three year old child. It is no surprise that a pregnant breeding sow named Rita broke free from her cage while being transported to slaughter in Sacramento, CA. An undercover investigator at a factory pig farm revealed:  “When a sow figures out how to unlock her crate, she often goes around unlocking all of the others as well.”  Rita jumped from the moving truck and made a run for it. She was found and brought to an animal shelter. These animals are letting us know their pain, fear and suffering without words! Good God, they are running for their lives!

“Respect my right to eat what I want”
Ad hominem fallacy when they get defensive because they know they are doing wrong. It’s not what you eat, it’s who.  There are victims. Carnism makes you emotionally detach. Cannibal serial killer Albert Fish, quite rightly considered deranged, wrote this in a letter to the mother of his meal:  “At that time, there was a famine in China. Meat of any kind was 1-3 dollars a pound. So great was the suffering among the very poor that all children under 12 were sold for food in order to keep others from starving. A boy or girl under 14 was not safe in the street. You could go in any shop and ask for steak, chops, or stew meat. Part of the naked body of a boy or girl would be brought out and just what you wanted cut from it. A boy or girl’s behind, which is the sweetest part of the body and is sold as veal cutlets, brings the highest price.” 

I love ‘my’ meat. I could never give up ‘my’ meat
It’s just too tasty, I love ‘my’ meat.  My meat?  Your meat? How is it your meat? I thought that bum belonged to the pig.  Taste is the only true reason why people are continuing to hold on to this practice. They like it, they’re used to it.  It’s too difficult to change, they don’t have the will, the knowledge, or the care. If their desire to alleviate suffering is not there, true consciousness is not born within them.  A glutton is not someone who eats a lot, it is someone who eats what he shouldn’t and wantonly eats murder.  Gluttony deadens the spirit. Seneca wrote in Epistola 1x:  “An ox is satisfied with the pasture of an acre or two; one wood suffices for several elephants.  Man supports himself alone by the pillage of the whole earth and sea.  What!  Has Nature indeed given us so insatiable a stomach, while she has given us such insignificant bodies?  No, it is not the hunger of our stomachs, but insatiable covetousness which costs so much.”  He quoted:  “What loss have you in losing your cruelty? I merely deprive you of the food of lions and vultures…”  Gluttony is a transgression that deadens the spirit.  Plutarch argued that people are not naturally carnivorous but that gluttony makes them cruel.  “As the desire to please the senses with flesh becomes more important than the life of other creatures, allowing animal slaughter unnecessarily only indicates that men are being dominated by their bodies.”  Leonardo da Vinci knew that killing animals just to satisfy one’s desires didn’t serve a purpose and he despised humans’ inability to control the senses.  Pythagoras and Plato called it “tyranny of the senses”, that commands Man to murder for a titbit, recognising that people should have the power of conscious eating and making choices between right and wrong instead of letting the senses dictate what they eat.  Another quote, from Plutarch: “They make us ashamed of our work by their terrible cries.”  “As if he were yet to seek the most proper diet and agreeable to his nature among all animals is the only all devourer.  He makes use of flesh not out of want and necessity, seeing he has the liberty to make his choice of herbs and fruits, the plenty of which is inexhaustible, but out of luxury and being cloyed with necessaries he seeks the impure and inconvenient diet purchased by the slaughter of living beings, this showing himself the more cruel than the most savage of wild beasts, for blood murder flesh are proper to nourish the kite the wolf and the serpent; to men they are superfluous viands.  The lower animals abstain from most of the other kinds and are an enmity of only a few, and that only compelled by necessities of hunger; but neither fish nor fowl, nor anything that lives upon the land, escapes your tables - though they bear the name of humane and hospitable.”  And Seneca said:  “Note how vast a quantity of lives one stomach absorbs ... insatiable, unfathomable, gluttony searches every land and every sea. Some animals it persecutes with snares and traps, with hunting nets, with hooks, sparing no sort of toil to obtain them . . . there is no peace allowed to any species of being.”  People have the choice of so much food, and eat all sorts of carcasses and delicacies, the needlessness and waste is what Plutarch was referring to:  “Alas for our savage humanity it is a terrible thing to see the table of a rich man decked out by those layers of corpses the butchers and cooks a still more terrible sight is the same table after the feast, for the wasted relics are even more than the consumption.”   Plutarch said: “For the sake of a part of their flesh only we deprive them of the glorious light of the sun, of the life for which they were born.  The plaintiff cries they utter we effect to take to be meaningless whereas in fact they are in treaties and supplications in prayers addressed to us by each which way.  Is it not the satisfaction of your real necessities we deprecate but the wanton indulgence of your appetites.  Kill to eat if you must or will, but do not slay me that you may feed luxuriously.”  In order words you need to eat, but must you slay for your better eating?  There’s already an abundance of delicious food out there.  Why does blood need to be spilt? Let’s examine this habit of man that is rooted in the tyranny of the senses.  All cultures in of the world share some traditions in common: they eat meat. But they really don’t like it. This is why they change its form, texture and taste to make it acceptable and palatable. Each culture has their own way, their own cuisine. We don’t like it.  We love and crave the tastes, colours and textures of plant foods.  That’s an herbivore palate.  That’s our psychology and neural biology telling us who we are and what we should be eating.  MRI studies show that located in the anterior insular cortex of our brain to help us survive, is a universal human emotion called disgust, in the area of the brain that deals with gustatory functions. Disgust is listed in psychology literature as one of the six basic human emotions that we are all born with, to ensure survival of our species. Disgust is distinguishable from fear. Fear sends you into action for flight or fight.  Disgust freezes you and makes you stop whatever it is that you’re doing. It is permanently built in and doesn’t run on logical thought process. For example, your toothbrush falls in the toilet. You know you keep your toilet immaculate and germ-free.  Even if you fish it out and sterilise it with bleach and know intellectually there are no microbes, would you ever put it back in your mouth? No! It’s disgusting, it was in the toilet for God’s sake.  That’s how powerful the emotion of disgust is. The disgust reflex is innately present in infants, and has a characteristic facial expression recognised across cultures.  It is a hard-wired neural phenomenon, its biological origin and purpose is to cause us to reject and eject potentially harmful items before they cause ill health and to rapidly transfer that avoidance behaviour to the rest of the larger social group, thus is an important survival mechanism in humans. Disgust comes in three forms: 1) disgust of pathogens; 2) sexual disgust 3) moral disgust.  The first one protects us against imminent threat to life, limb or health. Second one protects us from having less viable offspring by avoiding incest or sexual pairings with unhealthy individuals, elderly persons or children, or those who are in some way genetically defective.  The third pertains to immoral behaviours – lying, cheating, meanness, cruelty, violence towards others etc.  The first one deals with qualities of things that are consistently found disgusting in all cultures.  These are things that are: moist, slimy, wet, soft, sticky, greasy/oily, squishy, things that are putrid or foul; asymmetry and amorphous shapes; hair, fur, flies, decay, blood, gore, violence, maggots, worms; soup with a hair in it.  Let’s look at moist wet slimy and squishy.  Animal flesh in its unaltered form has the characteristics all humans find disgusting!  If you were to offer a ragged, wet, squishy, slimy, bloody piece of raw flesh to most humans, they would NOT eat it – but carnivores love it!  If people did attempt to eat it many would die from parasitic infections or food poisoning, if they didn’t choke.  Especially if it started to rot, or is covered in flies, beetles, maggots.  The stink of rotting flesh to humans is nauseating, and induces a retching, vomiting reflex, a signal from the brain not to eat things we are not designed to eat.  We’d involuntarily throw it up – to rid our bodies of pathogenic material. Carnivores by contrast are drawn to rotting flesh and will dine on decaying flesh for several days with no ill effects. During times of war carnivores have dug up and dined on decomposing corpses of dead soldiers and civilians.  The reason that we season and cook flesh is to change it to dry it out and give it the texture and flavour of plants.  The only way we can tolerate flesh is by consuming it in an unnatural fashion.  We love to grill smoke and barbecue because wood smoke is a flavouring when plant tissue breaks down under intense heat and gives off the same aromatics found in spices.  Cooking did not evolve from meat eating, from trying to sterilise flesh.  Herbs and spices, garlic and onion, are all plant parts that we use to make the meat and fish taste like plants, to tenderise it and serve it up with condiments to mask the true flavour of putrefaction. It deceives the mind. Plutarch wrote about this: ““Kill yourself what you wish to eat, but do it yourself with your own natural weapons without the use of butcher’s knife or axe or club.  No.  As the wolves and lions and bears themselves slay all they feed on, do you in like manner kill the ox or the pig with your teeth or the hare or the lamb by falling upon and rending them there and then? “Having gone through all these preliminaries then sit down to your repass. If however you wait until the living and intelligent existence being deprived of life and if it would disgust you to have to rend out the heart and shed the life blood of your victim, why, I ask, in the very face of nature and in spite of her, do you feed on beings endowed with sentient life?  But more than this, not even after your victims have been killed will you eat them just as they are from the slaughter house, you boil roast and altogether metamorphose them by fire and condiments.  You entirely disguise and alter the murdered animal with ten thousand sweet herbs and spices that your natural taste may be deceived and be prepared to take the unnatural food.  A proper and witty rebuke was that of the Spartan who bought a fish and gave it to his cook to dress.  When the latter asked for butter and olive oil and vinegar he replied: “Why?  If I had all these things, should I have not bought the fish?  For such a degree do we make luxuries of bloodshed that we call flesh a delicacy and forthwith require delicate sauces for this same flesh meat and mixed with oil and wine and pickle and vinegar and all the spices of Syria and Arabia for all the world as though we were embalming a human corpse?  After all these heterogeneous matters have been mixed and dissolved and in a manner corrupted, it is for the stomach forsooth to masticate and assimilate them if it can.  And although this may be for a time accomplished, the natural sequence is a variety of diseases produced by imperfect digestion and repletion.” Plutarch referred to gluttony when he said:  “It is not the satisfaction of your real necessities we deprecate, but the wanton indulgence of your appetites.  Kill to eat if you must or will, but do not slay me so that you may feed luxuriously.”  Meaning the difference between a survival situation and eating for the pleasure of the taste buds, where we can’t pick something off a tree, and the case where we can when, and take the breath and sunlight from another living being so that we can eat a portion, a little slice of their bum and all the rest goes in the bin?   And Sri Yukteswar wrote:  “Slaughterhouses are always recommended to be removed far from the towns.  Men often passed strict ordinances forbidding the uncovered transportation of flesh meats.  Can flesh then be considered the natural food of man when both his eyes and nose are so much against it?  Unless deceived by flavours of spices, salt and sugar.  On the other hand how delightful do we find the fragrance of fruits the sight of which often makes the mouth water?”  Now let’s look at asymmetry and amorphous shapes; flies, decay, blood, gore, violence, maggots, worms; a bowl of soup with a hair in it.  The reasons humans skin, pluck and ‘bleed’, and then cut and shape animal flesh into smooth, rounded hand sized objects like chops, cutlets, burgers, and bread or fry it, and cover it with sauces and garnishes, is so that it will mimic edible plant parts. Tests have shown that people like a crispy and crunchy mouth feel.  Smoothness, roundness and symmetry are beauty signals, because well-watered healthy plants are well formed and packed with nutrients; asymmetry in plants is a sign of disease, or poor nutritive value, plant tissues become shrivelled and misshapen when they are inedible.  Carnivores seek out ugly foodstuffs, they desire and actively look for asymmetry in their prey, because those animals are likely to be lame or stupid or defective, and easier to catch and eat. Let’s look at blood gore and violence.  It is long recognised that humans have an innate aversion (disgust response) to the sight of blood and dismemberment.  Or the blood injury phobia reflex.  Nearly 500 years ago Shakespeare wrote “Many will swoon when they do see blood.” Studies show that light headedness
or fainting at the sight of blood or dismemberment or violence or injury, is the result of a central nervous system reflex that causes a drop in heart rate and blood pressure leading to decreased perfusion of the brain. It is present from an early age and believed to be the normal response for humans.  All social animals have to have a way of having a brake that regulates and limits conflicts. The disgust mechanism towards gore that we have keeps us from bashing our brains in so we don’t end up killing each other, to protect the species from unchecked aggression that could lead to self-destruction.  The blood injury violence phobia reflex could NOT exist in a true predatory species!  It would be maladaptive and nauseous at the point at which it began to kill its prey.  Wouldn’t eat very often. Though the sight and smell and taste of blood stimulates a carnivore’s appetite, it has to. True predators and carnivores often begin feeding on prey while it is still alive and moving.  Natural meat eaters are stimulated by bloody raw flesh, and willingly eat rotting putrid flesh.  They will kill without reservation or remorse, especially if the prey is perceived to be weak, sick or vulnerable, such as the young, old or disabled.  Attacking the weak sick or vulnerable usually provokes moral disgust in humans.  And violates the disgust response to immoral behaviours. If we had an inappropriate disgust response, say we found the foods that are natural for us like sweet juicy peaches disgusting, it would lead to an eating disorder – starvation – death.  Seen in people with anorexia nervosa who have a disgust response to all food.  We have to recognise food when we see it.  So we have a mechanism to identify food to avoid evoking a disgust response to nutritious food.  Our brain uses preconscious visual cues to invoke food interest attention to appropriate items.  What’s edible to us is visually appealing, usually brightly coloured, smooth, nicely shaped, symmetrical, and small enough to be held in the hand. That signals good food to our subconscious brain.  Must have the smell, taste and texture of plant parts, and it must NOT move!!!  You’d be horrified at something that’s squirming around on your plate looking at you and screaming.  But carnivores don’t mind.  In order to circumvent our disgust response we had to intensively modify flesh, because we really do not like it.
“We need to eat meat to survive”
No you don’t. That it is necessary to eat flesh to sustain yourself, to be healthy, is provably false. Do not underestimate the power of myths, because the myths of meat prevail despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary because institutionalised carnism has plundered every authority on the planet, the legal systems authorise it a way of life. When we are born into a system of carnism we absorb its psychology thrusted upon us as our own.  Humans have been trained to think they are animal eaters by the elites. Their meat industry that perpetuates the myths is the most powerful industry on the planet, it has more money than the oil industry.  It funds into the education and health systems.  People don’t believe that simple experience is proof of the invalid belief that you need meat  It is all based in fear and mind control, nothing to do with science and knowledge. The nutrients you seek from animals all animals got them from the original source.  But people are starving to death because corn, wheat, oats and soy that could have fed them are wasted to fatten up animals and kill them to profit the meat industry, not you. Everything you require comes in dense quantities directly from the earth, what the ground pushes up, and what the trees drop down and give us. That’s the original source. It’s irrational to filter your nutrients from someone else’s body. Plant eaters have less nutritional deficiencies than carnists. There’s no reason, now or ever, that the human being NEEDED to consume dead animal flesh.  What do you need?

Protein – ALL protein is made by plants. That you only get it from animals is a total myth.  No animal is able to take nitrogen out of the air and incorporate it into an amino acid.  Any protein you get from an animal is second-hand plant protein. Let’s cut out the middle man and go directly to the source.  Hemp has complete protein. Seaweed spirulina has 79%. A cup of tempeh has more than 30g. Beans and lentils are around 25% protein. There are amino acids in everything, highest concentration of protein is in legumes, and nuts, seeds, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth and algae.  There is protein in grains. Leafy greens are lower sources of protein, one cup of kale has 5g, and there is actually more protein in broccoli than steak.  And even small amounts in fruit, about 5%.  Believing there is one special centrepiece on your plate that you need as the as the ‘protein source’ in the meal, according to old-school nutrition teaching, is like saying you need to go to one corner of the room to get your oxygen. There is NO need to combine grains and beans in the same meal or do any food complementing get complete protein - that is proven scientifically to be incorrect. All plants have all essential and non-essential amino acids, they need it to live. Your body recycles amino acids. Nobody is going to be deficient unless you are starving. Rare instances where someone didn’t get enough protein were cases of famine, for example the children with kwashiorkor in Africa were starving. You don’t need to buy expensive ‘super-foods’ or protein bars or powders. Protein is one of the most abundant nutrients there is.  Excess protein intake is highly toxic, it’s because of the nitrogenous waste which is hard on the liver and kidneys. Animal proteins raise IGF-1 levels (insulin-like growth hormone).  Dairy protein is the worst as it already has IGF-1 in it which you don’t need, and it becomes extremely dangerous.  And isolated soy protein powders or any concentrated protein that’s been extracted from the plant to make imitation meats are unnecessary and damaging, that is, powders made in a factory, highly processed foods or drinks.  Whole plants don’t hurt you. Processed foods and animal proteins are foreign proteins that cause excess inflammation.  Don’t stress about protein.  And don’t dissect your food.
Calcium – bok choy, kale, broccoli, parsley, almonds, legumes, nuts, nut butters, sea vegetables.  In abundance in plants
Iron – dried fruits, potatoes, nuts, sea weeds, broccoli, parsley, peppers, strawberry, tomatoes, spinach, blackstrap molasses, (Taking vitamin C rich foods with greens increases absorption three fold.) Readily absorbable haem iron in red meat is a pro-oxidant. It is linked to heart disease and diabetes cancer because it leads to free radical formation, oxidative stress, and catalyses the production of N-nitrous compounds which are potent carcinogens.  3 oz. of dark chocolate has more iron than an equal serving of beef liver; lentils has more than beef duck or lamb. You don’t need to eat meat to get good iron
Zinc – pumpkin seeds, nuts, seeds, beans, tofu, peas, lentils, cereals
Iodine - apples, artichokes, asparagus, beans (all), beets, blueberries, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, celery, chives, chlorella, citrus fruits (all), coconuts, eggplant, garlic, green peppers, kale, mustard greens, onions, peanuts, pears, pineapples, seaweed (all), sesame seeds, soy, spinach, squash, strawberries, Swiss chard, tomatoes, turnips, watercress, watermelons, wheat
Selenium - asparagus, beets, black-eyed peas, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, celery, chlorella, fenugreek (powder/seeds), garlic, grains (all), mangoes, mushrooms, nutritional yeast, nuts (all), onions, parsley, seaweed (all), soy, spirulina, sprouts (all), squash, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, wheat germ, wheatgrass

Sodium - apples, apricots, asparagus, beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cantaloupe, carrots, cashews, celery, chlorella, coconuts, collard greens, dandelion greens, dates, figs, garlic, grapes, lentils (all), mangoes, millet, okra, olives, onions, parsley, plums, prunes, raisins, red cabbage, sea salt (unrefined), seaweed (all), sesame seeds, spinach, spirulina, sprouts (all), strawberries, sweet potatoes, Swiss chard, tomatoes, turnips, watercress, watermelons, wheat, wheatgrass

B12 - fortified soy beverages and plant milks, nutritional yeast, Marmite, fortified cereals; unwashed organic vegetables with some dirt still on them.  As an insurance policy, pop a B12 pill – the cyanocobalamin form has been researched to be reliable and is inexpensive.  Any meat eater is likely supplementing, because 90% of B12 supplements are now given to animals. So you can either take that B12 supplement, feed it to an animal, pay someone to kill that animal and then eat its dead body – or you can just take a B12 supplement directly.
(B12 is ONLY made by bacteria. It’s in untreated soil and water and we should make some in our gut with the help of intrinsic factor and having healthy colon flora. No animal or plant makes B12. The only reason animals have B12 is because they eat (or did eat) from the ground and drink natural water sources, which we once did when we drank unprocessed water and ate foods we dug up out of the ground before our industrialised society eliminated the natural sources of B12 in our environment by sanitising everything.  It isn’t a problem with the plant based diet, it’s an artefact of the way we live, with the farming practices today of sterilising the soil with pesticides and spraying chemical fertilisers, farmers actually inject their livestock with B12 –( Natural Stockcare Ltd Cobalt 12 with selenium is one) - in order to market their products as containing B12. A non-meat eater supplementing will likely have higher B12 levels than a meat-eater that does not.  99% of those with vitamin B12 deficiency are consumers of animal products.  This is because of the heat that’s needed to cook it and the hydrochloric acid produced in the stomach needed to digest it.  Someone eating a typical animal based diet requires more B12 than someone who does not because the typical diet leads to digestive atrophy.  And animal products contain a vast number of other factors which inhibit vitamin absorption, such as antibiotics.
Vitamin D – Sunlight.  Half an hour to an hour a day on bare skin depending on the latitude; UV treated mushrooms (leaving some mushrooms out in the sun)
(What we call Vitamin D is the compound 125-di-hydroxycalciferol.  It is not a vitamin, it’s a hormone.  We manufacture it when our skin is exposed to sunlight for significant periods of time.  The only reason this hormone started being called a vitamin is because the dairy industry added it to milk to make the consumption of dairy foods more attractive.)   
Vitamin A – colourful vegetables. We take beta-carotene and convert it into Vita min A
Cholesterol – we don’t have a need for dietary cholesterol.  The liver makes all the cholesterol we need
Taurine – nuts; and we create our own in our own body
Creatine – found in animal food; but we make our own
Carnosine – we make our own
Carnitine – we make our own, and found in animal foods which make their own, and some in avocado, rice, tempeh, peanut butter, and bread; it is biosynthesised from the amino acids lysine and methionine; we make all the carnitine we need.  Because we evolved eating plants we lost the ability to make our own Vitamin C because we had a plant heavy diet and scrapped the ability to make our own.  Cats need taurine and do not make any, because they get taurine from the mice they eat and don’t have to make it, but we make all the taurine we want. We don’t make the plant based nutrients like Vitamin C but we do make the animal based nutrients like taurine, creatine, carnisine and carnitine, suggests we were meant to eat lots of plants.  We don’t need to eat animals because we make animal derived amino acid configurations.  Only a very rare disorder, 1 in 40,000 people lose carnitine in their urine
Omega 3 – walnuts, flax seeds (called linseed), hemp seeds, chia seeds, green leafy vegetables, legumes, potatoes, yams and beets, winter squash, soybeans, tofu, and algae powder. One spoonful of ground flax seed a day.  The plant kingdom is abundant with Omega 3 fatty acids, in wild edible foods and berries, like Wood Sorrel, Epazote, Lamb’s Quarter, and purslane, that we haven’t cultivated or known about, that would be worth studying and getting to know

(Reduce the Omega 6 fats that crowd out the Omega 3s from the body that come from consuming vegetable oils.  Cut these out - sunflower oil, safflower oil, rapeseed oil, corn oil etc.)
DHA and EPA – sea weed: wakame (has the highest), kombu, nori, dulse, purslane (an edible weed in Mediterranean dishes); blue green algae a cyanobacteria by “E3Live” that you can buy online 

(DHA is converted in your body from eating ALA (Omega 3’s. Its not true you need to eat fish or fish oil to get your DHA. Fish get their Omega 3 from algae. They take these plant oils of 18 carbon and elongate them to the 20 and 22 length fatty acids. The longest living population ever studied, Adventists, did not eat fish.  Non-fish eaters develop more efficiency at converting ALA to DHA than do fish-eaters.  Our bodies will make enough DHA and EPA if 1) we are 1 getting enough Omega 3’s from plant sources, and 2) (more importantly) if we are not ingesting too much Omega 6.)

Vitamin K1 - alfalfa sprouts, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, cayenne pepper, chlorella, corn, ginger, grains (all), green leafy vegetables, mushrooms, peas, potatoes, root vegetables, safflower oil, seaweed (all), soy, spinach, strawberries, wheat germ, wheatgrass

Vitamin K2 – natto; sauerkraut; symbiotic bacteria in our intestines (Natto is a fermented soybean, contains the highest concentration of K2 of any food measured; research has shown to be a highly effective form).
No supplements needed. They are expensive and toxic. Major studies by the Cochrane Collaboration (the most unbiased organisation worldwide) found that serious adverse effects come from taking concentrated isolated nutrients in supplements and vitamin pills and multi vitamin pills, protein powders, isolated antioxidants, isolated oils, vegetable oils, Omega 6 fats isolated, fish oil, flaxseed oil etc., (with the exception of B12; that is a bacteria that is not in a food and is not made into an isolate).  The whole package is in food, Nature put everything in in the perfect proportions orchestrated over aeons of time and it is taken up into the body’s cells into the right receptors.  When you take isolated concentrated nutrients they are displaced in the cells and create nutritional imbalances.
You can enter what you eat into if you want to track your nutritional status.
“It didn’t work for me: why I went back to eating meat”
“My body didn’t get what I need, I felt weak and sick etc.” People who aren’t doing this properly and say it doesn’t work, want to blame the entire lifestyle and say that somehow it’s necessary that we take in dead animal flesh.  So they all go back to eating meat like a dog goes back to its vomit. All are arguments that are still based on the self, on the person who is doing the consuming of the meat. Still selfish arguments, still five sense arguments based in the same old justifications, not based on knowledge or truth. All based in ignorance and not doing the plant based lifestyle properly. One such one, and one who has a grudge, is Lierre Keith, author of “The Vegetarian Myth”.  Her story is she ate no meat or dairy for 20 years and it destroyed her health.  Not accurate. She cheated. Probably a liar and shill for the meat, dairy and egg industries. In an interview on KPFA in Berkeley, California, she said "I certainly binged on eggs and dairy every chance I got."  She says she never felt right during her on-again off-again experimentation with the veg lifestyle. Weekly binging on dairy and eggs can do that to you. She binged on meat saying she had urges. This is one of the arguments people push for why you should continue to eat flesh.  She makes convincing arguments to people not really in the know.  She ignores the suffering of animals.  She knows hardly anything about nutrient density in plant based foods, how to unlock it, how to get it into the body.  She was doing it all wrong and then blaming her failure and her own ignorance on the lifestyle itself.  She said she had an incredible euphoric feeling when she ate her first tuna sandwich after a while, that every cell in her body was tingling, and this is how it feels to be fed and to be alive.  No, incorrect, that’s how it feels to be an addict and getting a fix.  You’re involved in an addiction with the side effects that go along with it in quitting.  Let’s look at her claims. Keith says plant protein is cellulose and we can’t digest it and it’s not complete.  Well we know that’s wrong. She is wrong about everything. Just all nonsense, ridiculous pseudoscience.  She claims this ‘diet’ long term will destroy your health. The robust Dr Ellsworth Wareham lived on this ‘diet’ for 50 years and he was moving his lawn at 100 years old.  Jehina Malik lived this way for life, and was a professional body builder.  Then there’s Mara Kahn and her book called “The Vegan Betrayal” and her claims that her diet lead to muscle wasting and that we start consuming our own muscles mass.  Well, muscle wasting is a starvation issue.  She, too, goes on about a rush of energy she gets from eating sardines.  And this one claims we are still discovering new nutrients only found in animals.  She brings up carnitine and taurine which our body makes.  Way to go, fear mongering to sell books.  When we hear repeatedly: “It didn’t work, I got all weak and tired and I eat meat now and feel better, I’m a Paleo guy”, what’s going on with that?  It began with what they ate in childhood, they became animal eaters from infancy.  They started early, dropping animal flesh down their gut three times a day.  Animal products contain lots of carnitine. The redder the meat, the higher its carnitine content.  Dairy products contain carnitine primarily in the whey fraction. Carnitine and creatine are preformed nutrients that come out of animal muscle. You eat the muscle of an animal, you’re eating a lot of molecules that have to do with muscle metabolism – carnitine, creatine and others.  The food you eat determines the bacteria down in your gut. If you are slathering meat with these base nutrients in (along with not enough fibre and sugar from other foods) on your intestines several times a day you’re dumping a lot of carnitine down there.  Carnitine will summon up a lot of bad bacteria (not friendly bacteria) in the intestinal villi where absorption takes place, and a set of enzymes to digest it get induced there, that become very efficient at absorbing zinc and magnesium, vitamins and minerals.  After so many years have passed the intestines are used to this and accept this as food.  The body has adapted to it. The intestine secretes mucus which adapts to the food and has adjusted itself to absorb everything out of this food.  It goes up to the liver which has also got used to having high protein, high fat food, and creates the best enzymes for metabolising nutrients from this food stream.  With this constant stream of carnitine and creatine coming up from the blood, the liver learns not to make any.  You downregulate the enzymes that would have made your own.  (Carnitine is a compound that your own body makes and maintains a fairly constant level with production in the liver and kidneys balanced with the excretion and reuptake by the kidneys, generally making sufficient to meet your daily needs and which your kidneys are quite efficient in conserving when the level falls. The human liver and kidney make carnitine from lysine and methionine, two amino acids you derive from protein intake and other nutrients including iron, and vitamins C, B-3 and B-6, according to Oregon State University. If you have normal liver and kidney functions and balanced nutrition, you should not develop carnitine deficiency.)  So this stream of carnitine rich food is kept going all through adolescence, all through the teens and twenties, these foods wash through your cells and after a while enzymes are turned on and turned off. You can permanently turn off genes, it’s called genetic imprinting. RNA locks down, when that’s locked down every daughter cell that comes from there will be shut down.  The digestion process of the carnitine makes a waste called tri-methylamine; that is nasty stuff that the liver won’t tolerate and oxidises to tri-methylamine oxide. This drives cholesterol into the artery wall.  If tri-methylamine oxide causes arteriosclerotic streaking in children (seen in autopsies), this may result in your own muscle tissue not synthetizing carnitine sufficiently.  Not a problem if there is a steady supply of carnitine entering the tissues from the diet every day.  But after years and years of not making your own carnitine and you drop the animal foods… suddenly you’ve stopped ingesting it.  You draw on your own stores of carnitine, zinc, magnesium.  You start to feel withdrawal symptoms, lack of energy, which are alleviated by eating animal flesh.  The genes were silenced in childhood. The person finds it harder to absorb minerals, and pre-formed nutrients (carnitine etc.) vanish.  They blame it on the new ‘diet’, the plant based lifestyle that people have thrived on for centuries, that people who have been raised on since birth and who have been tested, have been found to have sterling levels of amino acids and minerals and vitamins. They start dreaming of salmon and steaks. Finally they yield, and carnitine floods back into the system, they absorb zinc and magnesium once more and it feels great.  They say this is proof – “I’m not doing that again.”  What did we just see?  They have nutritionally mutated.  Nutrients that were once easily absorbed are now not so, and the person begins to feel depleted. These folks aren’t absorbing nutrients.  This is not natural, they weren’t born that way. Their diet of 40 years of flesh eating was making them nutritional mutants. The person is experiencing physical withdrawal symptoms.  That is an addiction. You are telling a heroin addict he doesn’t need the stuff. The problem is in their carnitine synthesis pathways. They got locked into a carnivorous metabolism long ago.  And now they are pushing this Paleo diet, which is another form of meat industry propaganda and poisoned Darwinist world view.
Cereal killers
A whole low-carb movement with its succession of off-shoots of the Paleo movement, service-to-self entities who are promoting a philosophy that is keeping people flocking to popular fad diets. The taste buds at the very tip of the human tongue, are the sugar receptors that seek out carbohydrate.  The human brain burns glucose – carbohydrate. Some of these no-carbers are even saying we have no use for carbohydrate and it isn’t a nutrient. Red blood cells and kidney cells only use carbohydrate.  Studies show that brain function is compromised on a carb restricted diet.  What happens when you starve, or eat one of these bizarre diets?  The body goes into gluconeogenesis.  It’s an expensive way of making new glucose from your protein stores to keep you alive. The Standard American Diet’s caloric intake from animals is 40%.  The Zone and South Beach diets are 60%.  Mercola's high protein prescription is in the 60-80% range. The Atkins is 80%.  These are extreme diets.  Extremely high in dangerous fats, extremely low in nutrients and phytonutrientsThe longest lived people in the world don’t eat low carb, they eat high carb, near vegetarian. They fall into these “Blue Zones”.  Sardinia, Italy; Nicoya, Costa Rica; Ikaria, Greece; and Seventh Day Adventists, California; and in Okinawa, Japan, Okinawan elders live on 80-85% carbs and have some of the lowest levels on dementia on the planet.  See anthropologist Karen Hardy. Most of the leading proponents are not medical doctors. Their theories are based on conjecture and not hard science

The Paleo diet promoters say we developed primitive tools but even admit we weren’t equipped to hunt because we couldn’t run very fast so where did this massive amount of meat come from?  They hypothesise that we scavenged off the kill of carnivores swilling marrow from rotting bones on the savanna scraping whatever we could off the left-overs. Yeah, right. Go out there and survive for two weeks scavenging. You’d be sick as a dog.  Human beings do NOT have the physiology to scavenge.  A carnivore’s stomach acid is stronger than a car battery’s (less than pH 1), it will dissolve metal, bones, hooves, horns and antlers.  It will kill all the pathogens and that’s why these animals can eat stuff that is putrid and foul and not get ill, because that’s what their body is designed to do.   They say only animal foods are high in energy. Not much caloric difference actually. Wild game is 1.41 cal/g. Wild plants 1.29. This is from a study by Boyd Eaton M.D. in equatorial Africa. But a big difference in nutritional density (vitamins, fibre, antioxidants phytochemicals) on the side of the plants.  No truly intelligent creature would waste time and energy or risk injury hunting something they’re not likely to catch when they’ve got perfectly good more nutritionally beneficial and energy efficient plant foods available. The lion warriors of Northern Kenya, a hunter-gatherer tribe that exist today, for hundreds of years they have killed lions to protect their cattle.  They co-operate together in large numbers, corner the lion and spear it.  Living out in the barren scrubs the cows are the life blood of their existence. For this warrior culture the only way to get protein and iron is drinking cow's blood. They also lace a carcass with a blue powder poison called Fluoridem so that when the lion returns to eat it, it becomes paralysed and dies.  One teaspoon of this pesticide can kill a whole pride of lions. If they had not worked out an innovative way of killing lions, they would not have survived. We naturally have sophisticated abilities, harvesting and caching skills, for procuring foods such as these we became specialists at searching for and gathering high energy nutrient dense foods like seeds, grains, legumes, roots, tubers, nuts, leafy greens and fruits. People who were drawn to flowers and could distinguish where they’d seen them, became successful foragers.  Natural selection favoured those who noticed flowers and remembered where they grew. Flowers are a precursor to fruit – food. And led to novel situations and new foods. It led to a plant and its seed. The ability to use forethought, to plan, to use social cooperation, organisation and memory, and develop caching behaviours, storing, preserving, and inventing the art of crop cultivation. All these things are what drove the development of human intelligence. This is what allowed our digestive tract to shrink down from that for bulkier plant foods to the less bulky, this is why we have a smaller GI tract now, we learned to utilise higher energy plant foods. They say the human GI tract changed over time to adapt to less bulky foods and that meant we were moving away from plant foods to animal foods. No. We went to the starchier heavy vegetables. Their standard dogma is that co-operative hunting and meat eating spurred the development of intelligence, a bigger brain, that meat is ‘brain food’. Humans are slow growing and do not require large amounts of concentrated protein. Protein is most useful for rapid body building not brain building.  The human brain does not require highly specialised fatty acids pre-formed from the diet because our brains are made up of them because our bodies have enzymes that efficiently manufacture them.  Elephants have largest brains on this planet and grow big.  You don’t need large amounts of protein to grow big brains that’s just a very stupid premise.  Well, the Neanderthals weren’t very bright.  Isotope studies of their bones it is believed that they ate an animal based diet. Anatomical deformities due to nutritional deficiencies and periods of food scarcity are common findings in looking at their fossils. Also frequent fractures infections and joint diseases. Hunting would have exposed them to dangers and early death. They were certainly never numerous.  Plant derived phyto-chemicals and antioxidants improve and potentiate fertility, and augment and preserve mental functioning! So here we have a recipe for injury, starvation and extinction. There was no recipe for evolutionary survival. They died out.  According to the Paleo bible, starches raise your insulin level. No, fibre slows down the absorption of sugars in the starch keeps blood sugar from spiking. The good carbs are the whole complete ones nature made, whole unprocessed starch foods with fibre in them.  The bad carbs are the ones that we make, white flour, white sugar that have been processed.  These are the high glycaemic index carbs.  Another implausible theory is we ran prey to exhaustion, based on the mistaken notion of the necessity of animals in the human diet, and one of the stupidest ideas they invented. Running prey to exhaustion requires a ridiculous expenditure of energy that would likely not be recouped if you ever took it down. You cannot afford to go out spending thousands of calories chasing food all over the savanna that you don’t catch, in the hopes of one day chasing something down to the point where it’s going to drop dead. This theory is RIDICULOUS. There are NO extant carnivores or predators that hunt by running prey to exhaustion! It’s simply not an efficient way to hunt! Typical prey species are excellent endurance animals, they are the animals we have used throughout history as our beasts of burden because of their stamina.  They can outrun the most robust predators. Trying to run them to exhaustion would be absolutely futile. Especially so for humans – because of the size of our brain! And it is the metabolically active tissue in the body! Our brain uses 20-50% of the body’s oxygen, 25% of the body’s energy, and 40% of the body’s glucose.  Our brain continually generates huge amounts of waste heat that must be rapidly dissipated to stay functional.  Animals that are designed to run long distances in the heat of the day have mechanisms for precooling the blood before it enters the skull -   humans do not!  Our skull would become like an oven, because it traps heat, which does not radiate efficiently across bone.  The only way to get rid of the heat is to precool the blood before it enters the skull, or remove it through blood flow out of the skull like the radiator in your car.  As the temperature of blood can only be decreased by a few degrees, precooling blood only works for small brains.  The human brain is too large and metabolically active.  Brain tissue is highly sensitive to small elevations in temperature.  A rise in temperature of only 5 degrees Fahrenheit can cause confusion, stupor and loss of motor control – heat exhaustion.  If our core temperature rises by 6 degrees, brain death will likely occur!  Repeated attempts to run prey to exhaustion on the African savanna would not only be futile, it would generate so much overheating and dehydration it would likely bring about heat stroke and brain injury or brain death, rather than a successful hunt. Modern marathon races are only possible because they have regularly paced watering stations that keep runners hydrated and cool them down – and still heat exhaustion is a common occurrence in these races!  There are NO watering stations in nature.  Proto humans did not come up with the innovation of spacing out watering mechanisms in the savanna.  Distance runners run on prepared tracks in purpose-designed running shoes and still suffer frequent injuries and joint problems. Running repeatedly over rocky uneven ground would lead to joint and foot injuries that would leave the runners unable to function let alone hunt.  Research has shown that running a marathon race takes it out of the body overall.  It it temporarily stresses the immune system and elite runners are prone to infections for a week or more after the race.  Doing this repeatedly on bumpy ground isn’t a sustainable activity for humans.  They’d also need reserve energy to kill any prey they were miraculously able to run down and then carry the carcass back to their home or cave, while defending their catch from other large savanna predators.  The likelihood that this happened is absurd. At the end of an extended run, they’d have little to no energy available.  In this energy depleted condition lain out on the savanna they’d be extremely vulnerable for any lion or hyena out there to eat for dinner. Walking at moderate speeds is an aerobic activity, which uses slow-twitch muscle fibres and burns fat while sparing glycogen. Anaerobic fast-twitch muscle fibres are held in reserve to provide quick bursts of energy and speed for fight or flight. Distance running depletes liver and intramuscular glycogen stores.  A lion can recoup his energy when he eats his catch he can eat up to 30% his body weight in one meal and obtain enough energy to last 7 or 8 days until he can make another kill. And he can sit on that kill for 3 or 4 days even though it’s rotting and putrid and crawling with maggots and bacteria flies and crap.  They don’t get sick.  They have an immune system and stomach with acid that is strong enough to dissolve hooves and horns and antlers so they can kill any kind of pathogen.  They are able to continue to recover energy from that decaying flesh.  There’s no way we could do that, human beings get sick from poorly cooked turkey. We could not recover additional energy from a rotting carcass. Roasting something over a flame on the African savanna isn’t going to sterilise it.  There’s no nutritional advantage to seeking large amounts of protein, only disadvantages coming from the demand for energy for hunting and the risk of injury and dehydration, and the risk of death from bacterial enteritis while all the time there is no advantage in eating excess protein and lots of disadvantages; animal protein in particular acidifies your body, weakens your bones and stresses your kidneys.  Plant protein does not because it is alkaline. Humans cannot store protein. Our stomachs are so small we can’t eat enough in one meal to last the whole day.  We have to eat little and often over the course of the day to ingest enough calories.  Hunting is not efficient for batch feeders.  This is why all throughout history crop failures have resulted in famine and death for human populations, and why we call locusts that eat plants a “plague”.  If you are Spending more energy trying to get food than obtaining energy from that food you are not going to survive.  You’d starve to death.  This is different in cold regions there is refrigeration, it but in equatorial regions within days it’s a smelly fetid mass that would make you sick if you ate it.  Not a way of achieving food.  And they say our ancestors, and every single person on earth, evolved to eat lots and lots meat, lots and lots of protein, and no starches or grains and we should eat like them. They are either ignorant or liars. Humans evolved eating mostly plants, as supported by fossil evidence and basic facts. They also spread fear about beans grains and other foods having anti-nutrients (phytates, lectins, oxalates), there are these in every food, and there is no need to worry our body adapts to them. And the answer is in our gut bacteria which breaks them down to the point where a diet rich in phytate increases the potential of intestinal microbiota to degrade phytate.  Investigators have found evidence of starch granules and parts of plants in the dentition of people that lived two million years ago, concluding that people ate like chimpanzees.  Tubers, legumes, nuts, and yes whole grains go back into deep Palaeolithic times 100,000 years ago (see Archaeology Study, and starch granules and sorghum grasses were retrieved from stones tools in Mozambique.  We had access a unique source of calories that no other animal did.  The fuel stored in starches in the underground storage roots of plants was year round and reliable. That’s what’s people mostly gathered – plants. Neanderthal skeletons have been examined all throughout Europe and starch granules were found in between their teeth that can match the starch we cook today, like potatoes.  An excavation site uncovered evidence that people ate potatoes in Chile 14,000 years ago. There is written documentation that all through verifiable history large populations got the bulk of their calories from starchy crops.  Aztecs and Mayans were the people of the corn; the Incas lived on potatoes; the Middle East was the bread basket of the world; in Thailand, Cambodia and Japan, rice was the centre of the meal so much that they greet each other with “Have you had your rice today? Not “how are you?” They say that a meal without rice is like a beautiful woman with one eye. Okinawans were powered by sweet potatoes; and gladiators were called “the barley men.”  But according to the Palaeolithic Bible, before 10,000 years ago nobody ate these foods. The Paleo diet is uncivilised, untrue, and repulsive.  They tell you that our ancestors ate bone marrow and brains. And there is evidence of something called ‘nutritional cannibalism’.  That means eating fellow humans for nutrition and enjoyment. 800,000 year old butchered bones were found from the cave called Gran Dolina in Spain. And how far do we go back? Are we looking at what our ancestors from 200,000 years ago ate?  Or 500,000 years ago? Or 2 million years ago?  Once upon a time we primarily ate fruits, nuts and leaves.   Going back 2 and a half million years ago, your ancestor, the Nutcracker Man, looked nothing like you.  Carbon isotope ratios show he lived on a diet of C4 vegetation.  He ate tree bark.  After all, you wouldn’t want to do anything your ancestors didn’t do, would you?

Paleo 'Origins' film
Pedram Shojai, the producer of this film, says: "It's amazing to see so many people make poor food choices".  Is it really amazing when you consider the misinformation they have been given by films like yours? Dave Asprey founder of the Bulletproof Executive  has diabetes after years of eating the animal fats that the film promotes.  Alejandro Junger MD looks as unhealthy as the filmmaker with large dark circles under his eyes too and is famous for selling cleansing programmes.  Mark Hyman MD author of The Blood Sugar Solution looks just as sickly pale and has large dark circles under his eyes claims to have reversed diabetes with the very diet that causes it in the first place.  Claims we evolved eating a diet of wild animals and we ate much more fibre than we do today, he says.  Animal foods contain absolutely no fibre whatsoever. Johnny Bowden PhD author of The Great Cholesterol Myth looks sickly pallid.  He tells us fish oil is healthy.  The oil comes from the fish's liver. Fat stores toxins.  The liver of any animal (the liver being the detox organ) contains a cocktail of toxins that the fish's liver has filtered from the oceans which we treat like a public toilet, calling fish "healthy" is like calling water dry. Tells us sugar makes us fat. But Dr John McDougall has been reversing obesity for years and years in his patients with a high carbohydrate diet. Yet he criticises government subsidies for sugar, when any google search receals that the animal agriculture industry receives subsidies for feed grain  - that completely dwarf those for sugar. Summer Bock, fermentationist and herbalist, says  studies have shown a lack of biodiversity in the gut have been have been linked to obesity arthritis, diabetes and inflammation, yet 14 of the 15 talked about diseases are linked to eating animal products, not a lack of biodiversity in the gut,and the antibiotics these people are blaming for the lack of biodiversity in our guts well they are abundantly put in the animal foods which our bodies treat as foreign invaders . 80% of the world's antibiotics are given to livestock.  J J Virgin, author of The Virgin Diet, recommends eating animals that are humanely raised.  Check out  We are told we need to have raw fermented foods in our diet to promote healthy gut bacteria. Best to eliminate foods that are killing our friendly bacteria in the first place i.e. rotting animal parts.  Lack of energy is blamed on food chemicals and toxins which disrupt our mitochondria and lack of tryptophan is blamed on environmental toxins.  True, tryptophan is in bananas and toxins are in the greatest numbers in eating animals.  Carbs boost seratonin. The film states that diet can turn our genes on and off.  Animal foods turn on all the bad genes.  They plug Mark Sisson, author of The Primal Blueprint, these authors promote bacteria in animal products. Abel James, another Paleo author, says "We're all caged animals these days, we don't get enough   sunshine or fresh air and we need to move our bodies."  Yes!  One of the universal laws iis we reap what we sow.  We cage and confine animals for food.  We shall become caged animals. James tells us that because the brain is comprised of fat we get mental clarity only when we fuel the brain with fat. Any medical textbook will tell you that the cells of the brain in the human are fuelled exclusively by glucose which is a form of sugar, not fat. Your car engine is comprised of metal. So presumably you put liquid metal in the tank to fuel it? Sara Gottfried MD author of The Hormone Cure,  wants to cure hormonal imbalance by selling her chocolate bars which contain dairy milk.  Milk has between 60 to 80 bovine hormones plus the growth hormones that cows are injected with.  She criticises TV for delivering misinformation about food and sugar.  Well, we are misinformed about meat and dairy.  GMOs are criticised, and so they should be, yet the majority of GMOs are fed to these animals.  So if you are eating meat you get the GMOs you want to avoid.  So they have a solution - buy grass-fed animal products.  Won't work, not sustainable.  Tom Malterre a Paleo author of The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook  wants us to eat 'fresh whole foods'.  Enlighten us as to how the decaying body parts of dead animals could ever be... 'fresh'.  And the producers end the film with the words "Welcome to a brighter future".  A future with a violent death to look forward to for a food animal. 

Atkins Diet
Dr. James Anderson, professor of medicine and nutrition at the University of Kentucky said, "If you wanted to find one diet to ruin your health, you couldn't find one worse than Atkins."  It works for weight loss, because people get so sick the weight comes off.  The body doesn’t have its preferred fuel, carbohydrates, so burns fat.  The by-product is ketones in the urine.  You lose much water because the body tries to get rid of the acid.  Ketosis, from all the ketones, produces a smell of acetone on the breath, a smell like nail-polish remover. Ketosis occurs naturally when people are ill or starving and makes you lose your appetite. The premise of this diet is that insulin is an evil hormone which it isn’t, and eliminating all carbs from your diet brings insulin down which it doesn’t. They ignore the science that says eating these high protein diets causes insulin spikes and raises bad cholesterol. People have gone on ketogenic diets hoping to cure certain conditions.  These are a few of the side effects: gastrointestinal disturbances GERD, thinning hair/hair loss, kidney stones, hypoglycaemia, renal acidosis, nutrient deficiency, poor growth in children, sepsis, skeletal fracture, osteoporosis, cardiomyopathy, heart arrhythmia, heart attack, menstrual irregularities and loss of periods, death. In WW2 a test was done on the Canadian army with a ration, Pemmican, which was 70% fat, 30% protein and no carbs, like Atkins. They were sick and incapacitated within 3 days.  They could not perform their duties. Their function returned when they were put back on carbs.  Dr Atkins has been challenged about his dietary advice and his foundation hired a very deceitful board of people to say it worked and was safe. The proponents of the diet respond to criticisms by threatening lawsuits. Their people presenting the diet information looked very pudgy and unhealthy.  Dr Robert Atkins died of a heart attack, 60 lbs overweight with serious cardiovascular disease 

Weston A. Price Foundation
They are not scientists yet they produce articles with supposedly scientific references that ignore a ton of modern reputable research that debunks the nutrition myths in their package of fanciful folklore they call ‘nourishing traditions’.  These fiction writers are either quoting the same bunch of people (each other), or using unscientific double talk by distorting what is said in legitimate studies.   Sally Fallon is the founder and president. They put a few truths in there, and people like the idea - Fallon was right about vegetable oils being a modern scourge to health in her presentation ‘The Oiling of America’. Yes, experiments done on cancer by Tannenbaum published before the 1940’s found polyunsaturated oils (safflower, sunflower, corn, cottonseed, canola, soybean, etc.) to be the strongest promoters of cancer.  And 1970s experiments done using lard and coconut oil compared with safflower oil indeed showed the safflower oil to be a much stronger promoter of tumour growth - 2 to 3 times greater than animal fat. They also showed that eating animal fat with just a little touch of vegetable oil added created the same results.  Experiments done for heart disease study in the 70s and 80s that took the participants off meat eggs and dairy butter and coconut oil and put them Omega 6 vegetable fats, showed an increase in the risk of gallbladder disease.  A recent follow-up to the 70s studies switching to Omega 6 fat/combining it with animal fat, shows a much more severe progression of artery disease.  Extracting the essential fats out of the plant makes them toxic and they go rancid.  Free oils come without the natural synergy of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and ten thousand other chemicals found originally in the whole food. They promote taking fish oil.  Isolated Omega 3s suppress the immune system, that’s how taking cod liver oil to oil the joints eases inflammation. It leaves the body more prone to infections and cancer by a thousand fold, and promotes bleeding.  Eskimos who get an excess of Omega 3 fats are known to have fatal nosebleeds.  Plant foods in their whole form meet all our needs for all the essential fats, and only plants make the ones that are beneficial. Going against the scientific evidence, Fallon says that organ meats should be given to small babies.  The WAPF tell you to eat poached animal brains and feed raw cow’s milk and the broth of corpses to new-borns who don't breast feed – including heavy cream, oils, whey and cow's liver - and to limit fruits and vegetables in children’s diets.  It is established in scientific literature that this diet is the leading cause of adult cancers. Infants fed like that get too much salt and protein, which can lead to dehydration and kidney damage.  It is established by the American Academy of Paediatricians that infants under one shouldn’t be fed any type of whole cow's milk.  It would make them anaemic and cause their gut to bleed leading to long-term changes in behaviour and loss of intelligence - that’s irreversible brain damage.  In any case milk, even non-pasteurised raw and organic, still has mammalian hormones in it. Those hormones can cause cancer especially in the reproductive organs.  The WAPF tells us we are not to eat beans or legumes which have been proven to be very beneficial.   The WAPF was named in honour of a dentist from Cleveland.  His patients’ bad teeth were caused by eating processed foods. Price’s original intention was to find solutions for his patients and he travelled to remote regions of the world where he found that people there had much healthier teeth.  They were still eating unprocessed foods.  He documented that bad teeth resulted from lack of nutrition and this was what he had intended. But he also got things wrong, he assumed these people were in excellent health because they appeared to be. He did not look at the rate of mortality and cardiovascular disease they had.  The deductions he made were not founded on science. Dr Price was just a dentist, and he actually recommended vegetarian eating to his family.  And this group of hijackers, the WAPF with their claims, seriously distorted what Dr Weston Price was all about.  Who are these people?  These are their quotes: Mary Enig PhD, co-founder of WAPF, said: “They’re pushing vegetarianism to a large extent.” Sally Fallon: “They are promoting misinformation for the benefit of certain industries” – says she who receives donations and sponsorships from the meat and dairy industries (Green Pasture, Vital Choice, US Wellness Meats) even though they say on their website they don’t receive any funding they do admit that the people who donate to them are farmers and they accept sponsorships from meat dairy and egg companies. Well, the vegetarian side is backed by actual experts and not receiving funding from Big Broccoli

Bone Broth
The Paleo/Western Price people and the nourishing broth ladies make claims that bone broth is the elixir of life. Kaayla T. Daniel and Sally Fallon don’t (because they can’t) claim it has calcium so they say it’s the collagen of the bone broth that helps skin joints and bones. There are so many myths around bone broths … anti-aging, bone regenerating, joint healing, because of collagen. Dr William Percy Biomedical Scientist University of South Dakota, says that “the idea that because bone broth or stock contains collagen it translates to collagen in the human body is nonsensical”. Benefits of bone broths have not been scientifically measured. You have to drink 11 cups of bone broth to get your daily quota for collagen… and they contain lead. Nutritionally pointless, founded in pseudoscience. If you add vegetables to your broth it increases seven fold. Collagen is a poor source of amino acids anyway.  Kentha Shelke PhD Institute of Food Technologists said “Plants offer richer sources in collagen building blocks and, in addition, provide nutrients not found insufficient quantities in meats or broth.”  Those who eat the most amount of vegetables, obviously the most amount of antioxidants, hence end up with the least DNA damage which is one way of aging.  They say bone broth and chicken soup cures colds.  Chicken is one of the high sources of arachidonic acid, notorious for inflammation. The chicken soup recipe turns out to be mostly a broth of anti-inflammatory vegetables.  Consuming bone broth can increase infectious disease from the antibiotics given to livestock, and 70% infections in hospitals are because of antibiotic resistant bacteria.  There are about a million pathogens from animal products a year. Campylobacter comes from chicken.  The claim that eating bones is the missing health link is an appeal to history fallacy that our ancestors ate the bones…the longest lived populations are Seventh Day Adventists. They not only don’t eat meat, they don’t eat bones.  A study done on organic chicken found that the levels of lead in the chicken’s broth was 10 times higher than the water that was used to make the broth.  A daily bone broth habit would cost you $75 a month.  Plant based diets save you $750 a year.  Bone broth is a chunk of dead animal soaked in hot water from an animal that was once living and breathing and was killed for no other reason than to eat it, and people say oh bone broth is a great way to become connected to the animals

Dr Mercola
Joseph Mercola is an osteopathic physician and board member of the Weston A. Price Foundation and internet health guru, their previous one, Stephen Byrnes, having died of a stroke at age 45.  Many people adore this shyster who just wants to sell you shit from air purifiers to vitamins. He recommends you eat animal products, and supports the meat, dairy and egg industries' deceitful humane slavery and slaughter campaign.  Mercola continually blames soy, gluten, portion sizes, distilled water and animal-feed as the main cause of all major diseases. Mercola invites people to fill out his questionnaire which costs $59 to help him determine which ‘type’ they fall into as he says you need to know your unique type to avoid disease, to decide how much animal flesh is right for your health, he asks you how you feel when you eat meat, and if you like dark meat or white meat.  He divides people into three categories: protein types love animal flesh; carbo types love veggies and grains; and everyone else is a mixed type. His questionnaire isn’t an accurate way to determine a person's nutritional needs. When he advises the ‘protein type’ to get their calories mostly from animals, he is appealing to the person's food preferences and addictions. The more you crave something and the worse you feel when you stop eating it, it’s more likely you are addicted to it. It is harming you, not benefitting you. Mercola does not think that avoiding eating corpses is a good idea for most people, because their metabolic type indicates they need red meat and it is good for them. He explains that while the Atkins diet is good, because it recognises the glycaemic index of food, it is not as good as his diet. Too much science contradicts him. There is no genetic "type" immune to a high-saturated fat, disease-causing diet.  All, not just some, and every genetic type, develop atherosclerosis when they eat such a diet, over 90% - from the low intake of unprocessed vegetable, fruits, beans, nuts and seeds, and lots of animals products, and if processed foods are added, have premature deaths from heart attacks or stroke. Mercola argues that you can eat ‘grass-fed’ corpses and not increase your chances of disease.  And you have to buy the special butter that he recommends, the ‘good quality’ butter. In grass-fed cows’ bodies there are still nitrous compounds, and no fibre.  It remains in the gut a long time, with heightened exposure to nitrogenous metabolites. Studies show that even two to three ounces of red meat per day increased risks of colon cancer significantly. The high haem content increased cytolysis (cell-killing activity) and colonic epithelial proliferation. He markets supplements and potions, does not like distilled water and plant-based diets and people who promote them, and rants about the China Study

Al Sears
Al Sears M.D. director of the Wellness Research Foundation, is only a physician trained to treat acute illnesses like infections.  He has no formal training nutritional health.  He just has an interest in naturopathic medicine and sells his products and on his website he makes it sound much more glamorous, like every year he travels thousands of miles to the most remote areas of the world searching for natural healing secrets and boasts about being board certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging medicine which isn’t recognised as being legitimate.  There is no mention on his website of where he got his medical degree, yet proclaims to be America’s Number 1 anti-aging doctor. He told people about scientific discoveries that he didn’t make, such as telomere DNA therapy, and claimed he developed a supplement which allows people to live longer, Telo-Essence 2 which he claims protects your telomeres and slows aging.  Absolutely no research showing that this works.  If you look at the ingredients list it’s basically a multivitamin and he sells this crap for $200 just for a small 300g tub.

‘Doctor’ Joel Wallach
Dr. Wallach is a vet and naturopath associated with Youngevity who wants you to have a high fat low carb diet and eggs and whey powder and all his mineral supplements, his motto is ‘dead doctors don’t lie’. Youngevity joins the list of multi-level marketing schemes with distributors claiming they are miracle cures. Created Beyond Tangy Tangerine, a vitamin drink.  With MLMs, look at the cost of the product because MLMs require their distributors to buy the product to participate in the opportunity.  The artificially expensive product pays the company hefty margins, and distributors often pay the surcharge month after month as a fee for what they feel will make them money. Useless supplements sold for a lot of $ when taking isolated vitamins creates nutritional imbalance. It’s well-researched that vitamin pills don't benefit you, we knew that  for years. Looking at the supplement’s ingredients list on the product label it’s basically a multivitamin. On the bottle it says “with 115 vegetables and fruits.” There are no fruit and vegetables in 500mg of powder and certainly not 115, and can they be from fresh fruits and vegetables at all if they’re sourced from deposits from a shale mine in Utah? ( The medical journal Annals of Internal Medicine says: “The vitamin and supplement industry is based on anecdote, people saying ‘I take this, and it makes me feel better,’ said Dr. Edgar Miller, professor of medicine and epidemiology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and co-author of the editorial.’ It’s perpetuated. But when you put it to the test, there’s no evidence of benefit in the long term. It can’t prevent mortality, stroke or heart attack”.  There are many more of these doctors, nutritional entrepreneurs and pharmacists who have latched on to the community in the truth movement. They endorse ketogenic diets and fasting and scorn Ansel Keyes. If they proclaim themselves to be holistic doctors and they acknowledge that we are more than a material body, how can they support the cruelty of eating animal products? There’s a string of them really scaring you into buying their supplements saying that you can have acres and acres of organic garden and grow all your own food but you will be at death’s door without their supplements. If these "90 nutrients" are NOT present in organic food, then how did humans get them for THOUSANDS OF YEARS?

David Wolfe
A raw foodist. Calls himself king of the raw food movement. Insane claims such as: “Chocolate lines up planetarily with the sun! Chocolate is an octave of sun energy! It’s a male energy that comes down off the sun! If you’ve become loaded with Ormus all the cosmic energies come right into you! Cos it wants to mate with you! Mushroom spores can levitate off the planet because they are surrounded by a shell of Ormus which is trying to get to the centre of the sun, occasionally it gets slingshotted right off the centre of the sun.” Pushes products to support his ramblings. Sells the Longevity Zapper, a chunk of plastic to target negative bacteria, for $400. Once upon a time I viewed him as a visionary, but now when he comes on in another documentary, realise it's just another advertisement from the raw food industry's leading snake oil salesman. The self-proclaimed world's richest hippy profiteers off animal cruelty in the form of deer antler extract, ground up in shakes and hygiene products. Claims deer antler extract makes you younger.  The antlers have been sawn of these poor deer.  Encourages people to consume their placenta and to drink cow colostrum, and supports the honey industry.  Check out Freelie, someone who is ethical, if you are interested in being a raw foodist.  David Wolfe encourages 'reverence for all life', but then then advocates killing grass fed bison and other animals to get our protein and criticises factory farming, saying we should go back to the 'traditional family farm'. What a champion of compassion. Doesn't make any difference how green the grass is the animals ate, we don't metabolise their fat well, it clogs us up.  And factory farming began with family farming and they have ALWAYS ended the same way, with a knife to the throat.  And they're not killed with loving mantras in ancient sacred Shamanic ceremonies.  I guess killing innocent animals is his  reverence for life

Zone and South Beach
Another insulin blamer. Complicated rules. Portion and calorie control. Doing the maths for his formula, there was a calorie deficit. To look at the author Barry Sears, he didn’t look like he could have lost that amount of weight, unless: he started out at 600 lbs; he defies the laws of nature; or he didn’t do the diet.  Sears even admitted he didn’t follow the diet!

Grain Brain
A book by David Perlmutter demonising wheat, carbs and sugar’s effect on the brain. Grains are a big group.  Some are heavily refined and they put them in a box with a toy inside   The Chicago Health and Aging Project was a study done in 1993 that rounded up thousands of people and very carefully tracked what they eat.  They looked over time at who developed A;zheimer’s disease and who did not.  The first thing they keyed in on was that some people were indulging in a good amount fats from dairy and animal flesh sources, and other people ate a loss less of those either they were vegetarian or just didn’t have a taste for the animal products so much.  As the years went by, it turned out the people who ate the most animal fat had two to three times the risk of Alzheimer’s.  Then they looked at trans fats, fats in doughnuts and that stuff, same story, maybe even more risk. Bad for the brain as well as the heart. And then they looked at people who ate a lot of Vitamin E rich food (nuts, seeds, spinach, and that’s in wheatgerm products) and found it was protective.  Even if it was genetic, if they avoided the bad fats it appeared their risk was cut dramatically.  World populations traditionally always ate a lot of grain: Japan – rice; much of Asia, parts of Africa, diets high in carbs, and traditionally, they had a very, very low rate of Alzheimer’s.  No obesity at all.  In the 1980’s fast foods came in – McDonalds set up in Osaka, Tokyo.  Rice consumption has been falling steadily, particularly for men. Alzheimer’s has gone up several fold.

Gary Taubes
Wrote the book “Good Calories, Bad Calories”, a book full of pseudoscientific garbage. Taubes is a journalist with absolutely no expertise in nutrition; his claims have been demonstrably disproved and he is ridiculed by actual experts. He claims that insulin is the driver of weight gain.  Insulin has more to do with hormone regulation that it has to do with caloric balance. He claims that a low-carb high-fat diet lowers insulin levels and pulls the fat out of the fat tissue.  Wrong.  In 2015 Dr Kevin Hull published a metabolic experiment where obese individuals were placed on a calorie restricted diet.  One group restricted fat, the other restricted calories.  The protein was kept the same for both groups.  The low-fat group lost significantly more weight – without reducing their sugar intake. The low-carb group had a 22.3% less insulin secretion but it didn’t make them lose any less weight. Taubes has still not retracted his statements about insulin and weight loss.  He claims the lipid hypothesis has been debunked and says there is zero evidence that animal fat is linked to heart disease and claims that people with low cholesterol levels get heart disease and people with high cholesterol levels never get the disease both which have been proved wrong.

Wheat Belly
The Wheat Belly diet seems reasonable on first starting the book and sounds like its only complaint is about wheat and gluten but as you read on it restricts other carbs again… and is really just a back door into the Paleo way

Tim Noakes
Says that carbohydrate has no use in our bodies and we do not require it, it is not a nutrient. He says. “Fruits are a problem because they are high in carbohydrate but they aren’t high in nutrients." He slathers butter on his steak, so let’s look that up on chronometer… oh, there’s nothing in it.  He said a high carb diet causes insulin resistance.  That’s him trying to tell people how to heal diabetes when HE still has diabetes, still injects insulin, hasn’t had any success curing himself on his low-carb insulinogenic milk diet.  If you read Dr Neil Bernard’s books instead, a doctor who HAS reversed diabetes in his patients, you will learn the opposite, also read Gabriel Cousins books. A girl cured brain cancer on a raw food diet high in fruit (Megan Sherow).  

Nina Teicholz’s "Big Fat Surprise"
She presents the Masai people as a pinnacle of health.  The aortas of 600 Masai were measured in a publication of the American Journal of Epidemiology, 10 may 1971, which gave the findings of a study that showed extensive arteriosclerosis that equalled that of old US men. When she said “they weren’t particularly active” she was outright lying pulling this out of thin air.  The study said: “These pastoral people are exceptionally active.” They look super fit but lanky. They run at a calorie deficit of 70% of the recommended energy intake.  That accounts for why their BMI was on the very low end of normal.  Another study on the Masai by the ILCA Systems Study an analysis of livestock production system of the Maasai pastoralists in the Kajiado district of Kenya, found that they are 175% as active as Americans, and that same study found that the Maasai only ate meat one to five times per month, irregularly.  But she said “and he’s on a diet of 3 to 5 pounds of meat a day”.  What the Maasai really ate was a ton of dairy.  They lived on milk and blood.  She blatantly misrepresents the data.  She compared them to some ‘victim of carbs’ woman, Fat Louisa. There’s little evidence in this, just a Pima Indian woman from a century ago, her tribe just came out of famine and there’s really no data on what the Pima Indians actually ate. Here are some other the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico who ate 80% calories from carbs. These other ‘victims of carbs’ had unmatched physical abilities and there is actually data on their diet.  The Okinawans, 80% carbs, longest lived populations.  Donald M Krauss MD has been funded by the dairy industry as well as getting money from the Atkins Foundation. As for their statement on animal fat, it contains multiple errors and emissions and the conclusions are misleading, leading them to request to retract the paper entirely.  She rips into Ansel Keyes saying he was “fudging the data” – regardless, the sheer amount of data supports him.  375 controlled feeding experiments involving thousands of people proved animal fats raise bad cholesterol.  And she aggrandizes the Atkins diet pointing to his picture and says “So at the end of all this… that’s Robert Atkins… eating like a Maasai warrior!”  (People who didn’t eat pig’s bum and eggs but drank milk and blood.) A study by NIS 2010 sept 7th, done over two decades of 130,000 people, showed those who ate the most animals had a 31% increase of dying compared to those who ate the least.  They also looked at low carb plant-based diets. They found that all-cause mortality and death from cardiovascular were decreased in the plant eaters

Mind the GAPS
The GAPS Diet, "miracle diet" aggressively promoted by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. She claims that vegetarianism is fasting, and you will starve on it, that you don’t need plants, they are just for detoxing and the only food that builds the body is animal derived.  McBridge claims that vegetarianism started with monks who practised it for asceticism  and it was a good way for them to stay celibate, and if you want to lose your sex drive and become infertile and not of in this world, then be vegetarian.  She said you cannot make sex hormones without cholesterol from animals.  It has been proven that vegan men have much more testosterone than meat eaters.  She said: “My grandmother never washed the fat from her frying pan, she used the fat again and again and that’s a perfectly healthy practice”.  When you fry with fat you heat it.  You make it carcinogenic, no matter how saturated a fat it is… coconut oil may be safer than olive, which is safer than flax… Bruce Fife who wrote The Coconut Oil Miracle, even he says don’t cook with coconut oil, you’re damaging the fat. McBride is not only saying heat the fat once, she’s saying heat it repeatedly.  It’s already oxidised and rancid the first time. And then you leave it overnight, subject to the air and all the bacteria and let it oxidise further if it wasn’t already 100% rancid and then you heat it over and over and over.  Fats are healthy raw, not cooked, and especially not cooked again.  “These fats when we look at their chemical composition, it is very similar to the chemical composition of our own fat.”  Therefore the healthiest food for human beings, is human beings.  Human beings are the closest to our body type, so, there we have it... cannibalism. The Campbell-McBride marketing machine owns seven companies, a multimillion dollar supplement empire full of horrible carnist philosophy and they tend to retaliate with libel campaigns against anyone challenging them.  She sells supplements and Bio-Kult yoghurt, and has diet plans, and books that use thoroughly debunked theories from the beginning of the previous century, when medical knowledge was virtually non-existent. She has never published any evidence for her crazy claims.  She claims: gout is caused by microbes in the gut (a stomach infection). False. Gout comes from high levels of uric acid in the blood caused by the nitrogenous waste of animal protein; alcohol, fructose drinks can do it. She claims glucose is poison, and honey is healthy; that honey contains trace minerals.  False.  Honey is almost sugar with no fibre, not healthful for humans. Our brain needs glucose.  She claims GAPS will cure bed-wetting, as it eliminates toxins. False. Her diet will more likely provoke it, as bedwetting is listed on the NIH as one of the problems from dairy.  She claims the ratio of meat to vegetables one should eat depends on the weather. Some kind of superstition and not science, but anyway meat isn’t for human consumption.  She tells you to use hydrogen peroxide to kill bad gut flora. Honey will do that and meat will give you bad gut flora. She claims haemorrhoids are caused by toxins in the liver. False. It’s constipation from meat eating and lack of fibre

The Blood Type Diet
Popularised by Peter D’Adamo. Despite there being over 30 specific blood types, Type O is the old caveman who utilises protein better than the other types.  He should eat paleo. He based that off of an old study from the 1950s of race and ABO blood types and gastric secretory function that made a point of a hardly noticeable increase for type O people. He has no understanding of the studies that show what Palaeolithic people DID eat.  He is also wrong because O isn’t even the oldest blood type, it is A. This is seen in a study ‘Evolution of Primate ABO Blood Group Genes” by Naruya Saitou and Fumi-ichiro Yamamoto.   O is the newest blood type. Because group O blood can be received by anyone in a transfusion, it was first believed to be the ancestral blood type.  Not so. More recent work suggests that there are several different mutations that can deactivate the A or B genes to turn them into O.    D’Adamo said Type A folks should be vegetarian because their type developed at the same time as agriculture.  His timeline is off, and it’s wrong because we began animal husbandry, so we can assume this group were eating more meat.  Type B is supposed to be the pastoral nomad and he should eat dairy.  Forget about the Chinese, 20% of which have Type B blood and 90% of which are lactose intolerant.   He says the nomads shouldn’t eat corn, wheat, buckwheat, lentils, tomatoes, peanuts, sesame seeds or chicken, and instead should eat goat, lamb, mutton, rabbit and venison, all because of a pseudoscientific agglutination theory that he extrapolates incorrectly between blood clumping lectins in a petri dish all the way to the inside of your body which is not how it works.  Changes in the intestinal tract tissue will not be mirrored in a slide of blood taken from the arm or fingertip.  Humans develop natural antibodies to lectins such as soy, wheat and peanut.  And Type AB is a mix of A and B.  Blood scientists have come out with written papers saying it is nonsense.  A group of Norwegian doctors held s day-long seminar to shed light on it and declared it to be quackery.  The University of Toronto studied 1500 individuals and found that Type O people benefitted from eating a vegetarian diet and that blood types did not correlate with health states for any diet. Mahor scientists all over the world concluded that no evidence exists to validate the purported health benefits of blood type diets. Some people got some good results because the diet cuts out a lot of junk food and it caught on. His book was translated into 52 languages and sold over 7 million copies. His website says he’s a naturopath, author, researcher-educator, Ivesian, amateur horologist (to do with time and clocks), budding software developer and air-cooled enthusiast. Anything but a scientist. There isn’t much research in the book, if any. He said you don’t see any studies on blood types and nutrition because there is little institutionalised interest and even less available money.  He sold over 7 million books... why doesn’t he fund his own studies just like the Atkin’s corporation did?  And the answer is: he has! He wrote that he was beginning the eighth year of a ten year trial on reproductive cancer using the blood type diet, and he wrote that in 1996.  He promised the results would be released in another two years and would demonstrate that his diet plays a role in cancer remission.  1998 came and went, and no results.  He said he was doing a 12 week randomised trial complementing the blood type diet to determine its effect on arthritis sufferers… that was over ten years ago and he still hasn’t made that data available. There is no relation to blood type whatsoever.  It is not a function of genetics. Within each species, all individuals eat the same diet that that species is designed for.  D’Adam’s diet has been written off as a crass fraud

Mediterranean Diet Hoax
Basically a business scheme and a distraction of the low-carbers who are lying about Ansel Keys to discredit his work. Originated from Keys’ study of people on the island of Crete after WW2 whose diet was then (but not now) plant-based and with a couple of tablespoons of olive oil added. Many cultures and hundreds of different diets border the Mediterranean. If you want to start in Egypt, there’s a lot of heart disease there. Greece leads the rate in child obesity; Italy is number two. The funding for the 175 studies on this diet since then you can trace it back to industry, which owns the government, the USDA, the research, the journals, and pays for the conferences 

Denise Minger
A raw-animal-product advocate and a fan of the Weston Price Foundation, she recommends their work to others and criticizes The China Study and attacks its author, Dr. T. Colin Campbell. Minger attempts to impugn his character. Minger removes comments on her blog from scientific researchers who point out the flaws in her reasoning and in her understanding of accepted research methods. Dr. Campbell notes an example of one researcher whose critical post was removed.  A cancer epidemiologist posted criticism of Minger's methods on Minger's blog.   It was removed from the comments area. After a complaint, the epidemiologist's post reappeared on Minger's blog.  Minger said something about a "spam filter" being at fault.  Minger wrote that if she could enlist actual researchers who could help her poke holes in China Study data, "this could be a really great opportunity to grab the attention of the medical community." The only community interested in offering their assistance in this would be those coming from the ranks of the Weston Price Foundation and the meat industry.  They have already tried unsuccessfully for years to attack and undercut Dr. Campbell's life’s work.  On their own website, the WAPF express how thrilled they are that Minger has joined in their attempts to discredit Dr. Campbell's work and doesn’t publicize any of her work when it shows Campbell is correct.  She misled her readers into believing that there was almost an inverse relationship between the changes in animal protein intake and cardiovascular disease mortality in Norway during World War II by inaccurately reporting animal protein intake for the periods of 1936-37 and 1945. She has been hell bent on finding flaws in the peer-reviewed work of researchers from Oxford University, Cornell University, and the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, professional researchers who have to work to the most rigorous standards in academia

Ketosis mimics starvation by clamping carb intake to 5 or 10%. Ketosis is not a cure.  Sick people, and people with cancer, have gone on the ketogenic diet on the basis that tumours need sugar to grow so the idea is to starve it by not eating carbs. The condition appears to improve initially because they have removed a ton of processed foods, it wasn’t the ketosis.  People who don’t eat the meat and animal protein lower their blood sugar levels more than those on a keto diet. You can starve yourself of carbs completely, and still end up with higher blood sugar levels than those eating as many whole carbs as they want.  See studies by Dr Ornish, and Dr Neil Bernhard.  When they say: ‘all of that sugar turns into fat’, they conflate refined carbs with whole carbs. A Mark K Hellerstein study found: 3-8g fat is stored from sugar and 360-390g from fat.  90% of the fat we store is from fat. On this ketogenic regime a nine year old died of acute pancreatitis and heart attack.  15% of the children had enlarged hearts, one who was taken off the diet normalised. Five scientific papers reported deaths from going keto long-term: Steward et al 2001; Kang et al 2004; Kang et al 2005; Bank et al 2008; Suo et al 2013. The keto community don’t mention any of this.  They themselves put a disclaimer in their own documentary Magic Pill stating their case stories are anecdotal and make no claims they are typical. In other words we’re about to make ridiculous claims and you can’t sue us

The carnivore diet
Originates from a book by Aajonus Vonderplanitz "I Want To Live" based off of his primal diet. According to a real German speaker that name is fake and nonsense. People look up to Vonderplanitz as a superhero and he has a huge cult following.  We’ve got so many truth seekers who are keen to promote Aajonus Vonderplanitz, and they are being hostile and aggressive to people who object to eating animals.  Aajonus was just eating fruit and became emaciated through not eating enough calories before he developed his primal diet of raw meat, raw dairy, eggs, and just a little bit of fruit and honey. Aajonus got hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) dangerously low down to 54. In his book he goes into a story of how he was a vegetarian and ended up nearly dying out in the desert… and out of nowhere some wild coyotes saved him from the brink of death when they killed a rabbit for him and brought it to him to eat, and he got healed within hours of his cancer.  All of a sudden he started to consume raw milk, butter, eggs, dead rabbit and gained weight. He said that was because he ate animal foods but weight will be gained if you an adequate amount of calories, and fat is calorically dense. He claims that water is dehydrating and deep yellow urine is a sign of health.  He claims our ancestors ate food in a raw, live condition and we should eat fats in their uncooked form.  The opening sentence in the Encyclopaedia Britannica on Gastronomy reads: “The first significant step towards the development of gastronomy was the use of fire by primitive man to cook his food.” (Also starch granules have been found in excavations, in the teeth of primitive man and you can’t eat or digest some starchy foods without cooking them.)  There are prehistoric cave paintings, such as those in Les Trois Frères in Ariège, France, that date back 15,000 to 10,000 B.C., depicting the use of fire for cooking   The Greeks considered Prometheus, the bringer of fire, their hero.  According to Aajonus though cooking didn’t come until civilisation. Aajonus believed that raw meat is a cure for anything and everything.  He went to lecture in Robina, Australia, and kept vomiting in his talks. People said 'what's going on I thought this raw meat diet was meant to be good'.  He spent the day and night vomiting in a bath tub. He even said "Don't keep this meat in your house 'cos it's gonna stink too much". He charged someone $400 for a one hour consultation. He looked at his forehead and told him he had a fungal infection (turned out he said the same thing to someone else) and must drink NO water, and to eat green bananas and put pinholes in some eggs and leave them on a windowsill for thirty to forty days until they turn black then eat them, which he did, and ended up in hospital with an IV filled antibiotic and steroids to fight the infection. When he got better he claimed that he had detoxed, when he said “If it’s raw meat and you get sick, it’s a cleanse; if its cooked meat and you get sick its food poisoning’.  How do we explain all those people that died of Ecoli, listeria, botulism, stiga spores, salmonella, and campylobacter?   Aajonus stuck bits of meat inside jars and left it rotting for months to ‘get high’. This practice has really taken off now. He also advised coprophagia (eating your own shite), his recipe was a cut of fatty meat smeared with your own shit and put in a jar in the fridge for 6 months plus.  He says in his book he had 300 heart attacks by the time he was 22. That's about one heart attack a day for a year.  He has NEVER shown any evidence for them nor for having had cancer. He said he had a self-appointed degree in nutrition.  How do you appoint yourself a degree?   He claimed that he helped heal over 200 people of cancer with his approach. His claims are numerous and quite serious.  He has said them in print, but refused to provide evidence.  There are just a few anecdotal claims from a few people who have known a few people who practised the Vanderplanitz experiment, and they reeked of gamey rotted meat, and their cars, house and clothes would carry this pungent funk as well, and any furniture they sat on had to be wiped down and cleansed each time they visited.  Other claims of people having serious health challenges from doing the Vonderplanitz, like osteoporosis at 25, lymphoma cancer, or dental decay. Vonderplanitz’s top teeth were false. There is the case of Jonathan Cole, a very active vegan raw foodist in the UK.  He held several events and worked a chain of juice bars. He had read that eating aged meat would give him energy. He ate some, and became very ill and died 6 weeks after.  Vonderplanitz claimed that we are made of bacteria and ingesting E.coli and all the rest is healthy for us.  This has got such a following of devotees.  On the cover of the magazine “Hunting” with the caption: “Eat what you kill, Joe Rogan celebrates the wild meat movement”, Joe Rogan, who runs a podcast interviewed muscle-bound C T Fletcher, a big name in the fitness industry who used to eat a terrible diet and had several heart attacks, multiple surgeries, and his doctor recommended he get a full heart transplant.  Since it has been proven that a whole plant food diet with no animal products has reversed heart disease, Fletcher decided to give it a try.  He went on Paleo-obsessed Joe Rogan’s podcast and who convinced Fletcher to eat this carnivore diet and scared-mongered Fletcher: “I would like to get you connected to some real nutrition experts that could break down why that might not be the best idea”.  He hooked him up with Chris Kresser (former vegan) whom he referred to as an actual scientist and leading expert. Chris Kresser is NOT a scientist, he’s not an expert in anything. He studied Chinese medicine and acupuncture and runs an on-line fitness blog.  The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ (world’s largest nutrition body of professionals) peer reviewed study confirmed animal-free diets are nutritionally adequate for ALL stages of life from pregnancy, babyhood to old age and for athletes so it would be fine for someone like T C Fletcher. Kresser has no relevant education in the subject. Fletcher would have been helped by someone like Dr Caldwell Esselstyne who is an actual medical doctor, surgeon, heart disease expert, who has his own published research and success cases of how he has reversed heart disease in his patients with whole plant-based diet intervention with no vegetable oil.  And Fletcher could have got real help. This has shown coronary heart disease can be reversed with the diet that Rogan was demonising.  It has been done before.  Rogan had no evidence that meat and animal fat can remedy Fletcher’s heart condition and brings so-called experts on to his podcast, he had ‘Doctor’ Shaun Baker on, who WAS an orthopaedic surgeon until he got his medical license taken away.  Baker eats nothing but meat, mostly steak and ground beef - entirely meat, but admitted that he learned virtually nothing about nutrition in school, and there’s no mention of anything about nutrition in the orthopaedic literature he read. Not an expert on the topic.   He didn't learn about this carnivore diet from a medical journal, he found it on a Facebook page.  Baker is in the diabetic range according to his blood sugar results, very high blood sugar levels yet he's not eating any carbs at all.  A high total cholesterol reading, 205; and insanely low testosterone levels of 237 like those of a middle-aged woman. His Vitamin D levels were low.   Other fanatics of Aajonus Vonderplanitz’s primal diet and philosophy are popping up.  They have a fervour and hatred toward vegans and well-organized directed attacks - can only mean that there is an agenda behind this.  One of them has supposed ex-vegan guests on his channel with a million health issues that do not appear to be genuine and are not very convincing, and vegans on the internet who have built up a following, all of a sudden turning carnist and claiming their health was destroyed by a plant-based diet.  All of a sudden thousands of people who’d nearly died being vegan, in 72 hours are testifying to the healing power of dead flesh… conspiracy? This guy who did those bogus interviews is a follower of Aajonus Vonderplanitz religiously, and has convinced many others to do it. He says if you are not able to be around corpses and blood you’ve been had, cultivated, he says. He says that if there are no animals for him to eat when the government New World Order has its way he would kidnap dogs and cats and might have to eat people. This guy that started out sun-gazing and saying that all food is bad and all food ages you; he starved himself for a whole month just drinking water and staring at the sun. Blamed his starvation, paranoia and mental health problems on veganism.  Sun gazing made him not want to eat and his family had him admitted to hospital and put under observation. Was sent to psychiatry. Sun gazing and starving himself gave him a craving for raw human flesh and he saw visions of people eating organs. He felt mad at the doctors for giving him ‘carbohydrate shit’ and wanted to bite one of them and eat them.  Within the first week eating raw bone marrow he was hospitalised, with campylobacter bacteria.  He was paralysed, he couldn’t even open doors.  Took him a month to recover.  But he thought yeah I’m going to keep doing this.  Eats meat he kept in a jar for a year which he calls ‘high meat’ and says it’s safe and very beneficial for you, so go and do it. He goes out in public and eats wild boar heart and liver and his face and hands are covered in blood, and kids keep staring at him. He sits on park benches eating raw beef, and the butter he eats straight out the wrapping.   He eats cow's heart, lamb's spleen, goat’s lung, liver, heart, kidney from a goat on a farm that was slaughtered especially for him. He eats the thymus too. He especially likes eating fish eyes. He eats 10 month old veal heart, and 5 month old veal liver and goes to Vegan festivals and eats a raw calf’s heart in front of them... a veal heart, a baby...  eating babies' hearts.  Is that what this has come to?   He says if you don't eat any of this you're lacking Vitamin F.  (It's found in avocados, all nuts, all fruits, all seeds, wheat germ, wheat grass, garlic, ginger, soy, chlorella, spirulina, spinach, root veg.) He claims weight loss is bad for you, there are no obese people, as Vonderplanitz claimed. Aajonus Vonderplanitz is proof that people are capable of being so brainwashed they will believe anything.  Now for a genuine testimonial of an ex-carnivore who healed himself by going plant-based.  Used to eat tons and tons and tons of meat and down 12 raw eggs at a time when bodybuilding and power lifting.   The ex-carnivore guy was honest enough to say that some of the men were eating cooked meat and the ones who followed Vonderplanitz to the letter and ate totally raw got really sick because we don't have a carnivore stomach.  He says that since going vegetarian his weight does not yo-yo anymore.  He used to have a fat gut which he lost but still kept all the muscle and looked way better. And when he went plant based he was just as strong, in fact he hit more personal records with strength. He lost visceral fat which is the fat around the organs. He was doing body weight exercises that he could never do before, he could breathe easier, his sleeping was much better, and had better energy levels.  

What about the Eskimos?
One of the confusion tactics is to bring up misinformation about the Eskimos, and one of the most retarded arguments for a carnivore diet.  Inuit Greenlanders had no other choice, they couldn’t grow anything there. Is it right to use people who live at the extremes of the environment and barely surviving off that environment, to justify eating low-carb ketogenic diets?  The only way they could find any green stuff was to cut open a reindeer and pull out the visceral. They could only live off polar bears, whales, walruses, seals and fish, and also from the lichen and moss of caribou, and they ate sea weed, for ten months of the year.  The other few months they could find berries.  How could that happen and they not go into ketosis?  Because they consume the animal fresh and raw, they get enough glycogen out of the animal’s muscle to keep them out of ketosis.  No they were not thriving, and no, they were not eating an exclusively meat only diet, they found sea weed and berries when they could. Omega 3 fats that are concentrated in cold-water marine fish protect the Eskimo from having clinical heart disease and strokes because they thin down the blood, hence the reputation for not having heart attacks - but they do not prevent arterial plaque. Eskimos really do suffer from arteriosclerosis. They have more strokes than the general population. They don’t live long.  They have the worst longevity statistics in North America, mortality twice as high as the Danes.  They are described as appearing young, strong and fit, but rarely do they live past their youth. Mummified remains of Eskimos frozen in the tundra dating back 2,000 years, have shown extensive hardening of the arteries, which showed up on CAT scans and autopsies.  Two women frozen in a tomb of ice for 500 years, one in her 20’s, the other in her 40’s, were autopsied.  Both showed severe atherosclerosis and osteoporosis. So you cannot blame that on modern western junk food of America.  Osteoporosis is a consequence of eating animal foods as they have highly acidic sulphur-containing amino acids that dump a load of sulphuric acid into the body and dissolve the bones, which release alkaline material to neutralise the acid.  Modern North Alaskan Eskimos have had bone density tests done on them.  They have greater bone loss than Caucasians in the US. Eskimos are infected with the trichinella parasite found in muscles.  Feeding at the top of the food chain, Eskimos are highly polluted.  They have a higher rate of cancer that the overall Canadian population and an epidemic level of appendicitis  

The Masai Tribe
People are always lauding the Masai of Kenya. Because when you see pictures of them they look very tall and slender. They are very athletic people, they run about 12 miles a day.  But they have a lot of arterial plaque. They don’t die from heart disease because they don’t live long enough to. They have the worst life expectancy in the modern world, 45 for women and 42 years for men. African researchers report that historically Masai rarely lived beyond age 60. Adult mortality figures on the Kenyan Masai show that they have a 50% chance of dying before the age of 59.2. They eat mainly milk and blood!  And antelope or game when they can find a kill.  Like the South Sea Islanders who didn’t have a long life span, who resorted to fishing and hunting and to cannibalism if they didn’t have enough

The French Paradox
The so-called French Paradox is a term that three Frenchmen came up with in the 80’s to explain a curious finding: on data charts, death from heart attack and the amount of saturated fat and cholesterol countries consume usually correlate. The more animal foods populations eat, the higher their death rates. Two countries didn’t fall in line with that. Finland seemed to be doing worse than expected, and France appeared to be doing better than expected. How could France have saturated fat and cholesterol intake similar to Finland, but five times fewer fatal heart attacks? And they smoke a lot too. It is because there IS no paradox. The French hadn’t always eaten that way, until only recently.  Americans have eaten this way for 40 years, whereas the French had just picked it up—chronic diseases take decades to develop.  There’s another thing.  Doing the maths, comparing coronary death rates to the amount of animal fat and cholesterol levels at the time, France does seem unusually protected. The reason for this seeming paradox is French physician under-report ischemic heart disease deaths on the death certificates by as much as 20 percent, according to a World Health Organization investigation.  If you take that into account, France comes right back in line with the death versus animal fat and death versus cholesterol lines, with about four times the fatal heart attack rates as Japan decades after four times the animal fat consumption.  A chart showed 49 studies, and death by heart disease is connected with animal fat consumption.  Except the French did persist to lie outside the range.  Well, trends in food balance data during the past 25 years suggest that the so-called paradox of their diet having a low rate of heart disease mortality as reported by Dr Renaud and Dr LLorgeril, may be an artefact.  The French food supply has only lately become high in fat. There is no French paradox.

Caveman Past
“Meat grew our brain”
No it didn’t.  The perfect brain food was the large amount of starch stored in tubers and seeds, the amyloplasts - chains of glucose that the brain eats up like crazy. This mix of plants was the shift in the major driving factor in increasing brain size. According to Professor Les Copeland Food Biochemist: “Cooking starchy food was central to the dietary change that triggered and sustained the growth of the human brain”.  Karen Hardy: “Plant foods containing high quantities of starch were essential for the evolution of the human phenotype during the Pleistocene”. Plants were the major part of hunter-gatherer foods.  It was thanks to a combination of carbs (especially starch), the use of fire for cooking, and the evolution of the salivary amylase gene, AMY1, over the last 800,000 years.  We found fossilised dental plaque, starch grains, in Neanderthal skeletons evidencing cooked foods in their diets, in Shanidar Cave in Iraq; and Spy Cave in Belgium.

“We are omnivores”
No, we are not omnivores. Virtually everyone believes this because they are behavioural omnivores.  Eating meat doesn’t make you an omnivore.  Cats nibble grass to bring up hair and fur that get swallowed during grooming which cuts down on the hairballs. From that it can’t be deducted that they are omnivores. Eating it makes them sick, and in the process of throwing up they clear the stomach of parasites and feathers.  People use the B12 argument to say that since B12 can be got from meat that means we must be omnivores – but all herbivore animals get their B12 from soil bacteria.  ALL B12 is made by bacteria. Our ancestors ate meat for survival, current humans DON’T. We have alternatives; ancestors and certain people in isolated pockets of the world didn’t and don’t.  India was a nation that ate fruits and veggies until the imperialist armies, the Muslims and English, invaded and taught them the aberration of eating corpses. Sri Yukteswar was from the Kriya Yoga School and a guru of Paramhansa Yogananda, who considered him an incarnation of wisdom.  He was Lahiri Mahasaya’s disciple and studied the Bible as well as the Bhagavad Gita and was an astronomer and Vedic astrologer.  He had this to say when he wrote about meat eating being contrary to human nature in his book The Holy Science:  “What is natural living? To understand what natural living is it would be necessary to distinguish it from what is unnatural.  Living depends on the selection of: - 1) Food 2) Dwelling and 3) Company.  To live naturally the lower animals can select these for themselves by the help of their instincts and the natural sentinels placed at the sensory entrances - the organs of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste.  With men in general.  However, these organs are so much perverted by unnatural living from very infancy that little reliance can be placed on their judgments. To understand therefore what our natural needs are we ought to depend upon experiment, observation and reason.  What is natural food for man?  First, to select our natural food our observation should be directed to the information of the organs that aid in digestion and nutrition, the teeth and digestive canal, to the natural tendency of the organs of sense which guide animals to their food.”

“We’ve got canine teeth”
Real canines are about 3 times longer than the front teeth. Ours are on the same plane as all the teeth.  They are a modified form of canine prominent in animals such as apes and camels and can hardly be compared to those of true carnivores that have tusk-like mega long vampire canines contrasted with barely developed tiny pointed incisors.  They have jagged molars with space between the points; they shear and swallow without chewing (feline teeth). They have acid saliva without ptyalin (no starch enzymes).  Herbivores have all flat teeth, strikingly developed incisors, canines dull and short or none, flattened molars, no shearing, chew A LOT (horsey teeth). They have alkaline saliva with ptyalin. Frugivorous teeth are all nearly the same height, with rudimentary canines a little projected for defence, which are conical and blunt.  Molars are flattened, no shearing, chew the food (monkeys, chimps). They have alkaline saliva with ptyalin. Omnivores’ incisors are pointy, their canines decidedly carnivorous, but the molars are both bladed and/or flattened to serve a two-fold purpose of shearing and crushing (bears). They have acid saliva and no ptyalin.  Man’s teeth resemble neither those of carnivores, nor those of herbivores, nor those of omnivores.  They resemble exactly those of frugivores. We are not strictly herbivorous like the grazers that digest cellulose that have four chambered stomachs, we eat fruit and starchier vegetation. Our trichromatic vision seeks out fruit; this and vegetables, nuts, grains and seeds we’d naturally eat.  On nourishing babies Sri Yukteswar said:  “We find that milk is undoubtedly the food for the new-born babe.  Abundant milk is not found in the breasts of the mother if she does not take fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables as her natural food.”  He said: “These, being congenial to the system when taken according to the power of the digestive organs well-chewed and mixed with saliva, are always easily assimilated.  Other foods are unnatural to Man, and being uncongenial to the system, unnecessarily foreign to it.  When they are entered into the stomach, they are not properly assimilated.  Mixed with the blood they accumulate in the excretory and other organs not properly adapted to them.  When they cannot find their way out they subside in tissue crevices by the law of gravitation, and being fermented, produce diseases, mental and physical, and ultimately lead to premature death.”

“We have binocular vision so it means we’re predators”
As for the silly forward facings eyes argument, although mammalian carnivores have them like we do, their eyes are constructed very differently.  They see the world in a very different way than we do! They see in black and white and pixel mosaic geared towards detecting movement. Their eyes do NOT have trichromatic colour vision. Omnivores, which are pigs, bears, raccoons, the “everything eaters”, do NOT see in the full colour scale either. Frugivores (apes, gorillas, chimps, monkeys, orangutans and humans) see in the full colour spectrum. Herbivores (bison, rabbits, horses, sheep, cows, deer, goats, giraffes, etc.) see in full colour scale. But to a carnivore, pattern oriented colour vision is a disadvantage because he is more easily fooled by camouflage. Their eyes contain monochromatic rod receptors that function best at night and they have a layer of reflective cells the back of their eye, the tapetum lucidum that amplify low light levels.  That’s why if you shine a light in their eyes it reflects. A carnivore sees six times better at night than we do. They hunt mostly at night when their prey are asleep, because it requires less energy to sneak up on a sleeping animal. The most acute vision in a carnivore’s eyes is a long horizontal strip at the back of the retina called a “visual streak” that allows them to easily track movement.  Whenever something moves they are stimulated to chase it.  If you drag a string along in front of your cat he can’t help it he has to run after it, because they’re hardwired to chase things that are moving, because carnivores eat animals. When scentless new-born fawns lie motionless they are not playing dead, they are pretending to mimic an inanimate object that would have no food value to a carnivore because he doesn’t see detail well. That fawn get pull it off looking like a rock because he doesn’t smell. If something is moving, to a carnivore it can likely be eaten.  Our food does not move. It is anchored in the ground, therefore we don’t have a visual streak in the back of our eye. Our most acute vision is located in the fovea, a dimple in the back of the eye where all the cone photoreceptors are that enable the human eye to see a range of more than 10 million hues. We’re designed to perceive colour in fine detail, 10 times greater than a carnivore, to recognise plants and plant parts.  In the back of the retina we have cones that perceive very vivid and accurate, precise colour vision.  Carnivores have forward facing eyes because it gives them depth of vision they need to come down upon a prey.  However we use our depth of vision for another purpose. We can switch from panoramic viewing to focusing in fine detail.  We see patterns and forms, because plants tend to package their edible parts in showy forms, e.g. pods, fruit, leaves, tubers etc.  Many foliovorous creatures (fruit and leaf eaters) had binocular vision. Egiptopithecus 50 million years ago was a frugivore, by no means a predator, and with same eyes as the modern day hali monkey; a lemur like leaf eater, also frugivore, was binocular; and a binocular howler monkey is a frugivore. There was a study that looked at this, R.A Barton anthropology: “Fine grained stereopsis (binocular vision) is likely to be critical for the visually guided delicate manipulation of plant foods”.  Front facing eyes would help you function well within a forest environment needing arboreal locomotion to determine depth and distance, to judge heights to prevent injury.  It gives you the ability to see through a small object, through a wall of leaves and to see a large animal through a cluttered leafy environment. Predatory animals in the ocean have eyes on the side of the head - sharks and octopi. Eyes on the side, it lives in an open environment. The standard kangaroo lives out in an open environment. But a tree kangaroo, living in a cluttered environment, has a forward facing glance like a Kuala or a sloth. 

Carnivores’ ears swivel like little radar dishes to localise prey

The sense of smell of a carnivore is a whopping 100,000 times more powerful than ours.  Can smell their prey from great distances. Can also identify prey with cancers, infections and metabolic disorders. It's been said that dogs and cats recognise the scent of human illness through the scent of chemical changes. The amino acid methionine feeds certain forms of cancer which are dependent on methionine – this is how dogs can detect skin cancer, skin cancer is methionine dependent and methionine is sulphur containing.  These cancers release sulphur by-products that dogs can smell. Cats can in fact sense death on people.  There was the case of a cat in a nursing home not generally friendly to patients.  He curled up to residents not long before they passed away. The explanation is biochemical rather than psychic.  The animal behaviour experts say the cat is probably smelling a chemical given off by the body.  There is a team that did an analysis of kills by wolf packs at a Natinal Prk in Canada and they found that 80% of the animals had some sort of disease.  When they go off to hunt they are not just randomly chasing things, they are actively seeking the diseased, the sick, the weakened… they are strengthening the gene pool.  They go after the ones that are easier to catch. Less energy expended.  We are using this ability of carnivores to detect cancer by training them to detect people with recurrences of melanoma and colon cancer and their noses are sensitive enough to detect tumours well before they show up on a CAT scan  

You don’t need meat
We know that sugar, high fructose corn syrup, sodas, vegetable oils, artificial additives, man-made trans fats in junk food, processed adulterated foods, and excessive refined carbohydrates - white rice, white bread, white pasta – ruin our health, as does stress, lack of sleep, smoking, chemical pollution, and lack of exercise.  However, since animal flesh and animal secretions are toxic, it will always be animal protein, casein, and animal fat, and the 2-9 percent of naturally occurring trans- fats found in animals, and the acidic environment that animal protein creates. The China Study and this 2014 University of Southern California study show that animal protein is a deadly toxin  Most people think that trans-fats only come in man-made foods, in artificial crap, but they are in fact found in animal flesh, dairy and eggs. They are particularly high in cheese, butter and organ meats, and they are dairy and meat as well. The Transfair Study published in Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, Volume 11, Number 2 (June 1998), pp. 150-160(11) said:  “Abstract: The fatty acid composition of dairy products and meat from 14 European countries was analysed with particular emphasis on trans fatty acids. In cow's milk, butter, and cheese the proportions of trans-fatty acids ranged between 3.2 and 6.2% of fatty acids. Goat's and sheep's milk and cheese contained between 2.7 and 7.1%.  Ice-cream with partially hydrogenated vegetable oils contained between 21 and 31% trans-fatty acids and low-trans modified-fat ice-cream between 0.2 and 0.9%.  Beef contained 2.8-9.5%. Lamb meat 4.3-9.2% trans-fatty acids, whereas pork (0.2-2.2%) and chicken (0.2-1.7%).  17.3 million people die annually of heart disease from eating flesh. Dr Kim Allan Williams the American President of Cardiology MD FACC FASNC FAHA and Chief of Cardiology, Rush University in Chicago, is a plant based nutrition cardiologist (these are growing in number).  He confirmed that heart disease is largely an epidemic due to eating animals, he said chicken and salmon, preferred for being low-fat, are replete with cholesterol.  Animal protein contributes to osteoporosis.  It’s all the acid.  The blood is trying to keep itself at a neutral pH and it withdraws calcium phosphate from the bones to do so.  As for diabetes, most people are unaware that eating meat, or any animal protein, raises insulin just as much as white sugar.  Protein is just as insulinogenic as sugar.  Eating meat spikes insulin just as much as white sugar.  Fish spikes insulin more than white pasta.  Animal protein is loaded with the amino acid leucine which overstimulates the enzyme tor.  Tor is known to accelerate aging and burn out insulin producing beta cells in the pancreas.  Plant protein has way less leucine than animal protein.  You would have to eat a hundred apples to get as much leucine as 100g of steak. And fat getting inside the muscle cells makes it difficult for insulin pathways to work correctly.  The insulin resistance happens because everything is gummed up and glucose can’t get in the cells.   Animal fat can damage the beta cells on the pancreas with lipo-toxicity, and lead to their death.  The genes for diabetes are not dictators, they are activated by eating animal products, promoting insulin resistance.  It doesn’t spike this much from eating the fat you’d find in plants like avocados. Sir Henry Thompson FRCS said “It is a vulgar error to regard meat in any form as necessary to life.  All that is necessary to the human body can be supplied by the vegetable kingdom.”  Sir Benjamin Ward Richardson MD said: “It must be honestly admitted that weight by weight vegetable substance possesses the most striking advantage over animal food in nutritious value”  Dr William S Playfair “Animal diet is not essential to man”.  Dr F J Sykes “BSc “Chemistry is not antagonistic to vegetarianism any more than biology is.  Flesh food is certainly not necessary to supply the nitrogenous products required for the repair of tissues.  Therefore a well selected diet from the vegetable kingdom is perfectly right from the chemical point of view.  For the nutrition of men.  Dr Francis Vatcher FRCS FCS remarks:  “I have no belief that a man is better physically or mentally for taking flesh food.”  Dr Alexander Hague FPCP the leading physician of one of the great London hospitals has written that it is easily possible to sustain life on the products of the vegetable kingdom needs no demonstration for physiologists even if the majority of the human race were not constantly engaged in demonstrating it, and my researchers show not only that it is possible but that it is infinitely preferable in every way and produces superior powers both of mind and body.  Dr M F Kurays in the American Practitioner and News July 1902 concluded a scientific article as follows: “Let me state first that the flesh of warm-blooded animals is not essential as a diet, for the purpose of maintaining the human body in perfect health.”  The dean of the faculty in Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia said “It is a well-known fact cereals as articles of daily food hold a high place in the human economy.  They contain constituents apply sufficient to sustain life in it highest form.  If the value of food products were better known, it would be a good thing for the race.  Nations live and thrive upon them alone.  And it has been fully demonstrated that meat is not a necessity”.  And these statements are all from the writings of well-known men who have studied the chemistry of foods, and there are many more other than these

Fishy on a Little Dishy
Many health professionals and scientists recommend you eat fish to improve your health. They say it reduces your risk of heart disease and is a necessity for Omega 3’s and DHA, and so people believe it’s good for them. According to a report by the Environmental Working Group, an analysis of fish contaminant data, people who follow the government’s guidelines on seafood consumption are likely to consume too much mercury and too few Omega 3’s!  The plant kingdom is abundant with Omega 3 fatty acids.  Yet fish oil is one of the most advertised, promoted and widely used supplements in the world!  The original research that led to DHA being named as essential for human brain function was based solely on the discovery that the human brain contained DHA. Therefore, humans should consume DHA. This misrepresentation of our biochemistry has been repeated to us via television ads for fish oil supplements, something that is NOT true! This is not how the human body works. The argument for DHA/EPA from fish has never been a viable one because it suggests that from the moment you consume fish oil/flesh the brain uses what you have eaten in that form. But it doesn’t because it can’t. Like animal protein the DHA/EPA consumed will just get broken down, leaving the body to do with it whatever it does.  The latest mass advertising campaign is from the fishing industry telling us that since our brains are made of DHA fatty acids, we must consume DHA from fish. The bioavailability of EFA from fish is very delicate.  These fats are not stable when exposed to heat, light or air, and turn rancid after around 15 minutes of exposure! Rancid oil is toxic.  Cold-pressed oils are known to go rancid if they are not stored properly or kept in the fridge after opening.  But fish oil is VERY prone to rancidity even under proper conditions and easily goes bad.  Most people who consume fish oil are consuming rancid oil without even knowing it.  The turpentine smell that fish oil often has and the fish oil burps that people often get are signs of rancidity.  Fish oil rancidity is the number one complaint that consumers report.  Most fish oil is exposed to high temperatures and will then be exposed to light and air many times before it reaches anyone’s mouth, rendering the EFA devoid of benefits and it will have the opposite effect it was intended for. They actually heat treat these oils. Taking these oils will strip your EFA from your cells and interrupt regular respiratory processes of the cells.  The EFA found in flax, chia, or hemp seeds are rich with all of the omegas, and will aid in the assimilation of other nutrients made by the body that are obtained from fruits and vegetables. These seeds also are superior in terms of bioavailability. Furthermore, fish oils suppress the immune system, which can promote cancer and increase susceptibility to viral infections; and can cause severe bleeding.  Fish fat also inhibits the action of insulin, thus increasing a person’s tendency to suffer from diabetes. Fish are high on the food chain, and become highly contaminated with environmental pollutants and mercury. In America, seafood ranked third on the list of products which caused food-borne disease between 1983 and 1992.  The most commonly reported marine toxin disease in the world is ciguatera – associated with consumption of contaminated reef fish such as barracuda, grouper, and snapper.  Ciguatera presents as diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, vomiting, paraesthesia, pain in the teeth, pain on urination, blurred vision, arrhythmias, and heart block   Another common problem from fish is Scombroid poisoning.  This type of food toxin is caused by consuming scombroid and scombroid-like marine fish species that have begun to spoil with the growth of certain types of bacteria.  Fish of the Scombridae family are tuna, salmon and mackerel.  Fish eat other fish that eat plankton and algae, which are contaminated with environmental pollutants.  Because these chemicals are attracted and concentrated in the fat of the fish, they become even more concentrated as the chemicals move up the food chain, by a process known as bio-magnification.  The fish most chemically laden are tuna, swordfish and shark, which are predators of smaller sea life. Polychlorinated biphenyl exposure (PCB) of children born to women who had eaten large quantities of Lake Michigan fish resulted in poorer intellectual function compared to other children.  Methylmercury is a global environmental problem and is listed by the International Program of Chemical Safety as one of the six most dangerous chemicals in the environment.  A recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine warned that many fish contain such high levels of mercury that they may actually increase your risk of a heart attack.  In this study, toenail clippings from men with a history of a previous heart attack provided evidence of the person’s accumulation of mercury.  Mercury is known to be toxic to the nervous system and kidneys, but long-term exposure may also accelerate the development of arthrosclerosis by promoting free radical damage to the arteries.  Free radicals donate electrons to tissues and cause damage leading to many common diseases.  Fish can be a major source of mercury in a very toxic form called methylmercury.   This substance may counteract all the hypothesized benefits of Omega-3 fats for preventing heart disease. A final study the authors concluded, “Fish oil treatment for 2 years does not promote favourable changes in the diameter of atherosclerotic coronary arteries.”  Fish, in too many minds, has become “health food.” 
As far as the practice of fishing is concerning, fish do feel pain like mammals.  Their nervous systems are far more complex than we thought.  Joseph Garner of Produe University and his colleagues in Norway reported that a study on goldfish found they reacted to pain consciously rather by merely reacting to stimuli with a reflex.  Scientists in Edinburgh in 2003 claimed to witness conclusive evidence of pain reception in fish, including receptors in the heads of rainbow trout which responded to electrical and chemical shocks.  Upon injecting bee venom into the fish, the fish demonstrated a rocking motion which was similar to pain responses seen in mammals.  Dr Lynn Sneddon PhD Director of Bio-veterinary Science confirmed the behaviour witnessed in the study fulfils the criteria for pain.  It has been confirmed by other scientist explorers that fish are intelligent and social. Crustaceans used for food suffer great cruelty.  Lobsters and crabs are often boiled alive. Being plunged into a pot of boiling water while still conscious hurts these sentient animals, as a child I remember hearing the screams of one.  They show it by frantically scrabbling at the sides of the pot in terror for up to a minute before they die.  Some cooks dismember or declaw them without painkillers.

The milk of human kindness
That cool glass of pure lily white milk came from a dark place.  Cows don’t just make milk and need milking. Cows must be pregnant to lactate, as must humans.  Farmers manipulate the bull until he blows and then they take the cum and shove it up the cow in a steel knitting needle-like device and shoot it up her cervix - after they've put their fist up her ass to loosen the area first.  Got bestiality?  After she gives birth her calf goes into a wheelbarrow to be stolen from her and locked in a crate, because if it stayed around long he'd get the milk, and that shit's for us. Child kidnap. They have convinced you that you need to have it or you may not grow, you may die, you’ll get sick, and you wouldn’t dare raise your children without having a cow nurse them, would you? The dairy industry has done a good job on targeting your children.  Can you imagine raising a child without milk intended for a calf?  You’d get criticism.  You could even be accused of child abuse for raising your child without bovine milk. Are you dependent upon the milk of another species of animal for your health? On milk that is suited to the nutritional needs of an animal that has four stomachs and gains hundreds of pounds in a few months, and doubles its size about 4 times as fast as you do? It is milk for growing calves.  Why the hell should people have it?  The earliest known evidence for the practice of dairying is as old as 6,000 in certain areas of the world; in western European countries it’s about 3,000.  Humans have been around for 100,000 years before we started using other mammals for their milk, so clearly we don’t need it.  To argue that any mammal needs to drink the milk of another species is just absurd.  Nature or the Creator never intended that as adults we would be drinking our own milk, let alone the milk of another species.   As soon as we are weaned we stop making lactase, the enzyme that digests the milk sugar, lactose.  All mammals stop drinking milk once they are weaned and stop making lactase and the majority of the world is lactose intolerant.  The only people who are lactase persistent, have some genetic mutation that they continue making lactase through their lifetime. They are from places where the practice of dairying was common, people from Northern European countries and certain east African tribes. Dairy calcium has been found NOT to protect the bones but to cause osteoporosis.  Women who drink the most milk have the most hip fractures. Dairy consumption is highest in countries that have the most osteoporosis. The casein proteins are linked to a number of cancers due to the IGF-1 which is a very powerful cancer stimulator.  Exposing infants early to cow’s milk increases their risk of type 1 diabetes, respiratory problems, liver cancer and all autoimmune disorders because the baby can’t digest this foreign protein. Children have suffered fissures and bloody bowel movements, constipation, headaches, obesity, ear infections, asthma, acid reflux, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s Disease, eczema, Parkinson’s, autism, bedwetting, snotty nose, all from dairy consumption. Go to and put in ‘Cow’s Milk’ and you will pull up all these problems.  Cow’s milk proteins are linked to reproductive cancers in adults because the Estradiol hormone is in every glass of milk you drink, as well as bovine growth hormones. Also it carries the bovine AIDS virus, bovine leukaemia virus, faecal matter and antibiotics, and gives rise to kidney stones from pissing out calcium, and anaemia as dairy inhibits iron absorption. Milk is allowed to have up to 750,000 pus cells per cc in it.  In the dairy industry cattle used to be fed dead cows but they can’t do that anymore, now they are fed chickens and pigs, they take the chickens’ poop and scoop it up and make pellets out of it and feed it to the cows.  They scoop up cow blood from the slaughter house and make formula for the calves with it. AIDS and leukaemia are more common in the dairy consuming populations.  They are retro viruses, they incorporate into your DNA.  Pasteurisation of the milk breaks their RNA chains into smaller more infectious fragments that can incorporate into your DNA.  Pour yourself a fresh cool glass of leukaemia virus.  All just to give you that, cows have their babies stolen from them. If the calf is male he will be murdered for veal when he is a very tender young age.  Cows vocalize for a number of reasons with a wide range of frequencies of moos, and if they are mooing because they are distressed, which is most of the time on a dairy farm, it's much higher pitched. She starts bleating louder and louder, the distress call is the worst cry she makes as she screams and bellows day after day for her stolen baby to be given back to her. And falls into deep depression. Other animals reared for their milk endure the same, goats and sheep are also impregnated over and over again and have their young torn from their side.  She is inseminated again within 3 months, and kept pregnant every year and milked by machine powered mammary thievery and she bears calves again and again that are taken… until she is spent, and slaughtered for burgers when she would have had at least 15 more years to live out her natural lifespan.  A cow cries out for her calf that was taken, night after night after night after night but nobody gives a shit.  Workers at the farms are well aware of it and call it a ‘reflux’.  Is there no milk of human kindness in them or in us?          

Sunny Side Down
For forty years they’ve been telling us not to eat cholesterol and all of a sudden it’s okay… a study claims that ‘dietary cholesterol has nothing to do with cardiovascular disease you can eat as much of it as you want and in fact it’s good for you’… how did that happen?  It’s money talking. The egg industry have all the money in the world to buy all the funds and scientists and lobbyists they want.  Everyone assumes that chickens just lay eggs and that’s it.  Natural hens in the wild that haven’t been tampered with genetically produce 12 to 13 eggs per year, similar to a woman’s ovulation cycle.  Hens in today’s egg industry have been genetically manipulated to lay up to as many as 350 eggs per year.  They were hybridised and descended from the red jungle val which lays about 60 eggs a year but forced to produce more massive numbers of eggs by having their brooding and nesting process interfered with.  Their eggs are constantly taken away; it makes her body respond instinctively by producing more eggs.  Producing an egg is taxing for a hen.  Constantly laying eggs devastates her body by taking many nutrients out of her to nourish a baby, taking a great amount of calcium from her bones to build the shell.  They end up with debilitating osteoporosis and paralysis and fatty liver disease due to their liver cells working overtime to make fat and protein for egg yolks.  She becomes too weak to stand, and if too weak to pass an egg, is referred to as ‘egg-bound’.  They tend to get infections from broken stuck eggs backed up inside their oviducts, prolapses, peritonitis and ovarian cancers.  125,000 hens crammed in one excrement filled shed that stinks of toxic ammonia fumes is standard.  Chicks are de-beaked even on free-range farms with hot blades up to 1500°F. Their beaks have an extensive nerve supply.  Many chicks can’t eat after this from the pain and die. They have a natural tendency to consume their own eggs to replenish lost calcium and nutrients from constant egg production and without their beaks cannot do this, because mutilating the beak was to prevent this behaviour - because those eggs are for sale.  Hundreds of millions of chicks are bred into existence to meet the global demand for eggs.  About half are born male.  Roosters are not going to lay eggs, and egg laying breeds of chicken (selected exclusively for maximum egg production) don't grow fast enough or large enough to make profit for meat. Therefore the males are of no use.  At a day old they are ground up alive, or discarded in garbage bags and left to suffocate.  This is standard practice.  It is standard also to starve hens, deny them of water, and keep them in the dark for up to 14 days, to shock their bodies into a rapid intense egg laying cycle, a process known as forced molting.  Many die during the process.  Those who live are forced molted again.  At one and a half years of age most hens are spent and sent off for slaughter and usually end up in canned soups, chicken pies, and products such as these in which their bodies can be shredded to hide the bruises and deformities from consumers.  Even on the highest quality humane organic and free-range farms when a hen’s egg production decreases and it isn’t profitable to keep her, she will be killed, and the flesh will be sold.  For the thousands that are deformed or lack muscle tissue, disposal includes grinding the birds alive, gassing them or dumping them into landfills.  In 2003 at Ward Egg Ranch in San Diego County, about 15,000 spent hens were tossed alive into a wood chipping machine. Chickens are not covered by any animal welfare act. The district attorney said this was a common industry practice.  They also use the Jet-Pro system to turn spent hens into animal feed.  They can be ground up on site when company trucks enter egg laying operations – using a portable grinder.  The remains are put through a texturiser and shred into pellets.  This is sold and fed to livestock – including cows, pigs and other hens.  Eggs are not even healthy.  They can contribute to heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  Egg yolk consumption increases carotid artery plaque build-up.  The American Egg Board is not allowed to reference eggs as healthy or safe... because they’re not. The USDA prohibited it. But they can say things like ‘nutritionally dense’ or ‘awesome and cool’ in their advertising.  They get generous subsidies from the government.  They wedge their way into the medical and educational systems.  As the truth about this industry continues to be exposed, more creative ads and campaigns will ramp up – watch out.  The organic and free-range and happy egg label is more deceptive marketing.  Keeping 20,000 hens in one shed that’s dark still counts as free-range. To get the certification all they have to do is demonstrate that the poultry have access to the outside.  This could be one small opening.  And they are allowed to print images of happy hens on green pastures on egg boxes even if the hens are living in tiny dark cages.  An undercover investigation into COSCO’s egg suppliers found them suffering in battery cages.

Tell ‘em about the honey, mummy
Honey is marketed as healthful when it is isn’t.  It’s the contents of a bee’s stomach, that’s it.  Bees need their honey to live, we don’t. Humans require infinitely more nutritive factors than bees. The desirable sugars in honey are rendered toxic by the protective acids imparted to them by the bees, which serve as preservatives.  Bees have enzymes to break these down, we don’t. When humans ingest it, the manite acid in honey is a protoplasmic poison and interacts with protein forming alcohol, ammonia and carbonic acid; this is more acid forming than beet and cane sugar and draws calcium from the teeth and bones if needed.  When humans eat honey, it reabsorbs moisture from our stomach and from our stomach flora, and destroys our symbiotic bacterial population.  As for royal jelly, no medical studies have demonstrated any therapeutic benefits. Worker bees secrete royal jelly from their salivary glands to feed their young larvae.  Stealing it is taking away the only food that develops workers into queens.  “Like bee pollen, it has been falsely claimed to be especially nutritious, to provide buoyant energy, and to have therapeutic properties.” – Stephen Barrett M.D.  Buckwheat honey outperforms dextromethorphan for soothing a cough, according to a 2007 study done on 139 children from Penn State College of Medicine.  We have so much we can make sweet treats from, there is no loss. Agave nectar, rice nectar, barley nectar and molasses coconut nectar.  The honey of a bee is a regurgitation which is why it tastes a bit like barf. It is insulation for the hives and food for bees and their young, doesn’t belong to us and we don’t need it.  Bee keepers steal it and given them high fructose corn syrup.  You know what that terrible stuff does to us, what’s it going to do to them? According to the News in the last decade or so the bees are disappearing.  And when the bees start to go we’re not far behind.  Insert sad violin music here. We’ve been polishing furniture with their beeswax that they make to build their hives. They’ve been keeping bees in apiaries which are open environments, so that the bees can go pollinate.  To make sure the queen stays put they rip her wings off.  It’s mean and far from all-natural. What you think of as free-range honey, if you go down to the woods, put your hand under a beehive to scoop some, the hive will sting you mercilessly. And a bee dies if she stings someone.  Bears raid beehives to eat the larvae, insects and bugs, and the bees. But they are covered in thick hair and are natural omnivores; they eat anything, and need this type of protein. Not the human… the Honey Monster that went on to ruin more lives… if every bee species were to drop dead tomorrow it would devastate agriculture and food sources worldwide, and plant life as we’d lose the pollinators.  Bees are not exactly unimportant, are they? But if the all-important human were wiped off the face of the earth, every other living thing would benefit.

Woe in sheep’s clothing
We think there’s no harm in wool, all comfy and cosy, and farmers lovingly shear their sheep on a lush hillside.  After all, it’s just a by-product and sheep need shearing, don’t they?  No.  They need their wool in the cold months, and would shed their winter coat in summer naturally – if they weren’t genetically modified to produce excess. So much that their wool no longer sheds but just keeps on growing. Now they need shearing. Thousands die of heat exhaustion in summer.  The wool is not a by-product and doesn’t come from small farms.  It is a global profit driven industry and the farmers are paid by weight by the hour. It makes a lot of people at the top a lot of money. It’s a cruel, brutal industry. There is a staggering amount of sadistic handling by miserable angry workers of the sheep leaving them with deep cuts and lacerations to their body.  Udders, ears and genitals get cut.  Undercover footage from a ‘responsibly sourced wool supplier’ shows the workers holding them down and using needles and thread on the spot to stitch up the wounds, and the sheep are left to heal or die without any anaesthetic. Sheep are prey animals and so they are terrified of being pinned down. But that’s the quickest way to shear dozens and dozens of sheep per day. Injuries from sheer abuse do happen in shearing warehouses.  Sheep are generally sheered in the spring before they would naturally shed their winter coats and because temperatures are often still cold thousands of sheep die every year from exposure to the cold from premature shearing.  Lambs are castrated without anaesthetic, by rubber band around the scrotum until the testicles drop off, tails are docked using a knife or the rubber ring method, and their ears are hold punched.  The selective breeding and excess wool creates wrinkled folded skin that collects bacteria.  On their backsides they have a painful bloody process done called mulesing, cutting off strips of their ass where poo and skin folds and wool collect flies and maggots, and although it is to prevent flystrike, a parasitic infection, yet mulesing causes tetanus, infections and blood loss that leads to premature death. It increases the risk of cancerous growths, including vulva cancer in females.  They are not going to clean the bums of millions of sheep at a time. Wool shearing employees are often not paid a set amount per hour but by how much wool they can attain.  The sheep often get prolapses where it all falls out their back end. All sheep are sent to slaughter when their production declines, when they’re too old or weak.  After a life of torture here many are exported by plane, truck or ship, to other countries for slaughter.  In many countries they are dismembered while still conscious.  In the wool industry many ranchers consider animals in the area - kangaroos in Australia and coyotes in the US - be a pest to the farmers and kill them.  Because it’s on their property ranchers can do whatever they want to them without fear of consequences.  They leave traps which kill any animal and wildlife in the area. Wool production requires vast amounts of land and water.  Crazy amounts of excrement leak into ground water and rivers.  Toxic pesticides to ward off pests can remain in the wool you wear.  Wearing wool is as cruel as wearing fur.  Please do not purchase anything made from: angora, mohair, cashmere, shearling, shahtoosh, pashmina, or simply labelled “wool”

Worm spit
You may have assumed that silkworms just produce silk by weaving cocoons; when silk companies mention the process, they skim over the fact that the animal has died. Quite often they don’t even mention the caterpillar. You will hear the silk has been ‘extracted’ or the cocoons are ‘treated’ - not that the cocoons contain the living caterpillars (silkworms).  While they are caterpillars, they spin a cocoon around themselves made of a protein fibre they produce from their saliva.  That means they need it. To obtain silk, manufacturers boil or steam the cocoons, to soften them up to extract the silk and unwind it from the cocoons.  The caterpillars are still ALIVE inside the cocoons while they are being boiled. Then the cocoon is unwound and the silk is extracted. If allowed to live past their pupae stage and emerge from their cocoons as moths, as they chew their way out they would severely shorten the length of the silk threads and the value and lustre of the material would be decreased. That’s why silk farmers kill them off.  Before this young life has its transformation its life is cut short violently and painfully and will never grow into a moth.   Silk can be found not only in clothes but in some skincare and haircare products.

 Licked with diseases
This is how animals dish out pay-back in uncanny ways with ailments that are astoundingly precise.  Closing your heart off to animals’ suffering and eating animals, will then result in a build-up of cholesterol and a heart attack.  Because cholesterol is only found in animal products. Dr William C Roberts MD said: “When we kill animals to eat them, they end up killing us because their flesh – which contains cholesterol and saturated fat – was never intended for human beings, who are natural herbivores”.  Next, we overfeed and sometimes force feed animals. As a result we end up getting obesity.  The more animal you gorge on the more obese you get. Stealing milk from the breast of a cow can result in one losing their own breast.  This is because the more oestrogen someone is exposed to over a lifetime the more incidence of breast cancer and 60-80% of oestrogen is consumed through dairy products.  We rape farmed animals through artificial insemination and deprive them of their natural sex life.  The cholesterol of the offspring of these raped animals builds up and clogs the penile artery causing erectile dysfunction.  We shoot cattle before slaughter in the head with a captive bolt pistol, which is an air powered pistol.  Later the cholesterol from these cattle clogs the arteries in the brains of people leading to stroke and Alzheimer’s.  Molecular mimicry and autoimmune diseases are eerie ways in which the animals have one last say.  It starts with animal proteins from meat and milk making their way through the gut wall that is known as Leaky Gut (also caused by vegetable oil, junk diet, drugs, preservatives, aspirin, and gluten for Coeliac Disease sufferers).  This is where animal proteins enter our bloodstream and our immune system creates antibodies to these proteins and destroy them.  Problem is, we too are animals and so we have animal protein, we have a lot of these same amino acids that these eaten animals have.  For example, the cells that make insulin in our pancreas have the exact same sequence of 17 amino acids as milk protein. A study showed: “The association between insulin dependent diabetes and early consumption of cow’s milk may be explained by the generation of a specific immune response to beta casein”.  So we steal baby cows and turn them into veal and as a result when we feed our own children cow’s milk they then get Type I diabetes.  Sausages and hamburgers, luncheon meats, are the entire ground-up animal and have all sorts of parts. Proteins from the skin and joints of animals cause cirrhosis and arthritis.  Casein becomes deposited in the skin of some people and we see antigens in people with arthritis.  Eating pig thyroid hormone in hamburgers you can end up with thyroid disease.  It’s called hamburger thyrotoxicosis. Pain experienced by confined factory farmed animals can be echoed by systemic distal polyneuropathy which is like a constant sharp burning pain caused by the damaged blood vessels in the nerves from eating animals.  It can be regressed within just a few days of being on a total plant based diet.  Even the act of chewing dead animal flesh in your mouth can lead to periodontal disease. When you eat death and suffering you become it. It manifests as disease in the body.  You can’t put death, violence and cruelty inside your body and it not manifest somehow. Seneca had this to say about the detriment to health from flesh consumption:  “In the simpler times there was no need of so large a supernumerary force of medical men, nor of so many surgical instruments or of so many boxes of drugs. Health was simple for a simple reason: many dishes have induced many diseases. No wonder that with so discordant diet, disease is ever varying.  Count the cooks - you will no longer wonder at the innumerable number of human maladies.”  The carcass on the dish licks you with diseases.  Seneca summed that up 2,000 years ago when he said maladies come to man because of dishes.  Pythagoras said:  “For as long as man continues to be the ruthless destroyer of lower beings he will never know health or peace”…. and “In deed he who sows the seeds of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love”.  The Bhagavad Gita says:  “The course of karma is unfathomable.”  A passage in the ancient scriptures of the Hindus refers to the fact that even in India some of the lower castes at that early period commenced to feed on flesh; it said that in ancient times only three diseases existed: one was old age, but that now since people started eating flesh, 78 new diseases had arisen. That diseases might come from the devouring of corpses has been recognised for thousands of years.  If it’s creating suffering for other beings it’s creating suffering for you. What goes around goes around, goes around…. and comes all the way back around.

Leaky Gut
The real cause of this leaky gut problem they talk about is not grains or being vegetarian, the cause is eating flesh. Researchers found that after eating meat your gut flora quickly takes a turn for the worst. The probiotic bacteria in our gut can manipulate our cravings. They can hijack our vagus nerve and play with our emotions and affect our stress levels.  When you eat flesh and other animal products the gut is in a state of dysbiosis, an imbalance that gives rise to the list of common diseases (including autism). Dysbiosis can have crazy effects on you mentally as well, including bad memory. Faecal transplant is increasingly accepted as a medical treatment for some diseases. Someone got a faecal transplant from a hunter-gatherer from the Hadza tribe of Tanzania because it was thought that these people living away from the modern world would have healthy guts, and it turns out they have the highest level of microbial diversity in their gut - but the article that was reported completely ignored the fact that they eat an 80% plant based diet. There was a 2014 study that was published in the journal Nature that compared people on a high animal food diet with a high plant diet, and the animal diet within 24 hours cause a bloom in bilophila wadsworthia which is a bacteria that’s associated with inflammation and colitis.  Animal protein in the colon ferments to hydrogen sulphide which rips apart your colon lining and your DNA which is why it is called genotoxic.  Eating the plant based way reduces pathobionts (potential pathogens) and gives the colon more F.prausnitzii which plays a protective role in metabolic disease.  Meat and eggs have carnitine which get broken down by our gut microbes and summon up unfriendly bacteria.  Our liver turns it into tri-methylamine oxide which has shown cholesterol build and is linked to atherosclerotic heart legions which are the main factor in cardiac death. People who don’t eat meat don’t have high levels of the specific microbes that break down carnitine into TMAO because they don’t need it - because they don’t eat carnitine. Your body makes carnitine naturally.  But the TMAO levels of someone that just ate a steak are high.  Rotting flesh doesn’t ferment it putrefies. If you eat a diet of primarily animal products which have no fibre in them you end up with a colon full of protein residue, they become toxins, NOT anything beneficial, they have the foul smell of a rotting corpse and bacteria act on them that populate your gut similar to the bacteria found in the colon of carnivorous animals. When these bacteria act on this protein residue they create compounds called cresol, cadaverine, and putrescine.  When these are absorbed, they actually negatively affect mental functioning and increase depression and anxiety.  Cresol interferes with the ability of nerve cells to make myelin.  Myelin is the insulation that acts around the axons of cells in the central nervous system and helps them function normally.  The putrefactive actions of the animal proteins modify the way the DNA in oligodendrocytes (myelin producing cells in the central nervous system).  They turn off their ability to transcribe the genes which tell them to make myelin.  That’s one of the ways they interfere with the information in the central nervous system and cause clinical psychiatric disease.  When we eat plant fibre the bacteria in our colon break down fibre into compounds that have a beneficial effect on our body. Good gut flora needs fibre. Fibre fermentation is essential for normal physiology and brain function. A diet high in fibre gives you a much thicker layer of healthy mucus which prevents bacteria getting into your bloodstream and makes a lot of butyrate and beneficial clostridia which keeps the bacterial cells happy and upregulates your healthy bacteria and you have a very healthy colon. Eating plant based gives you really healthy gut flora. The gut can make a complete 180 in just 24 hours.  When you have a meat and fat rich and fibre poor diet THIS is what happens: Changes in bacterial populations selecting species that inhibit fibre fermentation and promote putrefaction disrupt your microbiome, reduce the layer of mucus where opportunists toxins latch on to the gut lining and cause inflammation. And this is called Leaky Gut. Toxins enter the body. Cooking meat does not destroy these endotoxins. A single meal high in fat can induce these endotoxins and ramp up the inflammation in your body.  Leaky Gut causes depression. The higher level of inflammation the higher level of dementia. When you look at a graph of meat consumption versus Alzheimer’s what you see in those countries with increasing consumption of meat they have the highest levels of Alzheimer’s.
Off The Scales Obesity
We’re not just talking chubby babies, but clinically obese babies, before they even left their mother’s breast.  The Harvard School of Public Health found that rates of infant obesity shot up 1980 and 2001 and evidence points to environmental toxins going through the umbilical cord.  95% of toxins come from animal products because in agriculture toxins are bio accumulated through the food chain.  Each step 10 x concentration of PCBs.  Alaskan salmon are laced with them.  Beef and chicken industries make nearly a quarter of a billion dollars a year off school lunches with the most hormone laden meat out there. Toxins and compounds that are causing this insane obesity are obesogens - not a calorie-cum-lack of exercise problem. Calories can drop while weight can continue to rise.  We know this because experiments have been done on rats fed with a toxin that grew obese in 6 months.  How do we know it is happening this way with humans?  Answer: babies, obese babies.  An increase in them by 73% since 1980!  It can’t be overeating.  The babies are still being breastfed.  New-born babies have over 287 chemicals in their umbilical cord blood, most of the toxins, 95%, are coming from animal fats (ScienceDirect) because of bioaccumulation up the food chain and toxins are stored in fat.  If you eat at the top of the food chain you are going to get the worst of it.  Tributyltins trigger the generation of new fat cells and enlarge existing ones and are found bio-accumulated in seafood.  These obesogens are endocrine disruptors.  They mimic oestrogen and screw with our lipid metabolism.  Cattle are fed oestrogen to fatten them up.

And all because the lady loves steak
There is evidence that slaughterhouse workers can experience psychological trauma. They suffer from PTSD  But over time they convince themselves: “I have to do this to support my family to make a living”.  They force themselves to go through it.  Meat packers and slaughter house workers are often exploited, undocumented immigrants.  Through no choice they have to work in highly dangerous environments, and end up traumatized from doing the job. Freemason C. W. Leadbeater’s essay on “Vegetarianism and the Occult” addressed children being sent to do these horrific jobs, probably before some child labour laws came out, as children were put to work in these slaughter houses back then.  He said: “How it is the breath of death to many a mother’s darling, how these pest houses make not only plague for kids’ bodies but for their souls also. Children in Chicago were employed in revolting and cruel work and the whole trend of their thoughts were directed towards killing. On occasion one was too sensitive to endure the sights and sounds – the battle between man’s cruel lust and the rights of a creature to its own life.”  The document goes on: “I read an article of how one boy returned home day after day pale and sick and unable to eat or sleep, and finally came to that minister of the Gospel of the Compassionate Christ and told him that he was willing to starve if necessary, but that he could not wade in blood another day.  The horrors of the slaughter had so affected him that he could no longer sleep. Yet this is what many a boy is doing and seeing from day to day until he becomes hardened to the taking of life.  And then some day instead of cutting the throat of a lamb or a pig he kills a man, and straight away we turn our lust for slaughter upon him and think that we have done justice.  I read that a woman who does much philanthropic work in the neighbourhood of these pest houses declares that what most impresses her about the children is that they seem to have no games except games of killing, that they have no conception in relation to animals except the relation of the slaughter to the victim.  This is the education to which so-called Christians are giving to the children of the slaughter house, a daily education in murder, and then they express surprise at the number and brutality of the murders in that district, yet your Christian public goes on serenely saying its prayers and singing its psalms and listening to its sermons as it no such outrages were being perpetrated against God’s children in that sinkhole of pestilence and crime.  Surely the habit of eating dead flesh has produced a moral apathy among us.”  He went on:  “No one who kills can go very far along the path of holiness.  We do even worse than if we actually killed, for in order to shield ourselves from the personal commission of the act of killing and still reap its results, we force a fellow being through economic necessity to devote his entire time to murder, thereby brutalising him to such an extent that the law will not allow him to act as a juror in cases of capital crime because his business has so familiarised him with the taking of life”.  This is referring to slaughter house workers.  He referred to the wickedness of causing degradation in other men, the dirty work we put upon the slaughter house worker.  He said:  “If you yourself had to use the knife or the poll axe and slaughter the animal before you so you could feed upon its flesh, you would realise the sickening nature of the task, and would soon refuse to perform it.  Would the delicate ladies who devour sanguinary beef steaks like to see their sons working as slaughter men?  If not, then they have no right to put this task upon some other woman’s son.  We have no right to impose upon a fellow citizen work for which we ourselves decline to do It may be said that we force no one to undertake this abominable means of livelihood but in eating this horrible food we are making a demand that someone shall brutalise himself, that someone shall degrade himself.  You know that a class of men has been created by the demand for this food”. That practice turns you into a secondary psychopath.  Whether or not you are a psychopath to begin with, it will turn a normal healthy functioning brain of an individual into the brain of a secondary psychopath, that will be indistinguishable in behavioural characteristics from a Type I psychopath.  Leadbeater went on to say that men who become brutalised from murdering animals for a living prove themselves brutal in other relations as well.  “They are savage in their disposition and bloodthirsty in their quarrels.  And I have heard it stated that in many a murder case, evidence has been found that the criminal employed, the particular twist of the knife which was characteristic of the slaughter man.  You must surely recognise that here is an unspeakably horrible work, and that if you take any part in the terrible business, even that of helping to support it, you are putting another man in the position of doing, not in the least for your need, but merely for the gratification of your lusts and passions, work that you would under no circumstances consent to do yourself.”  Leadbeater talked about how man is not a brute but means to be kind if only he knew how.  He does not think, he goes on from day to day and does not realise he is taking part all the time in an awful crime.  But facts are facts and there is no escape from them.  Everyone who is partaking of this abomination is helping to make this a possibility and shares the responsibility for it.”  

Meat the Agenda
The weirdest thing in the truth movement is this new counter-movement of carnists who are associating veganism with Agenda 21, which is pornographically stupid. They are either fools or misinformation agents.  So many truthers who are awake on so many other levels all of a sudden have come to this conclusion. Many of the people pushing this idea are also claiming that eating raw animal corpses is the correct, natural, healthy diet for humans.  They are nicknaming veganism the “New World Order DIEt”.  The things they are saying is that plants are unnatural man-made toxic concoctions that the government are pushing to keep the people weak, sick, and enslaved, and that the only ones who will eventually be allowed to eat meat will be the elite. Ignore the fact that Burger King doesn’t exist, McDonalds chains don’t exist, all these fast food eateries, none of these exist... because everywhere is vegan, no meat available at all. And all the cookery programmes on TV, Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey, all pushing meat consumption, there are no profile vegetarian or vegan chefs. They are saying that the trash is for the slaves and meat is superior, because it is the rich food the kings and queens ate. (The Horus Study in 2011 of CT scans on ancient Egyptians from 1550-1580 BCE shows 44 out of the 52 royal mummies had atherosclerosis. They ate all the rich animal food in their privileged meat diets.)  And they are saying that if you go without animal fats it causes ‘malfunctions in your brain and body’.  (Long-term vegans of older generations before this whole new idea testify to good health. One of the biggest vegan raw food societies forty years ago was in Iran.) Veganism wasn’t government created, the movement came into being because compassionate individuals who follow natural law, grew in numbers and made a stand. Individually they have been influencing the market with their dollar power boycotting animal products. Just because some factions of the UN are urging for reduction in meat and dairy consumption, doesn’t mean they are co-operating with the vegan movement.  If anything they are undermining it and. burdening it by merging it with their oppressive agenda. Veganism has become a convenient front for them.  They are just riding the coattails of the vegan movement, which is getting big enough now that it is threatening the status quo.  They have no choice.  They have to bring it into the fold, absorb it and accommodate it into their game plan somehow and subvert it. Yes, the United Nations is there for control and will step in as the nanny state to control forced ways of living that are not moral in the end, and the road ahead is just more control and enslavement because we abdicate our personal responsibility to live in natural moral law.  Far from a New World Order plot to make you lose your appetite for dead bodies, veganism is everything that the elites are against.  It is too humane and freedom-giving out of basic decency and respect for life including our own. It’s about doing no harm. Does the NWO want to free animals from suffering? Is the NWO against their torture and butchery in abattoirs?  I don’t think so.  Al Gore is listed as being vegan. Nothing compassionate about him though. They couldn’t give a shit because they have no empathy.  The system isn’t bothered about what form of control it is, it just wants to control.  Bill Clinton in the media promoting his conversion to veganism has got to make you cringe with suspicion. Then he publicly goes Paleo, selling the publicity of Dr Hyman and the Paleo diet again, the lecturers, the disinformation agents and quacks. The government are not supporting veganism, if anything they are promoting meat eating. The government subsidises meat, and makes meat artificially cheap with all these lobbying industry groups.  There’s been a whole slur of anti-vegan propaganda in the press.  In the Daily Mail and on the BBC, “Why I gave up being a vegan”, John Nicholson and his wife who decided to return to the “meat market” randomly after 26 years of veganism because of: depression, thyroid (his wife); and weight, IBS, and cholesterol (him) that was the “highest in North Yorkshire”.  All of these health problems disappeared in a puff of smoke in 48 hours after eating meat.  It’s a miracle! Forget the evidence, the entire medical literature and scientific consensus that if a meat eater goes on a plant diet they tend to reduce their cholesterol, as one would, unless he’s some sort of freak show.  How does one induce the highest cholesterol in North Yorkshire eating only plants?  Maybe eat enormous amounts of trans fat soaked doughnuts, eighteen carrageen containing yoghurts, and twenty vegan sausages every single day?  He either ate the worst diet ever, had genetically high cholesterol, or he’s full of shit. He then wrote a book “The Meat Fix: How a lifetime of healthy eating nearly killed me”, with little cave painting type drawings on the book cover, I guess to encourage this Paleo style bullshit.  The Weston A. Price Foundation gave his book a positive review. Curious that his book came out back in 2012 yet the BBC decide to publish the article in 2017. He now gives lectures mostly to sledge veganism.  A woman with chronic fatigue syndrome and anxiety, claimed she was craving meat and fish and ate it when a support group told her it would improve her symptoms.  Anxiety and fatigue now completely gone, it’s a miracle!  Her body couldn’t cope with a vegan diet she said. Either she was absolutely neglecting to take any form of B12, absolutely avoiding B12 fortified foods, and switched to eating animal foods which by the way have supplementary B12 added to them that reversed the symptoms, or was is just propaganda.  The NHS website says vegans will get all the nutrients they need if they eat a balanced diet.  Another woman, happily vegan who says she never felt better, now says she felt very tired and had to have a B12 patch because her system was out of balance.  Just obvious, obvious propaganda. In the Evening Standard: “A vegan diet could damage your child’s health, it could even result in death”.  Be scared! It’s a warning!  Professor Mary Fewtrell of the University College London issued this warning to be scared that didn’t present scientific evidence. She said in her presentation there’s greater risk of obesity insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease for your child on the higher protein milk and that the low protein formula was more natural and akin to breast milk. She contradicted herself. The scary piece that was in the Evening Standard from this one woman went out globally to:  The Metro, Daily Mail, The Telegraph (UK papers), to New Zealand, to all of the tabloid news outlets.  It was particularly aggressive in The Hindustan Times (part of the same industry funded campaign).  The BBC reported that a charity warns that diets that they called ‘eating fads’ cutting out dairy are a ‘ticking time bomb for young people’s bone health’ – National Osteoporosis Society. The propaganda targets young people to confuse because they are getting better educated. The article said young people seek dietary advice from ‘bloggers on the internet’.  So, board certified Dr John McDougall is some ‘blogger’ on the internet.  Dr Michael Greger, Dr T Colin Campbell, Dr Caldwell Esselstyne, Dr Neil Bernard, Dr Dean Ornish, Dr Clapper, Dr Goldheimer, all these doctors they’re just ‘bloggers on the internet’?  All the studies on PubMed?  None of them support this article. They say the exact opposite. Plant Based News found out that a press release sent out to confuse people back into consuming the dairy products, was sponsored by the dairy industry.  And in The Daily Mail: “Vegetables can seriously damage your health”.  Says: “Eating vegetables may be the cause of a cancer that kills 3,000 people a year in Britain. Research suggests that the increased use of nitrate fertilisers since the Second World War may be one of the main reasons for the dramatic rise in cancer of the gullet. The number of cases is escalating faster than any other form of cancer in Britain.”  Believable if there were some sort of study backing that up.  Then they make this massive leap to say that the nitrate compounds that occur naturally in vegetables are the same as the fertilisers, the artificial waste products left over from the war, and even buying organic veg won’t make a difference because they occur naturally in vegetables.  Here’s Dr Gregor’s take on it:  “We advocate consumption of a diet high in nitrate (i.e. a “natural” strategy) to treat pre-hypertension and to protect individuals at risk of adverse vascular events”.  The Daily Mail said that Britain may be affected more than sunnier countries because they grow most produce under glass.  Potatoes aren’t grown under glass in the UK.  In the UK in 2015, 158,155 people died from cardiovascular disease, and around 7 million live with it. There were no figures shown on those who died from vegetable nitrates.  There is a cartoon for children with this farm song called “Mrs Cow” with non-rhyming lyrics about cows and their milk. It says: “I’d like to thank you for all you produce”, “you do know how to work” and “cheese which helps us grow”, “I blow a kiss at your baby calves because I’ve learnt that you’re a very good mother” (when they don’t get a chance to be mothers because their calves are taken away). This is a psy-ops on kids, using word associations and telling them that the teacher told them the cow’s body works hard all day long. In their minds, because the teacher is a figure of authority, the teacher is right.  In the cartoon the calves walk alongside their mother which is inaccurate. The babies are taken away on all dairy farms and I’ve explained what happens to them. The guy blows a kiss to the calves as they leave. Straight up indoctrination. The propaganda is strong right now for sure.  Another lie, that veganism causes aggression and violence owing to insufficient cholesterol.  They’ve said famous vegetarian ruthless dictators were vegetarian.  “Pol Pot who killed a couple of million people, he was a vegan”.  No he wasn’t.  Pol Pot liked cobra stew, venison, wild boar, and snake. “Adolph Hitler, he was a vegetarian”.  No he wasn’t.  He claimed to be one at the time he ran his public relations campaign, which was orchestrated by Joseph Goebbels to portray an image to his people of dedication and self-control, because Ghandi was popular at the time, so he as well he claimed to abstain from sex, which also wasn’t true.  Author Charles Patterson revealed personal details: “Hitler suffered from indigestion and episodic stomach pains that had troubled him from adolescence, as well as from excessive flatulence and uncomfortable sweating… he discovered that when he reduced his meat intake, he did not sweat as much and there were fewer stains in his underwear.”  His favourite foods were Bavarian sausages, liver dumplings and stuffed game.  Hitler banned all the vegetarian societies in Germany, arrested their leaders, shut down the vegetarian magazine in Frankfurt, and banned all vegetarian organisations in Nazi occupied territories.  He based his human victims on the assembly line of US slaughter houses and idolised Henry Ford whose was inspired by a Chicago slaughter house as a young man.  Hitler was vehemently AGAINST vegetarianism.  “Genghis Khan killed 10% of the world’s population at the time, but he didn’t kill animals”.  Yes he did.  In traditional Mongolian cooking they ate a ton of meat and Genghis even cannibalised other human beings.  If the Agenda 21 is promoting veganism they why have they passed laws called AG-GAG bills? These were bills passed to curtail whistle-blowers and activists. George Bush signed the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act AETA into effect on 27th November 2006 (an amendment of an Act already in place from 1992). This criminalises a broad range of activist activity and brands it as ‘terrorism’.  They made it a felony to take a photo of a pig in a factory farm or do chanting and leafleting. They did not tolerate the activist who went to a mink farm and managed to open the cage and give the minks a chance to free themselves.  He got arrested and deported and made persona non-grata, and labelled an ‘international terrorist’.  Showing what’s going on behind closed doors in farms factories and labs is becoming a crime and Ag-Gag laws are becoming standard. Anti-whistle blower laws prohibit making undercover videos and recordings because they are very powerful and educate the public on the suffering that goes into the products they buy. These bills apply to journalists and employees too and their bills protect the farmer lopping off appendages without anaesthetic, and any abuse, they prosecute the people trying to stop this.  The legislation is broad and could be used against virtually anyone who uses the internet to research, or provide information, about an issue or who organises a boycott or protest.  The Activism Equals Terrorism Act even goes after people connected with activists regardless of their non-participation. If they want to promote a vegan agenda, why jail that family in Italy for bringing their child up vegan and pass laws there?   There is an Agenda 21.  Agenda 21 is a social engineering plan to control people under the guise of environmentalism, by limiting energy use, smart meters, smart grids, smart cities, regulating the food supply, GMO’s and Monsanto’s terminator gene (seed goes sterile after first harvest), banning growing hemp as it produces nutritious food, use of pesticides and herbicides, use of synthetic fertilisers that damage the environment but make Rockefeller oil wealthy, eugenics, depopulation, taking away the right to private property and taking people off the land concentrating them into “human settlement zones”, weather manipulation, chemtrails, control of global finance through centralised banking, creating debt.  Not veganism.  But google “Veganism and Agenda 21” you get loads of stuff and the first thing to pop up is the Weston A. Price Foundation. Fallon and the Paleo cult are featured in the “NWO DIEt” documentary all spreading this Vegan Agenda 21 New World Order DIEt nonsense.  This documentary “The NWO DIEt” was made by a raw meat eating fan of Aajonus Vonderplanitz.  He used to be very vegan friendly and all of a sudden a switch, and he just started attacking vegans. All of his information is misinformation or trickery from his carnivorous horror show of a mind painting a picture of a terrible world to keep you in a state of fear. The documentary quoted a statement from Alan Watt (not Watts, the vegetarian philosopher, but an author who’s been on the Infowars podcasts) and the quote about “vegetarians keeling over dead with no stamina to overcome even little infections” was shown in vibrant green letters, green being the colour of life and vegetation. Then the documentary quotes in big blood red letters: “Death and life are opposite sides of the same coin. Death is necessary for life and life is necessary for death.  Life comes from death, you would not be reading this if your ancestors did not consume life.”  The next section of the documentary shows Venus fly traps killing flies, and old black and white experiments where they are trying to measure plants’ sentience.  The vibe is that killing plants is the same as stabbing cows, and the latter is necessary.  It is a twisted view of nature that we are a giant composting pile that in order for something to live, be it plant, animal, human, bacterial, something else has to die. Aajonus Vonderplanitz is being interviewed by Conscious Media Network talking about raw meat eating. The documentary says weight loss is self-cannibalism where a vegan’s body will eat itself if he doesn’t eat meat and they are only alive because of the animal food they used to eat before being deceived and how long you will last on this starvation diet depends on how many animals you consumed beforehand.   Veganism is the satanic NWO agenda and flesh eating is not?  People involved in Satanism are some of the biggest meat eaters you would ever see in your life.  They are not vegan at all. They have no problem stuffing down as much meat as they possibly can into their systems.  The blood sacrifice done by these vampires within the real ‘New’ World Order, or Older, are responsible for the One World Older (the old religion) of the criminal action against 70 billion animals everywhere in the world.  This concept of the New World Order is neither new nor orderly. It's not new, it's the same as what was going on in the old world, and it's not order, because it is based on violence and control. Over 200,000 years or so later nothing's changed, we were under slavery then and our under slavery now in the Old World Order. Truthers are saying that we need the blood of a grass-fed animal and the entire vegetation on earth there to feed us all of a sudden is unnatural and toxic. If they need that blood, are they part of the vampire system that has enslaved the rest of us?  The blood of all farmed animals that are killed is drained before they get to you.  Truthers talk with persistent appeal to nature argument that by being vegan you are going against nature, weakening yourself and creating chaos in this world.  This is an inversion of the truth of how the laws of nature work, that has been part of an old hierarchical system from day one, which we have created collectively. 99% of the world’s population are eating the suffering of animals that have been tortured, severely, and killed in the most grotesque ways.  Which one is looking like a One World Order agenda?  The authorities have fed us the indoctrinated deception that we need the four food groups, with two of the four categories having to be meat and dairy.  We never learned about the billions of food groups within the entire kingdom of herbs and vegetation all over the world.  How could that not be an agenda keeping us away from nature?  These are some of the things the maker of this NWO DIEt documentary had said:  “Somebody gets beat up and is bleeding on the ground and they will say life is not this way.  Yes it is”.  “Vegans can’t stand nature and natural humans, it is Satanism essentially”.  “We are everything and so we are predators and cannibals at all times.”  “Women typically grow beards but they just shave them because they’ve been conditioned to by those in power.”  “If there were no animals left for me to eat I would go for cats and dogs, kidnap them if there’s nothing around, even people; it’s human nature.”   Says it's “very natural to crave human flesh especially when starved because it's the most regenerating food for us”.  This is the mentality that went into making that documentary: “Vampires are the natural humans, serial killers are real heroes; we say what they do is wrong but there is no such thing.  Nature celebrates their actions.”  “Not judging murder and appreciating the beauty of it.” “The people who are called psychopaths nowadays are saner than the people walking around here.”  “Do whatever you want: drink baby blood out of goats’ skulls for example”. “There is no good or bad, morality is man-made brainwashing.” (No. Man’s law is - arbitrary dictates based on location made legal with rubber stamps that benefit the people writing these laws).   Do unto others as you want done unto you, he had inverted that to: “It's the other way around. To succeed in nature you have to do to others what you don't want others to do to you.”  Satanic world view much?
Reject the cult of carnism, because morality matters.

Moral Relativism
As sad as it is to make this statement, human freedom is being destroyed and lost for one basic reason: human beings unfortunately have come to a point in their consciousness where most of them no longer know the difference between right and wrong. If you want to know why the events that are happening are happening, that is the causal factor. These dark occultists that are propagating these mind control methodologies, their whole religion is based upon moral relativism which comes from Satanism, which comes from dark Luciferianism, and which is destroying the people of the earth.  If you believe that there really isn’t any such thing as right or wrong, it’s all relative and based on your situation, you are under mind control put there by dark occultists. It’s the belief that there are no repercussions for our actions unless we get caught by another person who is going to take some action against us, we can do whatever we want to anyone we want as long as we can get away with it. So many people believe in moral relativism, and that’s why so many people of earth are going into a slow spiralling descent of servitude and deep slavery.  The law of morality is set in place just like gravity. It cannot be changed. This is the most deeply occulted truth on earth, and it is some of the most basic. You are never going to hear anybody talking about this on television.  You won’t hear it on some of the top alternative media. This is the information that the dark occultists who are running the show know and are using against people as a weapon and are trying to get people not to ever look at!  This is what they want hidden from your sight, which is what the word ‘occult’ means, hidden from sight. Another form of mind control is trying to make one word associated with something that it’s not associated with at all.  One of the best examples of this is associating the word ‘occult’ with ‘evil’, because it means no such thing, it means hidden.  Because morality and the workings of natural law is hidden knowledge, if you cannot understand that, you can only create chaos.  You are not willingly choosing a world that you want that is free from self-imposed suffering. We are really doing this to ourselves and creating this heinous hideous situation, no one else is.  It matters not what time period in history it is, what culture, what land, it’s the same mind state: “I’m going to do this whether it’s right or wrong.   If I benefit, it doesn’t make a difference if I’m harming who I’ve no right to be doing it to, I’ll do it anyway”.  Thinking there is no such thing as right or wrong it’s what you can get away with, is a socially Darwinist mentality. Right versus Wrong are diametric opposites that exist in nature. They do not exist as constructs within the human mind.  Anyone who believes these two dualities do not exist in nature are engaging in Satanism.  It’s a belief that comes directly from the satanic religion - the second tenet. Many will point to Anton LaVey’s Satanic Bible as reference for ‘real’ Satanism but they’ve been deceived as that’s not all there is to it, that’s only one version of Satanism that exists. A look at the actual beliefs, which are creeping into our culture more and more – these are the four pillars of modern Satanism: - 1) Self-preservation is the highest law and nothing comes above it. The basic instinct for survival at all costs no matter who must be hurt, this is the mentality of many people today especially in the corporate world; 2) Moral relativism, there’s no difference between right and wrong. Right/wrong is what’s good/bad for me personally 3) Social Darwinism, an extension of the macro-biological Darwinian theory; we’re the top of the hierarchy because our intellect makes us superior. The theory that individuals and groups are subject to the same Darwinian laws of natural selection as plants and animals. Now largely discredited, social Darwinism was advocated by Herbert Spencer and others in the late 19th and early 20th Century. It teaches survival of the fittest, if they’re too weak let them die - a malignant selfishness; and 4) Eugenics: We are Gods and decide for the rest of the herd who lives and who dies.  A whole lot more people than those in the priest crafts of this religion believe in that nonsense, because these beliefs are being propagated everywhere in society.  So many people are Satanists and do not even know it. It is a secret infectious ideology. Most people do not see anything really wrong with those four principles, as if they were no big thing.  Hundreds of millions, if not billions, are of this mind-set, and don’t even realise, because they don’t understand what it is… because they think Satanism is something that it is not.  They have extreme misconceptions of what these religions are and think of them in ways they have nothing to do with.  Satanists are not devil worshippers, they atheists. They believe that death is the cessation of consciousness for all time  and they identify only with the ego mind believing that you are your body and your thoughts, the five sense material world is all that exists and you should do everything to gratify those senses. I exist and then I’m gone. Many, many people live like this every single day. This leads to a very dark and fear-filled world. The psychopath subscribes to this left-brained dominant religion, the heart and emotion is left out of the equation and this is why this religion is known as the “left hand path”. Satanists believe man is just another animal no different than any other animal in the animal kingdom. If we are just another animal we can act as a lion acts in a field or a hyena. Just let our base animalistic instincts rule, acknowledge that that’s who we really are don’t try to raise up in consciousness. That means you could do whatever you want as long as you don’t get caught doing it. Many people would act this way if given carte blanche, if not kept in fear by man’s law, the fear of reprisal from the even bigger dominators that hold governments. ‘Man is just another animal’ leads to moral relativism. This is where western society has been headed for a number of years, this hedonistic, egoistic way of living and being in the world. They are their own God, their ego, their body, that’s the God they serve. That’s it. It’s all about looking out for Number One and that’s why this society is going into chains…. ‘Religion’ comes from the Latin “relegare” which means to tie back, to bind, to thwart - tie you back from the higher self and evolutionary progress and keep you in lower states of consciousness. Satanism is a religion, not a philosophy.  But Luciferianism trumps Satanism in this hierarchy and is where the highest level dark occultists are. They are Luciferians, and they control the Satanists. There are light and dark Luciferians, and they have this knowledge, but keep it occulted. “Lucifer” simply means bringer of light, knowledge. I don’t envisage Satan or Lucifer as beings or entities; these are simply forces at work in the world that wield control over human beings.  They often inhabit humans.  The notion that there is no such thing as natural law is erroneous. If you look into the real laws of the universe in the study of Hermetic principles you will find evidence for the existence of an objective right and wrong. Most are not aware that this natural law is an objective immutable reality that is in effect. No one escapes these laws of the universe, you might as well align yourself with them or suffer from them. That is one truth that real Satanists are terrified of and try to escape. It is the effect that follows cause, the consequence of our behaviours that we choose with our free will always reflected back to us.  Natural law doesn’t mean dog eat dog, it doesn’t mean survival of the most ruthless.  Natural law is NOT Darwinian survival of the fittest macro-biological theory of evolution in the physical domain. Your trillions of cells that accomplished the miracle that is YOU work together alongside each other, not in competition with one another. This functions in the collective as well as the individual. It all boils down to theft. Don’t take what doesn’t belong to you. Not one person who advocates the taking of animal life addresses fundamental primary natural law: the issue of taking a life that does not belong to you but belongs to another being is theft and therefore a transgression against natural law.  They offer endless justifications, or just don’t believe this natural law exists in our lives.  As long as we do these practices they will be done unto us, that’s the law of cause and effect. As long as humanity farms, humanity will be farmed.
As Above So Below
That which is above is like to that which is below and that which is below is like that to which is above. This universe is similar across all scales and is a construct that acts as a mirror. Whatever we are pumping into its information field is dynamically organising and reforming itself.  Whatever our thoughts, emotions and actions are, will be re-expressed back to us.  The way Natural Law works – the Law of Correspondence - is that you do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Thou shalt not kill, if you do not want to be killed.  The reason to live in harmony with this extant law is, as you do unto others will be done unto you, the end. It is a law is in effect everywhere you go.  There is nothing you are going to do to stop the manifestation of that law.  You are bound by it. Understanding how it works we can bring behavioural decisions into alignment with this higher spiritual law and stop creating self-inflicted suffering for ourselves. We will never have peace until we stop murdering and torturing our younger brothers.  As George Bernard Shaw said:  “While we ourselves are the living graves of murdered beasts, how can we expect ideal conditions on this earth?”  If we continue to create chaos, chaos comes back in return. The universe is going to re-arrange the field of intelligence around us to provide experience that we have been generating through our behaviours so we will learn the lesson. This is the real natural order. What we are doing to other beings is going to be reflected back to us and we are going to share in that experience in some form, through some expression or manifestation. We’re bringing all this suffering down upon ourselves.  This trespass on other beings is one of the practices through which we bring enslavement upon ourselves.  Likewise we are treated by our controllers who parasite off our energy in the form of being harvested, going to jail, having to pay all kinds of rates and fees and exorbitant taxes to live on this planet.  As you treat animals the controllers will forever zap your energy, corral you into their courts and make you pay and pay, forever send you to wars and kill your brothers in foreign lands, and forever harvest your energy because of the way you treat animals. Demonic overlords feed off us for being as demonic in the abuse of lower lifeforms. We need to understand these self-inflicted effects through the law of correspondence, the higher laws of nature that govern the consequences of our behaviour. The middle fish is humanity, the one that is eating the smaller fish below it - but being eaten by the bigger fish above it.  That’s us.  Not because it’s the natural order, but because it is the condition we have created for ourselves by ignoring the laws of creation.  This is about the hidden laws of nature that are working in the invisible world far more than in the visible.  What you do to one you do to all, this is part of the non-separation of the universe.  As you enslave and consume other beings you will be enslaved and consumed.  If you want to be free you must allow other beings to be free. Understand the law of correspondence and causality inherent to creation. That is the natural order.

Haunted Planet

 C. W. Leadbeater went on to say in his essay on the occult reasons for not eating meat:  “There is an instance flowing back upon us from all this, an effect which you can hardly realise unless you were able to see how it looks when regarded with the sight of the higher plane.  Every one of these creatures which you so ruthlessly murder in this way has its own thoughts and feelings in regard to all of this.  It has horror, pain and indignation.  An intense but unexpressed feeling of the hideous injustice of it all.  The whole atmosphere about us is full of it.  Twice lately I have heard from psychic people that they felt the awful aura in the surroundings of Chicago, even many miles away from it.   Mrs Besant herself told me of the same things years before in England, that long before she came in sight of Chicago she felt the horror of it and the deadly pall of depression descending upon her and asked “Where are we?  And what is the reason that there should be this terrible feeling in the air?  To sense the effect as clearly as this is beyond the reach of the person who is not developed, but though all the inhabitants may not be directly conscious of it and recognise it as Mrs Besant did, they may be sure that they are suffering from it unconsciously, and that that terrible vibration of horror and fear and injustice is acting upon every one of them, though they know it not.”  (People talk about the violence that goes on in Chicago, the gangs, the behaviour disorders, the depression and anxiety, what they are fed acting on their psyche, it plays itself out in what you see in these inner city areas – the plume over the city.) “The feelings of nervousness and profound depression which are so common they are largely due to that awful influence which spreads over the city like a plague cloud.  I do not know how many thousands of creatures are killed every day but the number is very large.  Remember that every one of these creatures is a definite entity not a permanent reincarnating entity like yours or mine but still an entity that has a life upon the astral plane and persists there for a considerable time.  Remember that every one of these remains to pour out its feelings of indignation and horror at all the injustice and torment which has been inflicted upon him.  Remember for yourself the terrible atmosphere that exists about those slaughter houses.  Remember that a clairvoyant can see the vast host of animal souls, that he knows how strong the feelings of horror and resentment and how those recoil at all the points upon the human race.”  Leadbeater pointed out that this haunting of the atmosphere acts more upon children, as they are more sensitive than the hardened adult.  He said the atmosphere is not just fouled physically with the fumes of blood but that psychically the stench “settles over the city like a fatal miasma”.  People have no idea how this practice is completely poisoning the field of consciousness in which we are all living.  Check out Rupert Sheldrake’s work on morphogenetic fields.  And this is backed by modern scientific knowledge of unified physics.  He wrote:  “Are you doing well do you think in rearing your future citizens in surroundings of such utter brutality as this?  Even on the physical plane this is a terribly serious matter and from the occult point of view it is unfortunately far more serious still, for the occultist sees the sights of all of this, it sees how these forces are acting upon the people, and how they intensify brutality and unscrupulousness.  He sees what a centre of vice and crime you have created and how from it, the infection is gradually spreading until it affects the whole country and even the whole of what is called ‘civilised humanity’”.  EXACTLY.  This is affecting the entire morphic field of consciousness that we are a part of. You engage in these practices they do not stay where they are at.  And just because you try to hide them and erect huge walls and fences it doesn’t mean energy isn’t going beyond that area just because people aren’t seeing it.  If you watch the movie Earthlings and it should make you feel rotten, that’s the energy we are all taking in as a result of these practices, and people think that builds a good body and brain?  He goes on:  “The world is being affected in many ways, which most people do not in the LEAST realise.  There are constant feelings of causeless terror in the air, many of your children are unnecessarily and inexplicably afraid.  They feel terror of they know not what.  Terror of the dark or when they are alone for a few moments. Strong forces are playing about us, for which you cannot account, you do not realise that this all comes from the fact the atmosphere is charged with the hostility of these murdered creatures.”  The whole morphogenetic field of consciousness is being poisoned by practising carnism.  Most slaughter houses are built on key ley lines. The United Nations headquarters in Manhattan, New York, is situated on the site of a former abattoir. There are more clusters of abattoirs up in the north east of England where energy vortexes are more concentrated. The occultists who are running this world know about the energy grid system of the earth.  They know where these key fundamental points are and that they carry subtle energies to the people and they are trying to infuse into the grid system the most negative and fear-based penetrating energies to carry them out to the four corners of the earth.  They want that energy in he people, to make them fearful and reactive  and keep us in a low vibratory state.  To curb our creative abilities and higher thought functioning and keep us in the animalistic, R-complex part of the brain dominated by instinctual behaviour.  That's what animal slaughter houses are a part of.

Silence of the Lambs
It’s not just financial, it’s not just political.  It’s not just food supply for these people. It is bigger than that. It’s the old religion. That’s what they refer to it as, the dark occultists who detest Nature’s laws, who lie behind this perpetual altar of sacrifice that is the meat industry, or blood-letting industry, which is poisoning the morphogenetic field, the energetic field we are all living in, as a result of this suffering being pumped into it on a daily basis. The earth is acting as one big altar of sacrifice. We are constantly spilling blood on to the earth through the murder of animals, through the take of their life without right to do so.  This wholesale slaughter is ritualised demonic blood sacrifice rooted in dark occultism.  Their religious belief that they will be gods here on earth spans all cultures, all exoteric religious backgrounds no matter what religion the person claims to come from, in all races, in all countries. This is the religion of slavery, that’s why the New World Order wants so many people to subscribe to it. The dark Luciferians are the ones with these puppets on strings called Satanists, who they know just for a little bit of temporal and worldly power will dance. They don’t care, because Satanism is about the cremation of care. Satanism is for the masses, hoarded.  Why would a Satanist want to slaughter an animal? Not for sacrifice to a deity, that would be an act of stupidity. The Satanist's god is his own person, himself. He’d want an animal killed for himself. Satanists respect life as being much more useful whilst it is alive and of benefit than when it is dead and useless.  Reasons for killing an animal: food, clothes, bones, tools, financial profit.  There is no gain in killing an animal other than for those reasons. And as efficiently as possible, for the scale of economics. "Satan made me do it!" has nothing to do with satanism.  If they are performing animal sacrifices, they are likely not a satanist.  They are order followers of the dark occultists who ARE keeping this going as blood sacrifice, who want this continual sacrifice to the earth and the sun, they are a solar cult that believes in continuous sacrifice of animals and human beings, and they sacrifice human beings largely over the Beltane period although they'll take the opportunity to do it whenever ... but they sacrifice animals continuously.  And they refer to the ones that do their bidding and to us as "The Dead".  The chequerboard black/white/dark/light squares of right/wrong with the five pointed star Crown above is wrapped around the heads of police, their order followers, the copies - the cops, cop-outs... the house slaves who uphold the protection of the Crown.  It is mockery.  This occult knowledge is being used against us.      The last part of the "NWO  DIEt" documentary gives the message that it would be a good thing to practice cannibalism. The maker of this documentary has said that human flesh is the best food for regeneration and it is natural to crave it. The film shows a boy’s corpse in Liberia, with a circle of people gathered around him feeding off his dead body.  The documentary ends with: “Think twice before you get an organ donor card or donate your blood. It may end up in their hands. They want you to eat plants while they eat you and your children. I warned you.”    Cannibalism is alive and well in the world still today.  The Cannibal Club is a restaurant in LA that serves human flesh on the menu and  celebrities who have club membership frequent the restaurant.   The closest match to the taste of human meat is pork.   Breeds that we recognise, like the pink pig, were genetically modified -, the Roman elite hybridised the wild hog with human DNA and so it’s near cannibalism.  It’s the lowest form of food you can eat and that's why Jews and Muslims shun swine as unclean (given to the goyyim). Human flesh is the most harsh and damaging thing that you could put into the body, because it is the most complex life form on the planet that you can consume.  Occultists who are eating human flesh, some of these elite class, are infected with Kuru which is a neuro-degenerative disease caused by prions, misfolded proteins caused by eating human flesh and brains.  Symptoms: loss of coordination, falling over, jerking, spasms, excessive laughing.  Some of the behavioural things that go on with people in politics and finance, some of the motions of their body, are displaying signs of Kuru. 

And as long as we continue to engage in their belief system, in fundamentally flawed ideologies and religions of which carnism is one of the biggest on earth, we continue to suffer in this eternal prison of eating and being eaten. This is NOT what the creator intended for its creations. The brainwashing that has duped everyone into believing that we need to eat other sentient beings is a lie which originates with the meat industry, which originates with the Jesuits.  The Jesuits were the ones that created this industry of abattoirs when they started conquering the Americas.  They pillaged lots of land when they paid to have all the trees destroyed so that they could grow cattle and teach humanity that eating dead animals should be part of our diet. All animals have Godly virtues as do humans. The animals weren’t meant to be eaten and you are what you eat. The animals that we do eat are the very animals that turn us into the animals that they want us to be.  The easiest way to get into people’s minds and dumb them down and make sheeple and chattel out of them.  They have reduced the sheep into sheeple that follow along, and the cattle into a chattel, part of their property.  This is how they’ve turned humanity into swine. Chicken, so you can be a chicken coward. Goat, so they can make you a sacrificial goat, a scapegoat, as they say in their great cry for war: “On you go, onward Christian soldiers, off you go to war; we will make the uniforms, as we have ever done before”.  This is the world the controllers have manufactured. While simultaneously feeding off the remnants of their satanic rituals sacrificed on the altars of the New World Order’s satanic slaughterhouses, likewise we are being subjected to the reactions of cause and effect. Without stopping the consumption of animals there is no way to be out of the karmic cycle, and that is a known by the dark ones of us who are controlling entire humanity, because they know that if we are under their influence we continue in this practice. And likewise, if we continue in this practice, we are under their influence and they know that once you give yourself in to flesh eating you are bound in karmic cycles.  Unless the people stop participating in this brutality to other beings by eating the remnants of satanic rituals, they will meet with the preliminary karmic reaction of a cruel police state. And we are led like lambs to slaughter.

Truth or Truthers?
Can I trust a certain teacher to be teaching the truth?  Ask yourself: do they promote corpse eating?  Then they are not truthers, only half truthers, buffoons or liars.  Turn away.  There are people who are not in the truth movement, the ones becoming vegan, who are seeing moral truth right before their eyes long before they wake up to the covert, occulted Truths such as mind control, government and monetary slavery, etc., individuals who have made that heart connection to be able to feel how wrong this murder of other beings is even if they can’t see the occulted enslavement we are all in or the motives of this Agenda 21, they are developed in the heart centre with empathy and conscience, and they can just see the Truth that is all around us in the knives cutting throats, in the innocent blood being spilt and in the tears in the beings’ eyes.  Some people in the truth movement who may know a lot more are just service-to-self entities. There are more videos now of people eating raw meat and raw organs and acting like they enjoy it, saying that parasites are good for you and teaching a carnivore psychology. Having compassion for animals is nothing to do with a NWO or Agenda 21 so don’t fall for the hoaxes.  A lot of people that are buying into this lie are neo-pagans, ones that want to be like their ancestors. They think it’s cool, they want to be warriors, but don’t build log cabins or do anything a warrior does. They are ridiculing the vegans for being non-violent. They don’t fight evil and protect the innocent. They make chickens, cow and pigs be their adversaries.  Our ancestors weren’t great because they ate animals, they were great because they were defiant and heroic.  And the New Age association with “veganism” is also a lie.  There are more New Age infected minds against veganism than there are for it. A group of peaceful non-violent protestors at Standing Rock were preaching against the corrupt system while they were eating the flesh of animals there at the same time.  They aren’t awakened. Another teaching of the New Age deception is not to point the finger at others and tell them they are wrong. “You are being hostile and judgmental for the way you’re talking, that’s not acceptable” - but it is acceptable for me to participate in the killing of 70 billion animals a year while you just stay quiet and polite and say nothing because you mustn’t offend anybody.  Another one I’ve heard is “you are not aligning yourself with clean energy”… “all is love and light, it’s all perfection and we should just let it be”.  Bullshit.  We should do no harm, but we should not take shit either. Do No Harm – don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want done to yourself, that’s simple enough and all well and good, it’s the feminine side of us, and the way it should be. But on its own it’s not enough, it is in a state of imbalance without the other pillar, Take No Shit. We have to stand up to wrong action. We have the right to the self-defence principle, to use force against violence.  This is the natural masculine part of us. Overly submissive right-brain imbalance is part of the New Age religion. It is total demasculinisation and excuse not to generate courage.  Other New Age nonsense is ignore the negative. This leads to taking no action which leads to suffering. Never get angry is more New Age bullshit. Righteous indignation is healthy: anger can be the catalyst to take right action. Especially if someone is doing harm to you, right? Those that don’t know this won’t say No to evil and wrong, won’t say No to animal slavery and cruelty as well as human injustice. Another New Age deception is that evil is necessary. Evil is not necessary, it is a choice. Knowledge-care-courage = Thought-emotion-ACTION = Mind-Heart-GUTS all aligned = balance.  The false teaching that evil is for balance is an excuse to accept evil and leads to cowardice. No thinker, genius, philosopher, or transcendentalist, was ever a meat eater.   The great masters of Hermetic wisdom - Pythagoras, Seneca, Plutarch, Porphyry and Iamblichus, Plotinus, Theophastrus, Xenocrates, Ammonius Saccas, Ovid, Hesiod, Solon, Epeticles, Apilonius of Tyana, Marcus Aurelius, Julian, Socrates, Plato, Philo, Sallustius, Macrobius, and Boethius, Marsilio Ficino, Giordano Bruno, and Leonardo da Vinci – were not meat eaters.  Augustus exiled Ovid to an island for preaching vegetarianism.  Nero, one of the most evil emperors of Rome, put his philosopher Seneca to death for teaching that man is afflicted by diseases from his dish.   There was a long period of coma during the Middle Ages due to persecution from the Inquisition.  After that came the Renaissance.  Platonic philosophy and the Hermetic and Pythagorean teachings re-emerged from the ashes.  This new generation of philosophers started to defend vegetarianism that Plato and Pythagoras taught. Marsilio Ficino was the Hermetic teacher who translated the Corpus Hermeticum of Plato and all the greats, and brought it to the West into Europe via the Muslim Arab scholars of the East from Egypt and ancient Greece. The knowledge resurrected in Italian society. Ficino revealed that vegetarian eating could purify the body and elevate the consciousness.  He encouraged his followers to abstain from the kind of bodily pleasures that could dominate the mind and enslave the senses.  Neo Platonists were the ones to point out that when the bodily instincts take over, men are easily corrupted. They were the ones who recognised the defiled part of humanity   that is the part that causes wars and killing, hatred, jealousy and envy, murder, strife and division. Pythagoras said:  “As long as men massacre animals they will kill each other in deed.”  So, what teacher can I trust to be teaching the truth?  The thinkers and the syncretists, and the kabbalists of old had it right.  Not those other half-truthers.  Take the words of Leonardo Da Vinci: “The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men”.  This is starting to happen with the activism from the vegan community