Don't strike yourself out

The symbolism of the three wise monkeys conjures up the strategy that each monkey had one defect but the two other senses worked. The deaf monkey used his sight to observe all around him thus judge evil actions and using the medium of his voice report them to the second monkey who was blind. All the second monkey had to do without needing to see was repeat what he heard to the third monkey who was mute and as he couldn't talk the message was lost at the end of the line, all he could do was observe what fate would befall the unfortunate one and sit and watch it happen. What a way of genius the gods had in shutting them up, each one assigned the job of not interrupting the bad dream where everyone lies in tombs. In Japan the monkey has become a negative symbol, if you give someone there a monkey as a gift it means you wish them dead. The proverbial principle of the three monkeys that see, hear and speak no evil seems to point to someone who doesn't want to be involved in a situation. No rest for the life-shy. Turning a blind eye to what 'is' - because it's perceived to be that way, it's 'just the way life is, it's just the way things are' - is to LIVE evil (or rather not live and just be struck out). How bleak. A Fourth WISE monkey should come in here and say Live No Evil. Reverse the word 'evil' and you get 'live'. Live and let live. You are All That Is and Ever Will Be and Everything and Everywhere and then some. Open your eyes and listen and say something, for Heaven's sake. It's not - and damn it never should be - 'just the way life is, just the way things are'. Harsh words. Thinking this is damning yourself off from the Universe.

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bad Machines

To know yourself is to know God, my friend
Unless these are pathological, anger, hatred and violence have not caused problems on this earth.  False love has.  Anger is a defence mechanism. It is better to integrate your shadow, face it, rather than project it on somebody else and destroy their lives. Psychologists won’t teach you this and neither will the defunct New Age movement.  Let alone heal and purge themselves, people say they’ve no time barely to clean or do laundry. In a hectic existence with their acquisitive drives focused on competing and consuming and achieving more they don’t even catch some sleep.  The stress is by design.  Most commonly they un-address their stress-related health problems with pain killers, sleeping pills, tranquilisers, blood-pressure beta-blockers, barbiturates, anti-depressants, and wash down poisoned food down with ant-acids, in the name of health. No-one thinks they should go against the authority of the doctor, the expert. If he tells them to do somersaults and bend over they will do it. The Pope, the politician, teacher, scientist, everyone else is more knowledgeable and they are in submission to someone else. They are the worst kind of sadists they have given their power away to. Lovers of the dead, they have murdered their own selfhood and enjoy necrophilia. Their ego is the ghost that has arisen from the grave of the self and they act in ghoulish ways under a very functional external persona, in a corporation that has standing, and they may doing well, they may be very official and get a lot of things done... but you don’t want to work in that punitive place. Self-hood has been butchered and in its place are masochism, narcissism, obesity, and obsession with appearance, anxiety, excessive expectations...and the hard body fitness mania, another form of sadism, all routine, mechanical, monotonous, repetitive, and regimented movements of the body that are inorganic and anti-feminine, on heinous exercise machines. You’re sold a message on what health is meant to be.  You can’t be anything unless someone else is giving you approval. When you don’t get it you are in disorder and malaise. If you leave rotten meat out, expect maggots.  Cruelty to others is well documented but cruelty to self is unseen and unacknowledged. The ultimate crime is sadism to the self:  not smart enough; not attractive enough; not systematic enough; not in control enough; not fast enough; not this or that enough; NOT “PERFECT”. And that’s how they’re going to relate to everyone else. This must stop. Rotten parents and office managers learned cruelty from their parents and they from theirs. You’re even not still enough, you need some technique, and predatory Yogis will sell you a bed of nails and teach you what you need to do to get to God. And you impose another authority and system on yourself.  True Yoga is sanity and cleansing the psyche. Through the work of scientists, we know DNA absorbs and emits light, and it bridges our physical and etheric bodies.  It directly affects our consciousness making it possible for us to wilfully change our DNA. But the slave wants nothing to do with that and wants someone else to tell him how to think, and wants to believe the FDA and the Medical Association. The Holy Spirit is nothing more than you, the Self, IF you’re in self-hood and not ego-hood. If you are an ego you are a fractured being, a ghost from the cemetery of the self. There is the universal intelligence (‘God’), the men and women (‘sons’ of ‘God’) and you, the Self (‘Holy Spirit’).  That’s why you have every agency under the sun operating to make sure that you are neither independent nor in a state of self-hood.  Certain books were cast out of the Bible, like the gospel of Thomas. Jesus is down in that as saying that he who blasphemes against the Father and Son will be forgiven but he who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, neither on earth nor in heaven. It is the ultimate crime. And so Christians ask who the hell this Holy Spirit bit is.  It’s nothing more than you.  No-one nor nothing can forgive you for it as you have not done it to them or to any outside agency.  If you have no self-hood forget even being in touch with God. You have to have a self to have a relationship with anything. You were not taught in Sunday school that you yourself are another little world that has within you the sun the moon and the stars or that the Kingdom of God was within you. Our parents don’t tell us that we’re Christs walking on the earth. Corinthians says you are the temple of God.  Acts says the Most High dwells not in temples made with hands. Thomas says when you know yourself then you will be known. The Vedas say self-realisation is needed before God-realisation. Men walked the wheel, locked up in Section 13 in the sanatorium of Sagmalcilar prison for being bad machines, there because the factory put them there, where they all came from, because sometimes the factory makes defective machines that don’t work. The message is that they must be told that’s what they are. When one of them walked the wheel’s opposite direction he was warned there would be trouble if he went that way. But then he was told: “To know yourself is to know God, my friend”.  He was from the factory and made the machines.  Esra Pound was locked up for thirteen years in Bellevue Mental Asylum. He said human sickness was so severe that no-one dared to look at it... but those who do will become well. He was a great poet.  I am a poet. Yet the ancient Romans built their best masterpieces of architecture, for wild beasts to fight in. Every institution in the world that is evil stands against that knowledge of the self.  A transhumanist agenda has been talked about, with the technology to create super human intelligence to de-humanise the human being with animal-genetic materials, making them into mechanical cyborgs with increased capacity but void of compassion, the emotionless person – with no emotion, reduced to the level of a machine.  This is what they have been doing, because if people dislike their emotions, they tranquilise them.  The present age prefers the copy to the original, representation to reality, the appearance to the essence.  The whole force of urban industrialism upon our tastes is to convince us that artificiality is better. This fake life calls for another way of being, to quit being sadistic with ourselves and seeking the approval of others, give ourselves credit and free ourselves from the tyranny of our dependency. The spirit of rebellion is upon us, it will be operating in the world. We are the ones we have been waiting for.


  1. I've noticed that the Illuminati-occupied regime reacts more harshly against somebody refusing to be a self-hating machine than somebody who's merely a bad machine. For instance, somebody at work who's bad at their job will be looked on with more favour than somebody who's a good worker, but who does their job non-Conformistly. The MacDonalds burger-flipper who is nice to the customer in her own way, and doesn't grin inanely and say: "Enjoy your meal, please call again" is the real villain, not the one who adheres to the mandatory speeches yet goes off sick two days a week and turns up late every day. Great article, Ustane x

  2. Thanks, Ben. It's true, self-shame is encouraged, but a bad worker is part of that. What they want is to get rid of the human aspect and emotions